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The Obama Morning News || August 17, 2011

President Obama promised to send a jobs package to Congress in September and challenged Republicans to block it.

Obama’s Midwest trip has allowed him to address a central reelection challenge: his popularity has slumped among white voters—particularly young, poor and working-class Americans.

Rush Limbaugh rewarded Obama’s Tea Party heckler with an iPad and a 13″ MacBook Air.

Republican presidential candidates are attacking the very idea of government while President Obama is enthusiastically defending it. Obama told Wolf Blitzer he will be “held accountable” if the economy does not improve.

Firearms from the ATF’s Fast and Furious sting were linked to 11 more violent crimes.

While Obama sought to regain support in the Midwest, Gov. Rick Perry staged a rally just 11 miles away.

Veteran Washington Post political reporter Dan Balz wonders whether Rick Perry is ready for prime time. Karl Rove joined the criticism of Perry’s characterization of Fed Chairman Bernanke as “almost treasonous.”

Mitt Romney is playing it cool while his newest challenger heats up the race. Romney can’t match Perry or Bachmann in the passion he inspires among his voters.

Are Chris Christie and Paul Ryan considering getting in?

Fitch maintained its Triple A rating for the United States.

Critics are urging President Obama to cancel his Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

And Michelle Bachmann wished Elvis Presley a happy birthday on the day he died.

42 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 17, 2011

  1. So Barry is going to send a “jobs package” to congress? Really? I mean, really?

    This all about making congress to look like they are the obstructionist more than really wanting to get the economy going again. This has more to do with him getting re-elected that caring about the average Joe on Main Street.

    This is so easy to see through. Yes, Barry just might be living up to his transparency pledge here, but he wants or is daring the congress to shred this ‘package’ so that he can point to the Tea Party Terrorist as the folks holding up the economy as hostage for their agenda.

    So simple, yet so mis-understood by the MSM. Maybe even Keith Olbermann can see this.

    Maybe not.

    • With everything the administration has been saying so far, expect the jobs package to call for more food stamps, unemployment, and federal regulators.

      • Sooo…. you anticipate the jobs package (you haven’t seen) is DOA, but this doesn’t mean Congress is obstructionist?

        I suppose if it was filled with nothing but jobs for abortion providers and cucumber farmer subsidies to help the nation’s sex-ed curricula, I might agree. But maybe… just MAYBE… Congress kinda has it in for this guy.

        • Just the term “jobs package” makes me laugh that ironic little chuckle I have. Good idea–years too late and consisting of heaven knows what, if anything. If the president had not let Pelosi and Reid take that trillion-buck wad of legislative pocket lint they had been sitting on for years and use the “crisis” to pass it, we wouldn’t be in such bad shape…such bad shape, still bad, but not this bad!

          As for Obama yammering on about how people beside the road and in lawn chairs made him nostalgic and reminded him of why he ran for president, pass me a bucket! Nostalgic? For a jaunt through farmland in a Death Star?

          Did everyone see Keith’s quote on Bret Baier…and in Fishbowl NY?

          • If you didn’t see what Keith said:
            “It’s going to cause an accident,” Koffler said. “If I saw that thing, I’d drive right off the road, get out my car, and beg the Lord for mercy.” He continued, “I fully expect Obama to get off the bus and instead of kissing babies say to them, ‘Luke, I am your father.’”

  2. Michelle Bachmann wished Elvis Presley a happy birthday on the day he died.

    I was embarrassed for her. She needs a more competent staff…

    Russell, you are correct sir. He’s just creating another campaign talking point to blame the Hobbits for being obstructionists. Are these going to be government jobs (CCC) or is he going to ‘order’ private industry to hire additional employees just because?

  3. just wonder how much hard core pressure the admin. put upon Fitch for the AAA rating… our little campaign creature is so desperate for votes.. he’ll say anything to keep his kingship.. as our “hobbit” population of Patriots grows daily..

    • Rove’s willingness to publicly scold Perry is a reminder that the two men (or at the very least Rove and Dave Carney, Perry’s chief strategist) have a long and, some suggest, rocky relationship that dates back more than a decade. (WaPo)

      There’s apparently no love lost between the two…

    • No doubt Rove needs to breath through his nose for a while.

      I would like to see Sean or Greta as Rove when he starts his negatives about Perry if it came down to Perry runing against Barry, would Rove like to see Perry win? If so, why then is Rove then bashing him so much?

      • Rove is an establishment Republican who puts party ahead of principles. Rather than letting things play out, he publicly criticizes members of his own party if they are not his first choice. He doesn’t like candidates who identify with the Tea party either.

  4. I guess Obama’s newly rediscovered again laser focus on jobs will have to take a break while he and Michelle lower New England’s lobster population for the next week and a half. Because that’s pretty important too.

  5. Messrs Rove, Morris and Axelrod, Gibbs, et al don’t realize that their time has past, what they say is uber-partisan and they cancel each other out.

    MrObama has also lost the support (if he ever had it) of those who collect SocialSecuity benefits, the whole military, the unemployed, the ones who lost their homes to foreclosure and just about anyone that that doesn’t like what they see in Washington. It might be easier to name the groups that will support MrO because that list is shorter.

  6. It’s funny. Every mistake Bachman makes will be held up as proof that she is completely incompetent. Yet we have a president who can’t remember what year it is, thinks “Austrian” is a language, botches history constantly, etc., etc. and those are just “jet lag” or “he’s tired”. Don’t even get me started on the VP. It would be nice to see the press apply their so-called standards consistently.

  7. The more the merrier as far as Republican candidates for president. This is going to be a very important election and think it’s great we have more than just a few old RINOs to choose from. Listened to a snippet of video from Chris Christie saying he agreed with Obama on some issues. Maybe once he throws his hat in the ring he can expound on those issues they have in common. Can’t think of one single policy of Obama’s that I agree with.

    • You know what is going to hit you in the puss about twelve minutes after Obama is reelected?

      You should have backed Ron Paul.

      Shoulda seen through the moonbat Christianity, the blow-dried, made for TV hairdos and the Texas non-miracle and just admitted that what you really needed was a candidate who could actually win a northern state like New York.

      • I would take a “moonbat Christianity, the blow-dried, made for TV hairdos and the Texas non-miracle and just admitted that what you really needed was a candidate who could actually win a northern state like New York” over a far left progresive that is transforming America into a european style economy and government.

        I will also continue to hold onto my guns and bible. I’m not so sure what you are holding onto.

          • Russel: I’m sure you would. As a matter of fact, you just about had all three rolled into one with your last Republican president. How’d that Dopey Strangey thing work out for ya?

            Susan: Don’t forget Saul Alinsky! He is never far from our hearts.

      • Ron Paul? Oh–that wiry little libertarian who wants to abolish everything? He could be elected in NY? Really? Wait a minute—did you get a medical marijuana license? Be honest, Death.

        • I couldn’t wait for the license, Star. Damn beuracracy! And yes, Paul could win New York, if any Republican could. You think Batshit Bachmann is going to score any electoral votes here?

          • And waitaminit… don’t you want everything abolished? Republicans talk about “government out of our lives” until their tongues split, but when someone comes along who actually wants to shrink not just spending but the entire state, you tuck tail and run. Face it: you are all Big Gov at heart.

          • I am holding out for the Commerce Dept and Edu Dept and maye a couple of hundred agencies, czars, task forces, special committees, bureaus etc…you know, to make room and a budget for the Jobs Dept.