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Obama is Not Over-Vacationed

He just isn’t. Not for someone doing the type of job he’s doing.

Obama has taken less than four weeks off this past year – ten days last August in Martha’s Vineyard and two weeks in Hawaii over the Christmas and New Years holidays. That’s it. Short hops planned to Williamsburg, Va. and Montana were scotched due to work.

I know many of you get less than that or nothing in vacation time. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve or need it. Obama is president and responsible for the welfare of all of us, our parents, our children. He needs to be on his game for the crisis that always lurks in the minds of those who would destroy us, and to do the best he can with the rest of the job.

The ten days he will take starting today in Martha’s Vineyard are far better in my eyes than the month George W. Bush used to spend in August while his aides tried to pretend he was busy working at the “Crawford White House.” Please. Was he trying to create Middle East peace by clearing Texas brush?

All these calls for Obama to skip his vacation and bring Congress back to Washington are just nonsense from talking heads and other scoundrels who are going to make damn sure they get their own two weeks in this August, believe me.

What exactly would Congress and the president to do if the come back? What they need is not more workdays, but more deadlines. As you could see from the way the debt ceiling debate went up to the last minute, nearly knocking the U.S. economy over the precipice, Congress and the president will futz around until they finally have to do something. It’s human nature. It’s certainly the nature of Congress.

So they’ll all come back to Washington futz around for August. Silly.

Michelle is over-vacationed. She gets in plenty of leisurely travel at your expense. And Obama is over-golfed. I think he should find another way to relax, or at least not use his putter head to thumb his nose at us quite so often.

But he’s not over-vacationed.

Enjoy your time away, Mr. President.

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  1. Keith, I drive in to DC on I-66 every morning and enjoy August when Congress is on vacay….at least the bumper-to-bumper traffic is spread out a bit. I dread Congress coming back in Sep….wish they could telework!

  2. They require bank employees (or used to) to take vacations–because when they were gone, if they were fiddling the books, it would come out…So…let’s see if anything changes–maybe he was working hard as ANYTHING and things will collapse when he stops. Then we would know…

  3. With more bad news on the economy today and the stock market tanking again, this vacay is going to look even worse if that’s possible. His approval numbers will sink to the 30s. Yes, have fun, Mr. Incomptetent, Malevolent-in-chief.

  4. Uh oh…Keith has been taken over by the pod people. I have to disagree with you on this one. Know you don’t consider his non-stop campaigning as vacation, but it sure isn’t time spent in working with some real advisers, not just the sycophants who surround him. I’ve heard several prominent business owners offer their advice to him. He just chooses not to listen.I’m not worried about him enjoying his vacation. The man hasn’t a caring bone in his body. He treats his own wife with disrespect, and he has absolutely no concern for the well being of America or her people. He has already let me know through his words and actions that he is not my president.

    1. Here ,here Susan ! I too share the same conclusions…
      And NO he does not deserve another vacay.. why should he be rewarded for bad behavior ? .. wouldn’t earn one in the real world…
      I guess in la la land, its eat, drink & be barry (along with a few lies along the way)

  5. While we’re feeling so sorry for MrO and the monumental responsiblilites of the job that he campaigned for, worked for, lied for, spent other people’s money for and now compains about, let’s think about what has changed since PresGWBush was in office; we no longer have JOBS, we lost our homes, our money is worth less today than 3 years ago, we’re still fighting in 5 foreign nations so we’re not feeling very charitable toward a multi-millionaire elitist who just told us, from the steps of a million dollar bus we paid for, that we have to”sacrifice” while he goes on to a $50,000 a week vacation.

    MrsO is a priviledged wife of a multi-millionaire who has no job, no duties and doesn’t even have to dust the furniture. She can do what she wants, where she wants to do whatever that is, as long as WE don’t have to pay for it. We do appreciate that Security measures are taken for the FirstFamily, but in this time of great economic misery, we’d like her to show some restraint and not take our great airplanes on jaunts to visit foreign lands or to family reunions.

  6. I totally agree with Keith on this. Furthermore, I believe the country is much better off without all the speeches aka. “special announcements” and certainly the stock market is. I agree that he should just vacation away for the next 16 months when the moving vans arrive!

  7. As much as I dislike BHO, Keith is correct. Barry really has not taken the vacations as it is percieved or told to us by the talking heads.

    I appears that he has been on vacations I suppose by all of the golfing he has done. Yes, I know, the two are not the same.

    What were we saying when GWB was at the Ranch? I watched the left/progressive go nuts about him being at the Ranch for weeks and here we are doing the same. I would like the prez to be rested and refreshed to handle those demands that the prez must tend too.

    I’m with Keith on this one even though it is hard to swallow.

    1. yes but when Bush was at HIS ranch, he wasn’t spending $50000/week to stay there. Note it was HIS ranch, not an ultra-exclusive resort he stayed at! Also they NEVER took two planes to get there, nor did he EVER rent out an entire hotel when he was visiting another country, or like Michele, renting out a whole hotel because she was ‘being supportive’ to a friend. Take said friend to dinner! Less costly and much more appreciated! If people are still wondering why his approval is tanking, they should take a look at what our incompetent president has done. Tanked the economy, racked up debt like there’s no tomorrow, forced healthcare down the throats of people who can’t afford it, devalued the dollar and our credit rating too! Congratulations you’re doing such a bang-up job!

  8. Politico did a great reporting job here. When the BO gave his evasive answer to the farmer about upcoming farm regulations, Politico actually tried to do exactly what BO said to do, call the Dept of Agric. A day latter they still got the bureaucratic run around.

    The whole government is on vacation or might as well be. They are all a bunch of charletons with the head honcho the biggest of all:

    1. Now they know what it is like to be a regular Joe trying to deal with this mammoth bureaucracy. Most any person who has ever tried to get an answer about a policy or regulation spit out by the federal government could write this story. The author’s experience with the run around is not out of the ordinary.

  9. Sorry Keith going to have to throw the hooey card on this one. He delegates
    and repeats the same speeches ad nauseam to the point we could all give them. He golfs and parties and campaigns so why a needed vacation? The
    country is going downhill by the minute so I don’t feel any need to rest from
    nothing. We folks suffer and our local food pantries are running out of food.
    So a $50,000 week would feed many kids I doubt any of the Obama’s go to
    bed hungry do you? Pathetic man who cares only for himself.

  10. Good for you. Have your vacation (as if it’ll make any difference to any of us, whether your rested or stressed to the max.)

    Enjoy yourself, rubbing shoulders with the brie eating corporate jet-owner class on the Vineyard, Mr. President-of-all-America.

    Yup. Jus hangin’ with regular ol’ Americans, just like the rest of us, watching the summer slip away.

    Along with the entire country.

    What do you want from us, a medal?

  11. You are right – since his job is 24/7, it is not unreasonable to expect him to take a vacation time away from the White House. However, it is about perceptions. This could have been a teaching moment for his children. Publicly announce they are limiting their vacations this year to camp for his daughters and a two week family trip because of the economic problems; go to Camp David for weekends. Let your daughters invite their friends for sleep overs and swimming at the White House; at least try to show you are feeling people’s pain – don’t go to a $50,000 a week location – go to your home in Chicago that is prepared and ready to accommodate you. Taypayers are footing the bill for that already. If you are never going to go to Chicago or the trips are minimal – get rid of that expense and stay in hotels or at the homes of family or friends when you return to Chicago. I didn’t begrudge George Bush his White House in Texas and I wouldn’t begrudge the Obama family their Chicago home – use it. Stay for the month of August if you want and take some trips during that time to be somewhat visible. Take your wife aside and tell her (yes tell her) that she is going to be limiting her trips for a while until things have improved; quit campaigning 24/7. I didn’t see where you included his massive campaign trips in June in your analysis – that wasn’t working! Reasonable people know that the President is always on call – no matter who you are – Republican or Democrat. But Keith – you are giving all of them a pass – the President and Congress. Having Congress return to D.C. again is about perceptions – take a 2 week vacation and then head back to the office. Even if Congress isn’t in session – take the opportunity to get together with other members of Congress and brainstorm – who knows, maybe something good will come of it. One can only hope. I am weary – as our most Americans. We just don’t get a sense that any of our politicians and government are really focused on their jobs. When someone tries to come up with a proposal – maybe not great, but a starting point – it’s rejected from their opposition and the President is just as guilty of doing this. The President should be insisting on a budget from the Senate – I’ve heard nothing to suggest that he is. Times are different – I am tired of people talking about what a prior President may have done – this isn’t then – this is now and we are in dire straights. Can they at least try to make it look like they care.

  12. I really don’t care if he stays on vacation. I didn’t elect him. If BO ever had any ideas for economic recovery he is void of any ideas at this point. Regardless of this vacay he will be coming back spilling the same drivel with his magnificently useless oratorical skills. Doesn’t he get it? We don’t need a speech or another commission. His dismissive Jeremiah Wright speech was enough for the mindless and accomplice media to let him off the hook. That day has come and gone. He will not be re-elected and therefore I could care less what this man does. I’m just praying the Republican controlled congress can just hold BO at bay until Nov 2012.

  13. Keith, I love ya buddy, but you’re wrong on this one. not so much in your philosophy–sure, the president needs to relax, I get that. but as others have noted, not only is he relaxing, he’s relaxing on Martha’s Vineyard. you know? it doesn’t look good. it doesn’t feel right. especially combined with the incessant golf. especially combined with the hypocrisy of people who wouldn’t leave Bush alone for chopping brush.

    people are hurting. the stock market is going down by the hundreds daily. black people are beating the crap out of white people in the streets. nobody can find a job. things are BAD out here.

    and here’s Barry, hobnobbing with the rich people in a private enclave.

    I think you have something there about Michelle Antoinette, tho, Keith. she is so obviously riding this for all it’s worth…what a difference from the quiet, gracious Laura Bush.

    1. Well said – the very people he gripes about in his speeches are the very people he is vacationing with and I bet you many of them are major players in “corporate America”. Despite what critics say – Corporations are made up of people – and shareholders they answer to, including millions of middle class Americans who have their investments hanging on their success. I don’t hate rich people – President Obama wants to use them and hate them at the same time – whoever he needs support from.

  14. So is there a news blackout on the first family (and all their works and pomps) leaving for their richly-deserved vacation?

    1. There are probably are a few illegals on the Vineyard working in kitchens like there are everywhere. The hotsy, totsy will never come in contact with them and most of them know there place happily working for slave wages under the table. Most people’s contact with them is when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident.

      We used to have health codes for kitchen workers and for immigrants in general for that matter. That’s gone in our new no standards are too low for us kind of world. It will come back to bite us with tb and other diseases.

      1. Down here in Texas many illegals like to engage in drug running and human trafficking. Now they are playing shoot ’em up with each other to decide which mafioso rules the border. Maybe Obama and some of his elite friends should spend a weekend on the Texas or Arizona border to experience what the Wild West is really like.

  15. Yes, he is.
    Ireland? Vacation.
    UK? Vacation.
    Brazil? Vacation.
    That’s all he does, vacation and campaign. On our dime. I am sick of it.

    He is a compulsive liar who screws up everything he does. He’s the anti King Midas.

  16. The problem isn’t the time off, it’s the Marie Antoinette look to it all. Instead of retiring quietly to Camp David, he’s spending chunks of taxpayer money to party with the rich folks. Meanwhile, we can’t even eat cake, since (I kid you not) the price of baking chocolate has doubled under his watch. That’s my new slogan, by the way: “NOBAMA in 2012: Chocolate doubled in price during his presidency.” I don’t believe that any president who presides over that kind of chocolate inflation deserves to win.

    1. Speaking of that, I tried to buy pine nuts at my local cut-rate grocery store: $8.99 for 8 ounces, and from China. WHAT????? Used to be $1.99 and not from China.

      1. Be careful of those pine nuts from China; they are from a different type of pine than those from Italy and some people have reactions to them.

  17. Thanks for all the great comments. I do stand by the piece – and the work of the pod people. I agree, though, that Martha’s Vineyard is a dumb idea, especially with the economy as it is. He could at least head to the Delaware shore and live on funnel cakes like the rest of us do.

    1. Keith no offense but a number of the “rest of us” don’t even have the luxury of a delaware shore funnel cake vacation

      Just saying.

      1. I have a 21 year old Ford Escort and I can’t even take a weekend! I
        live on disability you do the math. Lucky I can eat let alone take a trip!
        So I think this is obscene on several levels. He delegates so much
        it’s not like he actually works. So if I’m selfish so be it but no he does
        not deserve a million dollar vacation!

  18. except your not adding in Golf half days are you…Shame on you. This man is L-A-Z-Y.
    If he didn’t want to work he should of stayed in Chicago with the rest of the gangsters and thugs
    And most of congress,at-least a healthy chunk anyways are in Israel..A place Barry hates and never visit’s

  19. In fact since Barry is such a poser in chief,it’s obvious what needs to be done first thing in congress after the break and the wimp in chief BETTER sign it…
    Sorry Kieth for harping,but this is on the docket and must be handled promptly..

    H.RES.1553 — Expressing support for the State of Israel’s right to defend Israeli sovereignty, to protect the lives and safety of the Israeli people, and to use all means necessary to confront and… (Introduced in House – IH)
    H. RES. 1553
    Expressing support for the State of Israel’s right to defend Israeli sovereignty, to protect the lives and safety of the Israeli people, and to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the use of military force if no other peaceful solution can be found within reasonable time to protect against such an immediate and existential threat to the State of Israel.
    Expressing support for the State of Israel’s right to defend Israeli sovereignty, to protect the lives and safety of the Israeli people, and to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the use of military force if no other peaceful solution can be found within reasonable time to protect against such an immediate and existential threat to the State of Israel.
    Whereas with the dawn of modern Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, some 150 years ago, the Jewish people determined to return to their homeland in the Land of Israel from the lands of their dispersion;
    Whereas in 1922, the League of Nations mandated that the Jewish people were the legal sovereigns over the Land of Israel and that legal mandate has never been superseded;
    Whereas in the aftermath of the Nazi-led Holocaust from 1933 to 1945, in which the Germans and their collaborators murdered 6,000,000 Jewish people in a premeditated act of genocide, the international community recognized that the Jewish state, built by Jewish pioneers must gain its independence from Great Britain;
    Whereas the United States was the first nation to recognize Israel’s independence in 1948, and the State of Israel has since proven herself to be a faithful ally of the United States in the Middle East;
    Whereas the United States and Israel have a special friendship based on shared values, and together share the common goal of peace and security in the Middle East;
    Whereas, on October 20, 2009, President Barack Obama rightly noted that the United States-Israel relationship is a `bond that is much more than a strategic alliance.’;
    Whereas the national security of the United States, Israel, and allies in the Middle East face a clear and present danger from the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran seeking nuclear weapons and the ballistic missile capability to deliver them;
    Whereas Israel would face an existential threat from a nuclear weapons-armed Iran;
    Whereas President Barack Obama has been firm and clear in declaring United States opposition to a nuclear-armed Iran, stating on November 7, 2008, `Let me state–repeat what I stated during the course of the campaign. Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon I believe is unacceptable.’;
    Whereas, on October 26, 2005, at a conference in Tehran called `World Without Zionism’, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated, `God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism’;
    Whereas the New York Times reported that during his October 26, 2005, speech, President Ahmadinejad called for `this occupying regime [Israel] to be wiped off the map’;
    Whereas, on April 14, 2006, Iranian President Ahmadinejad said, `Like it or not, the Zionist regime [Israel] is heading toward annihilation’;
    Whereas, on June 2, 2008, Iranian President Ahmadinejad said, `I must announce that the Zionist regime [Israel], with a 60-year record of genocide, plunder, invasion, and betrayal is about to die and will soon be erased from the geographical scene’;
    Whereas, on June 2, 2008, Iranian President Ahmadinejad said, `Today, the time for the fall of the satanic power of the United States has come, and the countdown to the annihilation of the emperor of power and wealth has started’;
    Whereas, on May 20, 2009, Iran successfully tested a surface-to-surface long range missile with an approximate range of 1,200 miles;
    Whereas Iran continues its pursuit of nuclear weapons;
    Whereas Iran has been caught building three secret nuclear facilities since 2002;
    Whereas Iran continues its support of international terrorism, has ordered its proxy Hizbullah to carry out catastrophic acts of international terrorism such as the bombing of the Jewish AMIA Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1994, and could give a nuclear weapon to a terrorist organization in the future;
    Whereas Iran has refused to provide the International Atomic Energy Agency with full transparency and access to its nuclear program;
    Whereas United Nations Security Council Resolution 1803 states that according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, `Iran has not established full and sustained suspension of all enrichment related and reprocessing activities and heavy-water-related projects as set out in resolution 1696 (2006), 1737 (2006) and 1747 (2007) nor resumed its cooperation with the IAEA under the Additional Protocol, nor taken the other steps required by the IAEA Board of Governors, nor complied with the provisions of Security Council resolution 1696 (2006), 1737 (2006) and 1747 (2007) . . .’;
    Whereas at July 2009’s G-8 Summit in Italy, Iran was given a September 2009 deadline to start negotiations over its nuclear programs and Iran offered a five-page document lamenting the `ungodly ways of thinking prevailing in global relations’ and included various subjects, but left out any mention of Iran’s own nuclear program which was the true issue in question;
    Whereas the United States has been fully committed to finding a peaceful resolution to the Iranian nuclear threat, and has made boundless efforts seeking such a resolution and to determine if such a resolution is even possible; and
    Whereas the United States does not want or seek war with Iran, but it will continue to keep all options open to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the House of Representatives–
    (1) condemns the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for its threats of `annihilating’ the United States and the State of Israel, for its continued support of international terrorism, and for its incitement of genocide of the Israeli people;
    (2) supports using all means of persuading the Government of Iran to stop building and acquiring nuclear weapons;
    (3) reaffirms the United States bond with Israel and pledges to continue to work with the Government of Israel and the people of Israel to ensure that their sovereign nation continues to receive critical economic and military assistance, including missile defense capabilities, needed to address the threat of Iran; and
    (4) expresses support for Israel’s right to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by Iran, defend Israeli sovereignty, and protect the lives and safety of the Israeli people, including the use of military force if no other peaceful solution can be found within a reasonable time.

  20. You confirmed Keith there is pretty much a media blackout when all is said and done.

    Especially a photo blackout. Yes?

    Are they afraid O slurping a cone, MO eating a lobster and O hitting the greens while the country tanks may bother people just a tad?

    Nah we are all looking at our cell phones, internet porn and text messages-president who?

    They underestimate us.

  21. I don’t know how you can defend the August break when the country is in such poor shape.

    Is it too much to ask that our representatives including Obama cut their vacations to deal with the problems at hand?

    If that is too much to ask-wth are we paying them for? They already do a completely lousy job, and get an obscene number of vacation days.

    I don’t care what bush did, we are tanking on the stock market and becoming a 3rd world country faster than you can say Jack Robinson

    I understand your post but the whole premise is rotten, screw all of their vacations imho

  22. “Obama is president and responsible for the welfare of all of us, our parents, our children. He needs to be on his game for the crisis that always lurks in the minds of those who would destroy us, and to do the best he can with the rest of the job.”

    He has been in the game and screwed us every which way.

    Are you serious?

    Is your Drudge exposure catching you some flack and you need to back off?

    This is not in synch with your blog-idk what is going on but it is weird.

    If my posts disappear I wouldn’t be surprised.

  23. CindyLou, your comments are always welcome! I didn’t get into this to avoid criticism and contrary comments. I do learn a lot from my feisty, entertaining readers. Wouldn’t want any other kind.

    But I do call ’em like I see ’em, and I don’t agree with you on this.

    1. The problem Keith, is what this $50,000 dollar a week rental alongside the rest of the elite vacationers on the Vineyard REPRESENTS to the rest of us. Especially now, as the Dow craters to new lows on a weekly basis.

      At least Slick Willy Clinton had the brains to get Morris to poll where the American people wanted him to go on his vacation, when he was in trouble.

      Cut to the video: 1995 and there’s Ol’ bulbous nose riding tall in the saddle in Grand Teton National Park.

      Get it Barry? At least he had the decency to try and fake us out.

      You’re just a poor Hawaiian kid from the wrong side of the Kamehameha Highway, and you’ve been desperate to make up for it ever since.

      Martha’s Vineyard and The Vineyard Golf Club (where the initiation fees ran as high as $500G at one time) makes perfect sense to you.


  24. The problem with Obama’s vacations is the obscene amount of taxpayer money he spends on the trips. Because it is normal to you that Obama books entire Taj Mahal 570 rooms, banquet halls and restaurants. And every vacation he goes on he spends millions and millions of our dollars. Hell, things are better when he is on vacation, I wish he would vacation EVERY DAY, FAR, FAR, AWAY —– BUT USE YOUR OWN DAMN MONEY BARRY!

    1. I agree.

      At least when Bush went on vacation back home in Crawford, it didn’t cost taxpayers thousands of $$$$$ a day to rent the home he stayed in.

      I don’t begrudge them a vacation. They just need to quit acting like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

      Leaders lead by example, not profligateness.

  25. Double dip trip. UK Daily Mail article reads like he left with Bo and the
    Mothership and entourage were already there so if that’s true we paid twice.
    Have seen nothing in LSM about that but I bet they went ahead and we haven’t seen MO have we?

  26. “Obama is president and responsible for the welfare of all of us, our parents, our children. He needs to be on his game for the crisis that always lurks in the minds of those who would destroy us, and to do the best he can with the rest of the job.”

    How’s he doing at his job so far, Keith? I’ve never seen a worse president, and I remember Jimmy Carter well. Personally, I wish Obama would go to Martha’s Vineyard and stay there for the duration of his presidency. No more executive orders, no more legislative arm-twisting, and no more sermons about how the people who actually produce in this country need to “eat our peas” and pay more taxes to fund the permanent vacation of his Democratic base.

  27. Wrong again. POTUS is NOT responsible for my welfare or the welfare of my family. The only welfare he’s responsible for is himself, his wife, two kids and mother-in-law (grand moocher that she is). This is a big reason we are so screwed up is people like you claiming that the government is my keeper.

  28. “Obama is president and responsible for the welfare of all of us, our parents, our children.” —K. Koffler
    Uh, no thanks, Keith. I am responsible for the welfare of myself, my children, and, if and when necessary, my parents. It’s Mr. Obama’s job to keep the federal government as invisible as possible to me. How is doubling the national debt being responsible for anyone?

  29. You are a sad, sad person if you believe your welfare depends on the President. All I can depend on from this man is more taxes, more debt, more regulation and less freedom.

  30. “Obama is president and responsible for the welfare of all of us, our parents, our children.”

    Ummm, I am responsible for myself nobody else. My parents are grown adults and they responsible for themselves. If Obama or any of his goons get near my kids, who I will admit, I am responsible for he’s going to have a lot of problems, no matter what position he holds. But he sure isn’t responsible for them nor do I want him around my kids.

  31. No liberal spin there Skippy! Bush had Crawford set up with everything he needed AND it was a self sufficient house, unlike Gore’s McMansion which wastes 12 times what the national average house wastes. You are an Obama apologist, plain and simple. Obama deserves a vacation about as much as he deserves that Nobel prize… sad you call yourself a journalist… so sad. I bet you justified Michelle wasting about $5,000 in funds to get arugula too. You need to take off the liberal colored glasses.

  32. “Obama is president and responsible for the welfare of all of us, our parents, our children. He needs to be on his game for the crisis that always lurks in the minds of those who would destroy us, and to do the best he can with the rest of the job.”

    I am responsible for my own welfare, my family, my life. The premise that someone else is in control of my life or relying on someone else disgusts me.

  33. Keith,

    I agree that the Presidency is very important and demanding. I do not agree that Mr. Obama is responsible for my family’s welfare.

    Technically, the President’s vacations have been limited to his trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii…but that is a little misleading. As you’ve stated, the President has played too much golf. Such time must be considered.

    There are many Americans that more directly impact the welfare of my family and I am fairly certain that they are not taking that much time away from their jobs.

    I also disagree with you about the President not canceling his vacation. Our nation is struggling. The markets are in turmoil, unemployment is absurd and it feels as though nothing is being done. A vacation in Martha’s Vineyard does nothing to move the needle in the right direction. A Congress in recess doesn’t help the nation get back on track. The average American who cares about his/her job and the welfare of his/her family will make the necessary sacrifices to get both on track. This is one of those occasions where our government “leaders” should display a little leadership and do so by example. Get to work, get things in order and don’t rest until you get the mission accomplished. Take a vacation when things improve. Until then, you’re sending the wrong message.

    I am not a talking head nor a scoundrel taking two weeks in August – I am a hard working American who looks to our leaders for leadership. We all make sacrifices…It just seems that some do so more than others.


    Quit asking him to be a tyrant. He seems to be happy to oblige.

  35. Obama is president and responsible for the welfare of all of us, our parents, our children. He needs to be on his game for the crisis that always lurks in the minds of those who would destroy us, and to do the best he can with the rest of the job.

    If he is responsible for all of that…judging by his performance, he deserves
    -10000000 days of vacation..on the other hand I am more than willing to give him as much time as he needs…in fact the country would be much better off if he and the rest of the demorats would just take off now..but the caveat is…DON’T COME BACK EVER

  36. You act as if Obama is doing a job that would require a little down time. Even his state visits, which you neglect to mention, are vacations for him, not to mention a complete embarrassment (Queen Elizabeth).

    The perception is that this is a completely ostentatious presidency, with two people who think the title president means party and vacation.

    And for Michelle to travel the way she does, and lecture the rest of us, is just part of the horrible equation with these two.

  37. “Obama is president and responsible for the welfare of all of us, our parents, our children.” NO! Mr. Obama is NOT RESPONSIBLE for our welfare. This is the problem. People look to the government when they should be looking to themselves and family and working to make things better. Government will always fail at providing for the welfare of us because no government has the same level of interest or care about an individual as that individual and its family.

  38. When I was in business I worked M-S 10 hour days. I loved to play golf, but often being called out on Sunday to help a customer, I was unable to play nearly as much golf as the POTUS plays. As far as taking expensive vacations and having caravans to take care of me? Nope. No time for ANY vacation. Obama really has it tough.

  39. The article was fine, up until the Bush criticism. All president’s deserve vacation for the exact reasons you mentioned, Bush included. Bush is out of office, get over it!

  40. Keith…gotta disagree with you on this one. IMO, every day is a vacation for the ONE! He might spend a few minutes in the morning getting updates, but he’s out the front door bright and early to climb aboard his corporate jet….plugging in his IPOD and soaring throught the friendly skies. He is always greeted by a (staged ) mob of adoriing fans, whisked away to a campaign stop where he is again given a hero’s welcome.

    The only ‘work’ involved is reading the prompter!

    I remember very well when he first moved into the BIG WHITE, he told his handlers he didn’t want to be cooped up in the WH….he wanted to be out amongst the people! He is a malignant narcisisist….and the crowds are like crack coccaine to him – he’s addicted and he needs his ‘fix’ every single day! Everything is over the top with him….the 747 and the dozens of back-up aircraft….the helicoptersl the SS, and the mile-long motorcade with 2 ambulances and 35 vehicles in tow. This is what he lives for! Oh, yes…and Pete Souza…his full-time personal photographer!!!

  41. It’s not the vacation itself. It’s the timing of the vacation and the fact that Obama is frequently photographed engaged in leisure activities like golf and celebrity riddled parties. I don’t get the impression that he’s stressed out in the least but rather he seems to be enjoying himself immensely. He never looks haggard, tired or preoccupied.. His behavior sends the wrong message to a country desperate for real leadership.

  42. Considering the number of handlers, czars, advisers, servants and caddies he has, how stressed can he really be? He is insulated from much of the criticism and finger pointing by those around him and it’s not like he has to do anything by himself-not speeches, not decisions, nothing.

  43. Stop and think for just one minute. Odumdo is only practicing what he preaches before he loses it. Redistribution of our wealth to him and his family. Their thought is we have to make the best of this in the 4 years we have.
    It is not just this Narcissistic ass in the white house that thinks this way. It is all of our so called government officials.


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