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Obama Travelling Like Lady Gaga on $1.1M Bus

This is not Greyhound, for your information.

President Obama is conducting his tour of the Midwest this week on a $1.1 million fully loaded mobile all-black fun and security mobile, which is the White House is also referring to as a bus.

Mark Knoller of CBS says the Secret Service recently bought two of the buses, which will serve others they protect as well as the president.

This raises a couple of questions. Why do people the Secret Service protects have to go on buses? How about a car. And why must they travel around like pampered movie stars?

The buses have lavish interiors and are usually leased to transport stars of the entertainment industry.

The company’s website says its clients have included Beyonce, Cher, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, and Pope Benedict.

It’s not like Obama saved money on Air Force One, since he jetted into St. Paul, Minn. to start his tour today.

BTW, the editor of White House Dossier was summoned by FishbowlDC, which blog about DC journalists, to comment on this matter. You can read the story here.

25 Responses to Obama Travelling Like Lady Gaga on $1.1M Bus

  1. The bus was designed with Security guys specs to protect the POTUS so they made it a huge black scary thing with blacked out windows like a ‘stealth’ bus.
    The man-made disaster guys would never notice it going down the road surrrounded by a convoy of black SUVs and a helo hovering above it.

  2. We’ll never recoup that $2.2 million spent on the two buses. Heard new autos lose 1/3rd their value the minute they are driven off the lot. Bet the same holds true for ugly tricked-out tour buses. This bus trip wasn’t necessary. Why couldn’t he just use AF1 as a ‘campaign bus’ like he has been doing for the past year? Nope, typical hedonist…he needed a new toy.

    Great quote Keith. The bus does look like something out of Star Wars. It is sure to cause a lot of looky-lou’s running off the road.

  3. It is obscene what this man is doing to the taxpayers for four years of campaigning on our dime. This whole fiasco is nothing more than a staged publicity stunt with the purpose of further hoodwinking the electorate. Disgusting!

    • Wait to you see the Q & A at the Iowa Potemkin townhall. He sounded like he was on a sugar high from the coconut creme pie. Loco

      It’s not on You Tube yet. I watched some of it streamed.
      He said that people fault him for being too reasonable. Really

  4. From ABC: “Each of the new buses will be available to Mr Obama and the eventual Republican presidential nominee if required through the duration of the 2012 election season.”

    And Rick Perry has got to be wondering if they are bulletproof from the *inside* as well.