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Obama Campaign Wouldn’t Have to Pay to Use Black Bus

President Obama’s reelection campaign will not have to pay for the use of the luxurious black bus he rode through the Midwest this week if he decides campaign with it,┬ásince the vehicle is the property of the Secret Service and is technically part of his protection force.

According to Secret Service Spokesman Ed Donovan, the agency does not have to be reimbursed because it is “authorized by statute” to protect the president.

The Secret Service purchased two of the buses at $1.1 million each. Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and the future Republican presidential and vice presidential nominees would similarly not have to pay the Secret Service for use of the buses, according to Donovan.

From Monday to Wednesday of this week, Obama used the bus to cruise through portions of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois in a long, expensive looking caravan. Many critics charged that the journey, which included two states critical to his reelection, was a thinly designed campaign trip.

The Wall Street Journal first reported that the Obama campaign would not have to pay for use of the bus.

26 Responses to Obama Campaign Wouldn’t Have to Pay to Use Black Bus

  1. I hope the Canadian-Bus Tour of America comes here so I can ask why they aren’t American made.

    By the way, Keith, you have a zero instead of an “o” in Spokesman.

  2. Unbelievable. As my father said, “They can say this drive around is anything they want.” And now they can openly call it campaigning.

    How obvious in hindsight that this townhall bus tour was a device to obtain a luxury road cruiser for BO’s campaign.

    All this, and illegal aliens receiving health care via Obamacare.

  3. Here’s the question,Who came up with the bus idea?I bet the Secret Serrvice weren’t sitting around one day and said,”Hey,why don’t we order a couple of tricked out buses for Barack and the guys to drive around the country in.” I heard David Plouffe is a big Star Wars fan so he probably came up with the Vader motif.

  4. You won’t find a single Republican candidate who will take the Secret Service up on the offer to ride around the country in Obama’s “Debt Star” (thanks William). Didn’t just fall off the turnip truck yesterday, and I’m not buying this political appointee’s line that Obama had no say in the purchase of his new toys.

    • It had to have been BO’s idea to do a bus tour. I’m sure the Secret Service didn’t just decide to buy some busses and when BO heard about it, he said, “Hey! Maybe I could get a ride in that bus!” And the idea of the tour followed :)

  5. No matter what they call the midwest tour, no matter who pays for it, it was a massive PR disaster for the Dem candidate for President.
    The reactions went from “who’s he think he is” to “wtf is that all about”.

    We get it; to take the “candidate” from town to town in a limo would be uncomfortable and raise security concerns if the trip was was longer than 30minutes. The bus allows national security communication if one of the candidates is actually a working President. Still, it’s a big, black scary bus.

    • Why can’t they pay for a driver, sans security, and ferry some boys and girls clubs around–something worth something–in the off YEARS this will not be used.

  6. Think of the carbon footprint! What is the gas mileage of the black beasts? And the average for the entourage of large SUVs and vans? Far less than what BHO thinks the masses should be driving. Why aren’t they plug-in electric buses or running on bio-fuel? Where is the hue and cry from Al Gore and the Dem greens?

  7. Why do Rep. have to sign oaths not to do this or that? Are you 12 yrs old and can’t think for yourselves? You didn’t complain when Bush flew to Texas every other week. 40% of his time was on vacation before 9/11.How about Bachman and her gay husband? She doesn’t even know history. And there are 28 schooled children by her! How about getting rid of public schools? You will meet those gangs on the street when they can’t afford to attend school. I will bet my life on Perry not getting the Presidency. Romney’s father ran Mi into the ground.Worse yet, Christ’s lessons have gone by the wayside.He didn’t teach Hellfire and Brimstone. he came to change things.