As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

“What?? No Econ Briefing? You Morons!”

At 6:53 pm this evening, I received this schedule from the White House:

9:30AM        In-Town Travel Pool Call Time

11:50PM        THE PRESIDENT meets with his National Security Team

                        Situation Room

Closed Press

3:30PM         THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base

                        South Lawn

Open Press (Gather Time 3:05 PM – North Doors of the Palm Room)

Over the next half hour, all the way at my home in Northern Virginia, I could hear the sound of Obama political adviser David Plouffe banging heads together and against walls in the West Wing. Then at 7:23 pm, I received this updated schedule.

9:30AM        In-Town Travel Pool Call Time 

10:30AM        THE PRESIDENT meets with Senior Economic Advisors

                        Oval Office

Closed Press

11:50AM        THE PRESIDENT meets with his National Security Team

                        Situation Room

Closed Press

3:30PM         THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base

                        South Lawn

Open Press (Gather Time 3:05 PM – North Doors of the Palm Room)

And then the political team was calm, quiet and content.

27 Responses to “What?? No Econ Briefing? You Morons!”

  1. Those may be faux meetings to take the heat off the vaca?

    The press is maybe happy they have some time off?

    The vineyard? how much of an FU does this country deserve?

    You have no job? Bwahahaha,

    *stomach punch*

    do you want ice cream with that?

  2. That’s terrific. Great job at getting in their heads.

    I’m getting a new laptop and I have this great collection of photos but I don’t know if can move them to the new one so I’ve started to upload them to Facebook. I’ve put the two collections on the blog.

    At my name you can see 18 feet on the furniture photos and 25 chin up in the air photos. Most of the chin in the air photos were the newer ones. It gives me a stiff neck just looking at them.

  3. Spin, spin, lie and deceive; the Prez is not going to be “en route to Andrews Air Force base” because that’s not his destination, that’s where he boards AF1 to fly to another destination. He is going to be “en route” to Martha’s Vineyard to begin another lavish vacation.
    It’s a small distinction, but like the added straw to the camel’s back it all adds up to a massive load of deceit about MrO’s real intentions.

  4. Oh dear we have some more bad news for the Golden Couple. The
    site that follow the style of Mrs O the last 2 post spell unrest you should
    read them:)

      • But she was put in her place I commented once on price I got yelled
        at and my post deleted my finest hour:)
        This could ruin the vacation pic of MO in shorts and sandals and even
        more sleeveless dresses they are really desperate for new things to
        worship:(. Those are some very scary chicks.

  5. Let see here.

    By the schedule, they have devoted 80 minutes for this economic meeting. Take off, say 20 minutes for meet and greet, then good byes and well wishing on the golf game and that would leave at most 60 minutes discussion.

    As sever as things are with the economy, is 60 minutes enough? I do not think so either.

    So then, what purpose is the meeting? To work on the plan to work on the plan to provide the September Economic Jobs Plan? It seems to me that this is more about image than problem solving. If BHO was concerned, truely concerned about the economy and jobs, there would be much more time devoted to it.

    Keith, thanks for the information. The MSM simply will not provide it as we know.

    By the way, are you going to MV?

    • It’s all for show Russell. The econ meeting was put on the calendar at the last minute. Everyone was asking how he could come back from a 3-day “listening tour” without even telling his econ people about all the great ideas he got from the yokels before he jetted off on vacation. I’m sure he has notebooks full of innovative ideas to pass along to Moe, Larry, Shemp, and Curley.

      • Is it just a coincidence, or are some advisers finally listening to the media. Last Saturday (8-13) Los Angeles Times (I only take it for the crossword puzzle) had a front page, above the fold article with the headline: “Obama Left Short-Handed on Economy.” Went on to detail all the folks who had resingned and went on to discuss how many current economists disapprove of O’s policies. Interesting.

    • Getting instructions from the Mothership. Probably said not to be late
      or she and the girls, Mom and anyone remotely related would leave for
      the Vineyard without him and take the big plane not the dinky little one! After all she is exhausted and needs a rest telling 300,000 million American’s how to eat and breath makes a girl hungry for some
      $3000 Lobster Salad:)