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If Obama’s Not Campaigning, Why is He Campaigning?

White House officials have been insisting for a couple of weeks that Obama’s bus tour through the Midwest has nothing to do with campaigning. It’s just a way to get the president among the people, especially, um, the people in presidential battleground swing states. This is an official trip, paid for by taxpayers, while the DNC sits on its wallets, so he can’t be campaigning, right?

Well, Obama was in Minnesota yesterday and in Iowa today, two must-win states for him in 2012. And he’ll go to two places in Illinois tomorrow for cover – since Illinois is an easy win for him – but both towns are within shouting distance of Davenport, Iowa and should pick up some coverage from the swing state too.

Meanwhile, he’ll be interviewed today by two TV stations from St. Louis, Mo., bringing a third critical 2012 state into the mix.

But the best way to see if he’s campaigning is to see if he’s campaigning. What else do you call this, from his town hall yesterday in Cannon Hills, Minn.?

I know it’s not election season yet, but I just have to mention, the debate the other party candidates were having the other day, when they were asked to reduce our deficit, reduce our debt, would you be willing to take a deal where it was $5 of spending cuts for every $1 of increased revenues, who would take it? Everybody said no. They said, how about 10 to 1? Ten dollars of cuts for every dollar increase in revenue? Are you saying that none of you would take it — and everybody raised their hand. None of them would take it. Think about that. I mean, that’s just not common sense.

Gosh. Let’s have a quiz. When you attack candidates who are opposing you then your are:

A. Speaking random words which just happen to fall together into an attack on your opponents.

B. Ordering out for Chinese

C. Campaigning.

I’ll help. The answer is, “C.”

Gosh, the White House should be able to fake it better than this. I mean, they ought to at least not have blown their story on the first day.

31 thoughts on “If Obama’s Not Campaigning, Why is He Campaigning?”

  1. Barack Hussein Obama is a “neo-socialist”
    “Socialist” types, like ‘Pres. Obama’ are always about “CAMPAGINS” (re: “hope & change” or “yes we can” 2008 or 2012) so they never have to ‘work’ or ‘lead’… all Obama does is BLAME everyone else why he can not do anything…

    Stalin & Mao had some great lines Obama could use today…

      1. just trying to do my job to help save “God & Country” from 2008-2012…

        (Barack Hussein Obama is a “neo-socialist”)

          1. Cuz I’ve seen the light, that’s why! I’m not fooled by Hussein Osama’s Photoshopped birth certificate any more than you are! Rick Perry’s right… there’s treason afoot! And Windows, where were YOU??!!

  2. He made one of the best Obamnarcissisms at the Iowa townhall:

    But we’ve got to reward folks who are more serious about solving problems than scoring political points. And I make no apologies — sometimes people get mad at me — well, he’s too reasonable. (Laughter.) Now, think about that. Think about that. People, they’re not arguing necessarily that what I’m saying would work. They’re just saying, well, you’re too reasonable. I make no apologies for being reasonable.

    He once said that his only fault is that he is too honest to a fault. I have it on video.

    1. That’s not just narcissistic, it’s convoluted and illogical. If the people are not arguing that what he’s saying would work, then they must be arguing that it would not work. So he’s claiming that people are calling him reasonable for proposing something that they think would not work. It would take at least half a bottle of Wild Turkey before this started making sense.

    2. Can’t watch or listen to him any more. I can’t stand it when he says that “think about that” stuff and bites his bottom lip and gives that pregnant pause like he is expecting everyone around him to go Ohhhhh NOW I understand. So sick of the constant complaining and lecturing.

  3. After Obama asked Iowa farmers for their ideas on how to fix the economy, this quote came to mind: “”Please do my job for me while I go on vacation to Martha Vineyards. I’ll read your suggestions upon my return”.

    Has Obama formally abdicated his responsibilities?
    Can we have it in writing?

    1. It’s just rhetorical. We know that the administration thinks the way to fix the economy is unemployment payments, food stamps, higher taxes, and more bureaucracy.

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        I worked for a guy that was a raging narcissist once. He would call meetings under the guise of asking for input, but the result was that he would just tell everyone what he had already decided. The company hit the rocks and almost folded. Seems his decisions weren’t so visionary and sublime after all. The board ran him off (he was actually a founding partner), then the company started doing better. Sounds analogous of our current administration, and its future.

  4. Well he and his minions didn’t think we folks would be able to tell the difference as he’s been campaigning since Jan 2009. But when you haul
    yourself around in a 1.1 million dollar bus only missing an Obama 2012
    sticker on the side we sorta put it together end it’s party time! You know his
    folks are pretty stupid and it’s a hoot!

  5. Shame Mrs O didn’t get on board with the bus tour. Can you imagine the
    fab new supply of sleeveless dress and sandals just like we folks wear in summer. A missed opportunity for sure:(

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  7. What a great campaigner MrO has proven to be so far;
    1. instucts the auto makers to quit making trucks and SUV’s
    2. said he was responsible for “2 million private sector jobs being created, but doesn’t mention that 20million people have lost their jobs
    3. beat back the recession and depression but got stuck with some bad luck
    4, says he has a jobs plan but won’t say what it is
    5. says Repubs are holding him back from reducing the deficit
    6. tells a concerned citizen that he isn’t listening to him when he gives a non-answer to a question
    7. wants to raise taxes
    8. wants to ‘invest’ or spend more money on his fav projects.
    9. whines, complains and just generally blames everyone or thing for his problems.

    Not a very good campaign strategy there, MrO.

    1. thats quite OK… he’s doing a great job of putting his reelection in the tank all by his little lonesome and
      “thats all right with me “,
      ahh, tank ya . tank ya vrrry much !

      1. PS I am reduced to getting my toiletries off eBay, which can be amusing–I got two dozen little Sensodyne travel toothpastes for about six bucks incl shipping. Tiny but they work–about a week apiece.

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