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Obama’s Frightening Bus Tour

If you have children, don’t let them see this. Put on one of the Friday the 13th movies for them and watch it yourself.

This is some great video of the Obama Spookymobile cruising through some town in Minnesota. As a reporter I’ve seen and been in a lot of presidential motorcades, and I’ve never seen anything this long. There must be an army of secret service along for the ride – undoubtedly a good idea – as well as a slew of White House staff.

Looks expensive.

Thanks to Granny Jan who blogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty for flagging the video.

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    1. “People don’t listen to each other as much.” In other words, he’s pining for the days of Walter Cronkite, when the big three networks along with NYT, WAPO, and LA Times controlled the message and there was no opposing opinion.

  1. The people shooting the video are joking, but they’re right: this is the perfect time to commit a crime in Minnesota. With all that law enforcement tied up and roads blocked, you could probably get away scot free.

  2. Being that the President was in fly-over country where the inhabitants cling to their religion and their guns, the Security guys had to be on their toes looking for the AARP sniper division and the FutureFarmers of America’s pitchfork group.

    Betcha a hot dog on a stick that MrO wasn’t even in the bus as it drove through the small towns and farmlands. He was in one of the support vehicles.

    1. It would be standard operating procedure for him to be taking a different route in another vehicle and meet up with bus in an out of the way location so he can be seen getting out of it when it arrives at his next engagement.

      1. When they did an anniversary march of MLK from Selma to Montgomery, that’s exactly what they did. They rode buses from town to town. They’d get off the buses outside the city limits, march thru town, then board the buses for the next town.
        I had heard of this march for weeks via the major media outlets.
        Just so happens, I was right there watching when they marched thru one little town and left. Just outta sight of the little town, around a curve, there set several buses.
        Betcha there were only about 30 people in the march, including media.
        And it received National Attention.
        I watched the video later on TV. The cameras were kept in close to give the appearance of a great many people.
        To me, it looked like a typical Hollywood event.

    2. It’s a good bet he wasn’t in ANY of those vehicles. It wouldn’t be hard to jump off and fly away on a helicopter for a quick nine holes while the entourage makes its way to the next whistle stop.

      This President is known for his penchant for head-fakes.

  3. The really sad thought that I have is that it takes this many highly trained personnel and an armored bus to protect the President in his own country…

    1. Actually, the president was probably safer there then he was anyplace else.
      The very same people in those small towns who are not fans of the president would:
      1) Have the weapons to defend him
      2) Stand in his defense, despite their opposition to his policies

      Whereas, if some nutjob goes off in New York, the citizens would scream like ninnies, get into ‘driveby’ mode, and leap behind the nearest car for protection.

  4. 2 Buses (Gog and Magog), 2 ambulances and 37 other vehicles. Imagine the carbon footprint…Has this man no shame? All on the taxpayer dime for the hicks to see the Jug Ears Traveling Circuits and Side Show.

    1. “He’s the leader of the free world….”

      Can we still say that about our president, given France now has better credit rating, China is overtaking us and we have nobody minding the store ?

  5. Albatross . . . (today is two for one day)

    November 8, 2010

    Dear Mr. Obama and remaining Democrats,

    Your temporary exile to India and parts unknown, has got me thinking of the concept of an Albatross. The Presidency has grown into something it was never meant to be, but if that is true your trip is a singular colossal illustration of how you have grown it to an exponential, and dictatorial level. As such, I wonder, now that Republicans control the purse strings, if it is not necessary to curtail the spending of the Executive Branch? If this is what you do when you lose an election, what will you do when you are really depressed in January when you are forced, probably for the first time in your life, to face personal failure? The phrase “katy bar the door” comes to mind. You truly have left the reservation my good man, and I’m not talking about a trip to India.

    The Democratic Party, your vehicle to destroy the capitalistic system, is now aware of what you are trying to do. They do not want to follow you any longer as illustrated by their open letter to Pelosi asking her not to run for minority leader; with the exception of those that really believe in Socialism and Communism. Like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and all the rest, you’ve still got 40 – 60 members of your party who can switch sides, and save the Country, if not the World. Wow. Talk about pressure. But the stone cold fact is you are an Albatross around not just this countries neck, but the Democratic Parties neck. Actually Mr. Obama if you really were a team player you would have pulled an LBJ the day after the election in order to give the Democratic Party time to rebuild, and adapt to the new political reality. Hillary Clinton would have time to join the NRA, and do a little trap shooting and get some nice photos, maybe she can borrow John “D Student” Kerrie’s hunting jacket he purchased in 2000? But you are non compos mentis, so to do that you’d have to be something called rational, which you are not even on that reservation by a long shot.

    So how does one who is not rational adapt? Well the short answer is. They do not. They continue to sink into a pit of loneliness and despair. As reality begins to build in their minds they build a wider, and wider, maze to avoid having to deal with reality. Witness Nancy Pelosi seeking to lead the Democratic Party after losses not seen since the 1930’s! So much so they convince themselves that in fact what is absolutely wrong to the Forgotten Man, seems absolutely correct, and further, they should fight like the dickens for it! When I was training to be a lifeguard one of the lessons that stuck, among them always swim with a buddy, preferably an unmarried female; was to blow bubbles to find which way is up; no matter what ones mind claims to be true in the heat of the moment. Panic is what we are trying to avoid here, and that is what will be next for the Democratic Party. As the elected leader of the Democrats who will be blamed Mr. Obama? You. It is all of your fault, well, that and affirmative action, white guilt, and some real good rhetoric that could have been on an episode of “West Wing,” that is responsible for putting you in a position that you are not prepared to handle.

    On November 6, 2012, we are going to hire someone qualified for the job, actually we are going to hire a few new people more than qualified for the jobs that Democrats do not seem able to do.

    With a little luck maybe I can get a job writing speeches for some of them:)


    Joe Doakes

  6. What a train of vehicles.

    First video I have seen of Barry’s Magical Tour.

    I got to tell you that these buses have the darkest windows I have seen on a vehicle. You would think that they are armored and would’nt need to be dark as well.

    So, my question is, why are the windows black?

  7. Seems like there were far more people in the motorcade than lining the streets. Where were the crowds CNN reported as lining the roadside? I guess reporters see what they want to see (or prefer to see) these days.

  8. obama was picked to fail he really does hate God and the us constitution. the nwo know the eagle will not join there revived unholy roman empire feet of iron mixed with demons of clay?

    obama is an illuminati agent his plan destroy america by spending, period!
    america is being judged for her many sins. stop sinning repent now usa!

    impeach the kenyan!

  9. 40 vehicles in that motorcade and not one of them was a fuel efficient vehicle. What a damn hypocrite. Lead by example and armor plate a damn Chevy Volt see how long that motorcade takes then.

    1. dont rip on drudge. its simply real links to real news sites. “drudge” does “do” anything but post the links.

      youre a fool.

    1. The two armored buses at a cost of $2.2 Million to the American taxpayer is certainly out of the ordinary. I’ve been around long enough to see several presidents in my lifetime. None have ever been as ostentatious as this one.

    2. Chavez, Castro, and maybe even Kim Jung (a stretch) at least pretend not to be so removed from the people they govern.

      You really think the optics of a black, massive armored bus are good optics?

      If this were Bush you wouldn’t be so forgiving. The local cops weren’t all blocking the streets they were part of the convoy.

      I got to 40 when I stopped counting.

      Thanks, Drudge, for picking this up. The MSM won’t show this to you.

      1. Now here’s something worth thinking about. The next President should try to unload these things on Chavez or Kim. Castro’s too close to needing a real hearse to be interested, but I’m betting Gadaffi would be a motivated buyer.

  10. The first time anything he did met my expectations–a truly grovely, creepy, predictable, wasteful event. But that’s ME. On Fox, Carl Cameron showed towns–er-folk…saying well, he seemed nice.

  11. Why isn’t somebody reporting on where Bambi is resting his royal head at night while on this lark?
    Is he flying back and forth or is he camping out with some local hommies. If the latter, who, what, where etc. Come on FOX!

  12. Regime change in USA
    Impeach this FRAUD
    Our government is becoming increasingly predatory towards it’s own citizens.

    Capital controls expanding along with a regulatory/police state.

    ‘Cloward and Piven’ on steroids with the full backing of the White House.

    The dictator wannabe fraud needs to be impeached/removed from the Oval Office.

    Fast & Furious not enough? PROVEN fake birth certificate not enough?

    Regulatory supplants Congress NOT ENOUGH?

    Black Panther voter intimidation not enough?

    How about ON RECORD he said he is doing “under the radar”? Is this the coup on the US Constitution?

    Ignoring ‘War Powers Act’ NOT ENOUGH?

    Americans dragged into poverty, losing property, businesses and liberties, neighborhoods turned into jungles

  13. The only thing missing are the soldiers or secret service riding shotgun on the top of his motorcade…and by the way, how many jobs were created by this circus?

  14. All that security; the Secret Service reminds me of a modern day Praetorian Guard and secret police like the Roman Emperor. Too much security is unhealthy and dangerous to a republic. Before Abraham Lincoln and 150 years of socialism, our presidency worked very well with very little security.

    We need to cut government, and take away the reasons for the need for such security. Bloated government, socialism and regulations seem to produce their own social diseases, driving many to criminal insanity.

      1. I’ve heard that Dear Leader Obama’s jaunts and junkets are requiring so much extra security that the Secret Service is being forced to cut back on regular law enforcement and investigative activities in order to dredge up enough manpower for his bodyguard details. The irony of this is that he’s probably the safest of any President since Lincoln; were anything to happen to him we’d end up with President Biden and NOBODY wants that.

        1. You are correct Brolin. Obama has twice the security details as any of his predecessors. Mooch has also cost the taxpayers a HUGE amount in added protection as well.

  15. Wonder what the expense is to the taxpayers for this parade? I know money is no problem right now for taxpayers but still, how many homeless would it have fed.
    If Bush had done this, imagine the critics

      1. Yeah – many GOVERNMENT employed people. Government doesn’t really create jobs any more than it creates wealth. All it does is take wealth from others and use the funds to INVENT jobs. Menial and mindless ones at that.

  16. Just think of all the jobs he is protecting with taxpayer money on his PR swing. Obama isn’t the problem. The fools that trust him are the problem.

  17. I counted 40 vehicles. What’s this campaign event costing us? And there were more vehicles than bystanders. The smell of Loser is in the air….

  18. Forty or Forty one vehicles in the Obama motorcade.
    How much Gasoline did they waste
    How many dollars were paid out in payroll
    How many dollars were paid for Police Protection.

    really kind of silly and frivolous if you ask me.

    That’s OK it is Taxpayer money so who give a rip.

  19. SPOOKYMOBILE, I Love it !!!

    Also there are helicopters overhead and Fighter Jets nearby. This guy isn;t worth the piss to put in a pot to toss out the window. Toss him out we will in November 2012. It can’t come too soon !!!

  20. 2.2million for two buses, and he’s campaigning, only under Obama would they spend this money . He is the spend, spend egotist President.It’s all about him. Thought we where trying to save money.

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    1. Tee hee hee… See all the locals standing outside their homes, waving their flags and cheering him on? Me either. He’s a legend in his own mind.

  22. This is truly ridiculous. The cost of all that must be astronomical. I can’t believe what I saw: 40 vehicles in a massive motorcade for nothing.

  23. “There must be an army a secret service along for the ride – undoubtably a good idea – as well as a slew of White House staff.” That “a” should be “of.” And I don’t think “undoubtably” is a word. Did you mean “undoubtedly”?

    1. thank you.

      this is becoming common. but why would journalists need to know their craft. i wonder how doctors do with theirs?

      or how about presidents??

  24. This is a campaign trip. Does anyone think otherwise? The taxpayers are footing the bill because….?
    Not to mention that, like everything else the emperor does, it’s excessive. Where is the patriot to point out that he’s wearing no clothes?

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