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Obama’s Talks His Way into 39 Percent Approval

President Obama appears to have this weird problem. The more he talks, the more his poll numbers go down.

This is a very bad thing for a politician. It’s a little like an auto mechanic who breaks cars. Actually, I’ve had that. But still.

Obama made sure to raise his profile as the debt ceiling struggle neared its conclusion, and then some more afterward, when he set about branding Republicans as obstructionist dirtbags. And guess what? His approval rating is lower than it’s ever been, at 39 percent, according to Gallup.

Ahhh! Somebody stop him!
Photo by Keith Koffler

We saw a similar problem with the Obamacare bill. Remember when he appeared on all five Sunday talk shows in September 2009 to promote the legislation? It was part of an Obamablitz the White House was staging to get the measure passed.

Guess what. They reeled him right back in. All his town hall meetings and TV appearances were making things worse. And better anyway to find out what’s in the bill after passing it, as then-Speaker Pelosi suggested.

Obama’s 39 percent approval rating – matched with a stunning 54 percent disapproval rating – is also bad news when you compare it to the three previous presidents who managed to get themselves reelected.

Ronald Reagan at this point in his presidency, with the country coming out of a recession, was at 44 percent approval. Bill Clinton was at 46 percent, and George W. Bush was at 60 percent.

Uhh, and 39 percent is only 15 points higher than Richard Nixon’s was the day he resigned. Just saying.

Clinton and Reagan both came back to win handily. But they each had two things going for them that Obama appears to lack: an economy that would look good on Election Day, and an ability to connect with voters.

In a play for 38 percent, Obama embarks today on a three day bus tour, complete with town hall meetings. Then, in a move apparently planned by his campaign team to help him out, he sets out for a ten day vacation.

Watch his numbers start to improve.

52 thoughts on “Obama’s Talks His Way into 39 Percent Approval”

  1. 39 % with media support, spin, and protection.

    Of course, Barry’s going on vacation. Michelle will not be denied; she is aggrieved and entitled, you know.

    What good is being POTUS if you can’t take full advantage of all the perks
    and bleed the taxpayers dry.

  2. When he gives his sing-song speeches and his head swings back and forth, he seems bored and to be adressing someone off camera. The message he tries to convey isn’t all that interesting or inspiring. No one likes to be lectured by someone who doesn’t have any skin in the game.

    Americans like winners, but respect losers who show good sportsmanship. MrO has sounded like a sore loser since he took office; if it wasn’t Bushs’ fault, then it was the fault of anyone or anything he could point at.
    Every time he slams the people who have thwarted his spending spree, he doesn’t seem to realize that they are the voters who wanted Washington (and the Prez) to scale it back, pay the bills. People take it personally when their President uses ridicule and name calling to the very people he now wants to vote for him.
    He’s lucky to have 39% at this point.

    1. srdem, You are right, America love a winner, but respects a good loser. As a life long Chicago Cubs fan I know a bit about respecting the loser. Even while many may gripe about the Cubbies and their perennial ability to snatch defeat from victory, they are still a highly respected organization and have one of the most loyal fan bases in the world.

      Obama, unfortunately was a southsider, and like so many White Sox fans, unable to deal with failure, defeat or not getting his way. Look at the infamous “Disco Demolition” from back in the ’70’s. White Sox fans rioted in the old Commisky Field, and destroyed the place. That is something that wouldn’t have happened at Wrigley. It is about respect, and a belief in something more important than one’s self.

      Being a good loser is a sign of maturity, and character, something that Obama lacks.

    1. You’ve got to be ‘s’ing me GJ! How much do we have to spend on this tool? Especially seeing how this is a campaign swing! Srdem is correct, he’s lucky to be at 39% approval. Makes you wonder why it’s so high.

      1. The reason he still has 39% approval is because there is a large number of people who simply refuse to admit they were duped in 2008. They voted for a man they didn’t really know because they so strongly believed that he believed what they believed that they invested everything in his candidacy. When you invest that much into something, it’s hard to admit you were wrong and let go.

    2. Wow, now it makes you wonder if it would be cheaper to fly him and his crew back to the White House each night and fly back in the next morning. That is unbelievable that he is touting this as a bus tour.

    1. That is a great name. Also saw Magical Misery Tour on the USA Today comment page. With Granny Jan’s post about the local hotel bookings, it appears ‘Rolling Plunder’ is nothing more than a multi-million dollar photo op on wheels.

      1. I hope Keith will do another what’s this all costing us post?

        They don’t reveal where they are staying too far in advance for security reasons which is understandable.

        I was surprised he was doing the same ol’, same ol’ town meetings.
        I thought it was going to be more like a whistle-stop tour, but they can’t leave anything to chance like having real hecklers.

  3. Your comment about Nixon had me searching for something Rush Limbaugh said last week about an enemies list. Rather than listing every person or entity he sees as an enemy, it might be easier just to list what part of American society Obama supports. Why his poll numbers haven’t sunk to Nixon’s level is probably because Obama has the press on his side and Nixon was a Republican.

  4. With half of Americans dependent on the government for their livelihood & half of American taxpayers who don’t pay a dime in income taxes and could care less how much the rest of us who do pay, have to pay, the GOP better come up with another “Ronald Reagan” to overcome the “Mommy Party” POTUS or we are gonna be in for one heck of an economic collapse after Obozo is reelected.

    Unfortunately, after looking at the GOP present lineup, I don’t see anyone that would make the majority “walk on broken glass” to campaign for.

    NOBAMA 2012

    “Liberalism is just Communism sold by the drink.” P.J.O’Rourke

  5. The bus is just another styrofoam column. God he really is clueless. And
    he’s delusional enough to think the folks are as stupid as he wishes we were. Big surprise we aren’t hence the 39%.

  6. Ooo–ooo-does it have a logo or tag?

    The bus stops here.
    Bus Man’s holiday.
    You re on the bus or off the bus or on the plane (apologies to Kesey)
    Midwest or BUSt!

  7. Keith, his numbers my start to improve over the next couple of weeks, but then again, maybe not.

    Yes, he wil be on vacation at the Vineyard, but the troubles of America will still continue.The odds are that something big will happen either here in the states or overseas that should demand a responce by Barry. He will have to come away from the grilled lobster long enough to talk to the starving masses. During this discourse from on high, he will once again remind us that it is Bush’s fault, that the tea party is still terrorist or hobbits and that he is in control.

    He might get a bump by not being seen or heard, but then again, he may not.

    1. I’m always wrong about predicting his behavior but I don’t think he’ll go to MV or if does he’ll go for only a few days. The rest of the family will go though. It would be brilliant strategy so I hope he doesn’t listen to me or his advisors.

    1. Two buses for a 3-day tour? How did the two $1.1 Million buses get to the Iowa airport? My guess is by transport planes which only adds more to the invoice he’s billing the taxpayer. Just watched a piece of his joke of a town hall. The first question was from a true believer asking about green energy. My guess is more than half of that group contains plants. He was known for placing his potted plants at the health care town halls…

      1. Keith, in view of the fact that they’re calling this an “official” trip, will they release the cost of same?

        In the end, it’s going to cost us millions of dollars we’ll never recoup. I guess we can keep the buses…

  8. Just heard a bit of the dimwit and wisdom of BO. He was blathering on about another tax break that would give taxpayers a $1000 extra. So they
    could spend and employers would hire. He also added what if he told Michelle she had to cut back on shopping no more dresses and shoes but he
    could keep his golf clubs. Well how stupid is he really? Let’s see $1000
    would buy one ugly earring, one belt, a half a dress must I continue?
    Hard to believe he thinks we are as gullible as he is, he must not see what the little woman pays for her fab wardrobe. OY.

    1. I haven’t heard the context but that sounds like another passive-agressive shot at Michelle. Bringing up her shopping just like he brought up hamburgers and tamales. I’d be getting separate bedrooms if my husband talked that way about me in front of the whole nation.

      He’s done the impossible. Made me feel sorry for MO.

      1. You have a bigger heart than I do Granny Jan. She is a mean, bitter hater of America. I have trouble feeling sorry for the woman myself.

      2. Me thinks there’s trouble in Obamaville. She has been gone and invisible the entire month. Barely noticed his 50th. Although those on a site I shall not mention who worship the mothership Mrs O said they
        read she was taking the month off? FROM WHAT? If you want a
        sleepless night read the how the drones go on about her and it’s to the point of very scary not enough Prozac I guess but funny.

      3. I too must be a mean old girl because she has nothing but contempt
        for America and the feeling is mutual she is no First lady in my book.

      4. I would bet they have always had separate bedrooms.

        She has done the same thing, something about his stinky feet and snoring?

        Living a lie has consequences.

  9. $50,000 a week for Obama’s rental of Blue Herron Farm on the Vineyard next week.

    Nothing like showing the rest of the country that you get it this summer.

    What a genius. Were so blessed.

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