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Obama Subtly Smacks Perry and Romney

Honestly, this is tawdry.

President Obama, to paraphrase HIS OWN FIRST CAMPAIGN VIDEO released a few months ago, has a job to do and should be leaving politics alone right now.

It’s fine that he raises money at this point. He has every right to try to amass the war chest that he will need to get himself reelected. In politics, money talks, and BS walks. Actually, BS has a lot to do with getting elected too.

But his remarks, even at his fundraisers, should not be campaign speeches. And, particularly while out on official business, he should not be waging a campaign.

Even if it’s fake official business.

It’s obvious to everyone that Obama’s Midwest jaunt is a campaign bus tour. Obama’s remarks yesterday made this clear.

The latest outrage is that Obama is engaging two of the GOP frontrunners, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. The president sat down with Wolf Blitzer today and coyly clobbered them both.

From CNN.

Asked to respond to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s assertion that members of the armed services would prefer a commander in chief who served in the military, Obama said presidential candidates have “got to be careful” about what they say. But as Perry just got into the presidential race, Obama said, he will “cut (Perry) some slack” for the moment.

Regarding former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s remarks that “corporations are people,” Obama conceded that corporations play a critical role in the generation of wealth but stressed his disagreement with some conservatives over the closure of tax loopholes benefiting certain major corporations.

“If you tell me that corporations are vital to American life, that the free enterprise system has been the greatest wealth creator we’ve ever seen … that I absolutely agree with,” Obama said. But “if on the other hand you tell me that every corporate tax break that’s out there is some how good for ordinary Americans … then that I disagree with.”

The president should simply refuse to talk about the GOP candidates until next spring. It’s just undignified for him to be attacking this early. And it puts him in the frame of mind where for the next year and two months, he’ll be making decisions based on what his political hacks – and Romney’s and Perry’s – are thinking.

He’d do better politically and for the country if he’d just be president. Responding to every peep out of the Republicans is amateurish self indulgence.

29 thoughts on “Obama Subtly Smacks Perry and Romney”

    1. My grand father always said “a man who uses vulgar profanity not only shows his lack of vocabulary but also a lack of respect toward others..
      How true !

  1. Obama said presidential candidates have “got to be careful” about what they say.

    What does that mean? And what does he mean he’ll “cut him some slack”? It doesn’t sound like a “smack” so much as a threat.

  2. This is simple proof that he is totally submissive to the Rule for Radicals by Sal Alinsky. He can not escape it and never will. He is always in attack mode when threatened.

    Yes, Keith, the next 14 months will be a constant bantering and whining by BHO.

  3. “…got to be careful about what they say”? Military members do indeed prefer those who have served in the military. So what is the threat here? Do you think they will go about belittling his service, the way they did GW’s? Stating, and still stating, that he (Bush) was in the Nat’l Gaurd, “thus avoidingmilitary service”? What the hell do they think the National Gaurd is? They boy scouts? But they were able to denigrate his service, because of the public’s ignorance that most contingencies that are deployed to war are GAURDSMEN who have been FEDRALIZED.

    I believe that Obama’s threat may have to do with Perry’s statement that Obama undoubtedly had the opportunity to serve in his past, but he declined to. Well, where was BarryOBarry, between the ages of 18 and 28? Is there a record, as for all other American males, that he even signed up for selective service? Perhaps he didn’t. Perhaps he went to college claiming foreign status, then became an American when it suited him on paper. The threat insinuates there is something here: BarryOBarry is thin skinned. Barry is really just a small, petty little boy.


    1. I would imagine, as with all other documents regarding O’s life, any records have either been destroyed or are “sealed”. Great question though….

  4. I guess O learned something from Jimmy Carter. Carter held off on campaining during the Iranian Captivity. And boy did he get trounced. O might as well not campaign, No one is listening (or should I say believing).

  5. Oh for the love of God could Obama try and man up! Never in my life have
    I seen such a thin skinned crybaby running for President. Michelle Bachmann is more of a man that this little boy. This is all a game to him
    he’s like that spoiled kid who’s parents always let him win, never told him NO
    and this is what you get. I would think it’s safe to say any of the brilliant
    ladies who post here are more manly than this petulant child president!
    Sorry I’ve been watching him on tour in front of fake barn and my head exploded:(

    1. probably never lost a game of checkers growing up… he wears his emotions on his sleeve.. thinks he’s God’s gift to himself !

    1. Reading on the website of the followers of MO’s clothes that she was
      taking the month of Aug off:). I ask from what? Head exploding again!

        1. I’ve known women married to an ego-maniac who’s only satisfaction was travel, food & clothes… should we add moochie to the list ?

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