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Biden Watching Georgetown Hoyas in China

I’m not kidding.

From the vice presidential pool report.

At 7pm VPOTUS arrived at the Gymnasium of National Olympic Sports Center to attend a “Friendship Match” between the Georgetown Hoyas and a team from Shanxi Province.

During a brief chat after landing, the VP apologized to the travel-weary poolers for the unannounced addition to the schedule but explained that he’d fielded many requests from members of the Georgetown community to attend given the surprise convergence of schedules.

VPOTUS took his seat in the front row behind the visitors’ bench, to applause from dozens of Georgetown fans in attendance. He seemed to crack a few jokes but we couldn’t hear from our vantage point across the court.

The VP was first sitting next to Gary Locke. Now Georgetown U president Jack DeGoia.

At 7:24 pm Shanxi won the tip but the Hoyas quickly gained possession and drained a 3. Now 11-2 Hoyas.

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  1. No wonder some of the news we hear doesn’t make sense; Hoyas? basketball, maybe?drained a 3, what? Shanxi Province is where? or is a ‘something’?

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