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Economy at Barack Bottom

From today’s latest pool report:

The president is making an unadvertised stop at a county fair in Morrison, IL.

As the motorcade left Davenport, clusters of appreciative onlookers lined the route and waved. There was also one man holding a cardboard sign that said, “Economy at Barack bottom.”

Dave Boyer
The Washington Times

23 Responses to Economy at Barack Bottom

  1. Spinning again: “clusters of appreciative onlookers”. It’s time for all the Press to quit adding their opinion and just report the facts.

    Truth: small groups of local residents were waving as the Prez rode by. Was that so hard, Dave?

  2. Oh I am seeing lots of photo-ops of BO eating fried things on a stick:)
    Just like regular folk. Bet MO will be mad she missed out on some good eats! Must keep her strength up to vacation:)

  3. I do hope you will write a follow-up article on how much this “listening tour” is costing us Keith. Could tell from the dust up with the Tea partier that he could care less what we are saying. Good for the person holding up the home-made sign. He had the courage to voice his opinion. Agree with srdem about this supposed hard news reporter and the spin he put on his report.

  4. Please lay off the man folks, he is on my news wire right now telling us:

    1) there is nothing wrong with the US right now
    2). the Japan tsunami and Middle East turmoil are slowing growth
    3). the economy is in better shape now than when he took office.
    and 4). it is not his fault the economy is not recovering as quickly as it shoudld.

    Would he lie to us???????

  5. This guy is taking my job: how do you make fun of a guy who tells people he longs for the day when MADE IN AMERICA products are plentiful overseas riding around in a bus made in Canada. How do you lampoon that???
    (Keith, hope you got my quote request. Hurry up.)

  6. OMG!?
    Why is ‘Pres.’ Barack Hussein Obama (2008-2012) allowed within 100 yards of lowly “US citizens” who live & work in Minnesota, Iowa & Illinois???