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Obama and Tea Party Activist Go Head to Head

In case you didn’t get to see this.

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  1. He first turned to that old chestnut I, I, I have been called blah blah blah. Still
    all about me and trying to point to what others have said about him and we
    all know you don’t defend bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior.
    I would have ask him about all his minions calling the TP tea baggers and
    ask him if he’d like to explain what that means to his children?

      • He is not fit for this job. He needs to man up I think sometimes the
        reason he gets so peeved when confronted is because he feels we folk are’t showing him the respect and admiration he expects. Well
        he shows very little respect for America or the people so he can’t
        expect it in return after all he serves we the people and at our pleasure and that should end about Nov 2012.

      • What do you expect from a manchild who has been coddled, praised and protected (by any means and all costs) so that he could serve the DNC Progressive/Socialists/Communists? Barry was one of Audie Geithner’s favorite playmates at St. Franciscus during her childhood because of his charismatic personality. Tim liked to tease his younger sister about her school girl crush on Barry. Surely, Peter Geithner must have been aware of his daughter’s opinion, and had occassion to meet Barry through Stanley Ann, his employee at the Ford Foundation.

        • Barry’s shield of charismatic deflection has finally failed. The media can run interference for his 24/7 on the cable news, but the people will no longer allow him to dodge the consequences of his words or actions.
          When thinking about some of the sociopaths I have crossed paths with (Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Charley Crist to name but a few) over the course of my lifetime, Barry’s actions and statements have damaged more lives and livelihoods than any of the forementioned mass murderers or political pdo parasites on the planet.
          That Barry and Geithner could mire this country further in debt to enrich their political and banking cronies and call it a recovery is ludicrous, if not criminal.

          • I remember Geithner just had to be the Treasury Secretary. He was the only one who could get us out of the mess we were in. Basic vetting of the man uncovered the fact that he hadn’t paid his taxes for years. You or I do that and we would be out on the street homeless and penniless after the IRS got through with us. Not Tim Geithner, he gets control of our Treasury. It is all part of the plan. They are following their plan to wrest control of the government from the people. Only the people are starting to fight back.

            Charley Crist a sociopath? Now that I think about it…

          • It took more than forty years for some weak form of justice to come to roost on a certain state executive’s shoulders as the molestation victim died of drug abuse in his early teens. The Republican party and certain high profile businessmen and socialites will never allow the truth to be printed in a newspaper.

  2. I have been paying more attention as to how the ‘press’ is reporting this. For the most part, they think that the “tea partier” was out of line and should not have ‘attacked’ the prez and that this was something that was rude to do to the prez, any prez.

    To me, this falls into the same category of what Joe the Plumber did. Why is it that a person can not ask anyone, including the president anything? Except for cursing or obsene, what was wrong with these people asking him what he thought about the average Americans that care deeply about their country being refered to as ‘terrorists’?

    I think that when the president or any other elected person goes to the meet the people line or holds a town hall, then they should expect to be asked about anything.

    I found it more interesting BHO’s responce. “Compared to what he has been called?” Sticks and stones ….. How fast did he turn it into about him.

    I think that we, as Americans need to ask our elected accountable for everything.

    • yes Russell,
      if you notice, he kept talking the whole time…interrupting, never really listening to the questions.. and thats his problem, he doesn’t listen. if it doesn’t agree with his superior mind, he tunes it out with his superior response..
      look at him , he’s so out of place among those of middle Americans… has no connection, nothing to say.. he doesn’t really know how to BE an American….he’s outside looking in, what a twisted ,distorted, leftist strong man he is… totally blind to his downfall !

    • You are so right about the MSM and even, gasp, FOX who thought the gentleman was “disrespectful”.
      We’ve fallen down a deep ravine when an ordinary person who’s not a TV personality, or a credited member of the Press, can’t ask the President a simple question. The implication is that the lowly voter must remain silent and never question their leaders.

    • Agreed. What this man did was not an attack on Obama. If the man did not shout out his question, he would have never been given the chance to voice his opinion. Both the man and the woman had legitimate questions for him. Then he brings up Timothy McVeigh? What is that about? Is every white American going to be compared with that nut case?

      • He can’t have a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe every
        word he says. I doubt he even wants to be around we mortals let alone speak with us as we are not smart enough to converse with him.
        The minute he is confronted with no prompter he is not capable of
        a plain honest discussion he see’s nothing but his own opinion.

  3. That’s how you beat this guy in a debate. If you just gently poke his paper-thin skin he falls apart and starts stumbling and stuttering and showing himself for the guy he really is. All his opponent has to do is mildly point out that he said he’d do x but did y or that he said a would happen but b happened instead and he’s lost.

  4. I find it amusing how the couple articles I have seen on this portray the TP guy as “shouting” or “disrepectful.” The march in the background is loud, and you can hear it clearly, and he may have spoken louder than a conversational tone, but most certainly was respectful, even if asking the Emperor a question he didn’t have a teleprompter answer for. That being said, I certainly hope those remaining few percentage of rabid Obama supporters start seeing he has “no intellectual clothes,” and skin barely thick enough to contain his arrogance.

      • Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s not that bad. But the reason it’s being called “disrespectful” is because they dared question the Dear Leader. The bureaucrat-media complex won’t tolerate any dissent from the Dear Leader. Sure, dissent used to be patriotic, but that was sooooo 2008.

  5. It’s too bad that Obama didn’t get a chance to make his entire point about the amount of slander that has been dished against him by the right since the day he announced for president (socialist, muslim, illegal immigrant, etc) before that sexy librarian chirped in with her gripe. It is only fair to remind the Tea Posse exactly how rancorous they are.

    BTW, “90% of domestic terrorists are environmental radicals?” Major Hasan should use that in his defense! I haven’t seen GreenPeace bring down any federal buildings lately, but hey, whatever shines your tinfoil!

  6. OMG!
    Someone who is not “PRO-OBAMA” was allowed to be in 100 yards of ‘Pres.’ Barack Hussein Obama…?!?

    Heads will roll at the US Secrect Service! (How Dare!!! a “citizen” be allowed to “question/criticize” Pres. Obama)