As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || August 16, 2011

Touring the Midwest by bus, President Obama said he would send a jobs package to Congress next month, ask lawmakers to pass it, and campaign against them if they refused. Obama used some of his harshest words yet, criticizing Republicans on taxes and debt.

Obama has directed a team of advisers to develop a proposal that would keep the government playing a major role in the nation’s mortgage market, extending a federal loan subsidy for most homebuyers.

The president’s sagging poll numbers show 12 states are in play for 2012.

Rick Perry said Obama’s management of the economy has been an experiment “gone wrong.” Perry is betting heavily on his biography as an Eagle Scout, Air Force pilot and son of a cotton farmer.

Perry’s big donors tend to fare pretty well in Texas. He said it could get “ugly” for Fed Chairman Benranke in Texas if Fed prints money to ease economic woes.

Michele Bachmann skipped a family reunion she said she said caused her to be late for an event.

Republicans are assembling scores of elite fundraisers but have not committed to disclosing their identities.

A New York City congressional race turns into a referendum on the president.

Obama today will unveil measures to boost rural jobs.

And “you lie” Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) says he was right.

14 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 16, 2011

  1. The thing that stuck me about Perry was he was wearing a business suit when he gave his speech, whereas Obama is always going around wearing his open collar, sleeves rolled up shirt. Which one presents himself more like more like a president?

  2. Please indulge my OT:
    In today’s ArizonaRepublic newspaper is an article above the fold that reads:
    “Migrant deaths on border drop 38%”. The Border patrol in the Tuscon sector reported 138 migrant deaths as of July 31, 2011. Some of these Mexicans died from heat exposure, dehydration or accidents, while the cause of death of the others can’t be determined because of the skeletonized remains..

    Imagine, near the border of your state, 138 people were found dead, some of whom cannot be identified or whose cause of demise can’t be determined. There would be an outcry for an investigation, a call to find the cause of these deaths and a worrisome concern that there might be more bodies not yet found. This is the burden that Arizona carries; it’s our responsiblity to retrieve the remains, identify them and when necessary bury them.

    Of the estimated 12 million illegal Mexicans that now reside in the US, 10 million of them have passed through Arizona.

    • Having lived in the border city of El Paso for 20 years, I can sympathize with your concern srdem. I traveled down I-10 daily, just a few feet from the Mexican border, and watched many illegal aliens scale the flimsy fence that separated our two countries. We left El Paso long before the terrorism of the drug lords escalated, but there was always crime and poverty along the border.
      The problem with illegal aliens crossing the Southern border has been ignored for decades. The fact that the current administration chooses to go a step further to impede Arizona’s attempt to control the border is reprehensible. They are not only harming the good citizens of Arizona, but the unfortunate souls whose lives were lost in the cruel desert of the border states.

  3. Somehow, I don’t think it will be smart to hold my breath while waiting on the specifics of either of these “jobs packages” to be put forth. It will be more “my plan will” and “in my plan” without anything actually being written down.

  4. A Department of Jobs? I laughed when I heard that on Cavuto–then I realized he was serious. How about a Czar to appoint a SubTask Force to create it–which can then name a Task Force…That’s some jobs right there…

    Yes, Perry kinda amped it saying Bernanke might be guilty of treason…so now I wonder about him…