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Obama Stocks Up on Pies

Oh no. On his bus tour, President Obama detoured from Michelle’s healthy eating food playbook. Actually, Michelle often does too, but whatever.

Remember children, do as I say, not as I do.

From the pool report:

Potus detoured to another storybook Minnesota town, Zumbrota, for a quick stop at the Coffee Mill where he approached the pie case, forefinger pressed to lips.

His order: Two slices each of apple, pumpkin, German chocolate, and something with Graham Crackers — along with an entire coconut cream pie, which he handed off to Reggie Love.

22 Responses to Obama Stocks Up on Pies

  1. Ugh…must be nice to be able to buy pies from a quaint town bakery. Been a while since we’ve been able to afford the luxury of a road trip. I’m sure it wasn’t just a photo op. Bad idea for him to be campaigning on our dime. Real bad idea.

    • Listened to his “town hall” and he said exactly NOTHING new. Not one thing. Glad to be out of washington, tsunami, debt crisis republican fault, tell your congress blahblahblah….cant his writers come up with anything new??? Like some real suggestions?? Sorry, my bad…I know that will not happen.

      Wish he would get out of Washington permanently!

  2. Hey, what’s wrong with an “occasional indulgence?” Okay, that’s all he and Michelle Antoinette eat in public, but look for this predictable spin in the MSM — they seem to think that BO&MO eat like spartans and exercise like hamsters on wheels in private and only stuff themselves when outside the White House.

    I wonder how much Kool-Aid one must drink to keep on believing and delivering that b.s. to the public.

  3. You know you’re desperate when you start giving Obama a hard time about his choice of desserts. With respect to his wife and her encouragement of a more healthy diet in general, you’re even more desperate.

    Any nutritionist will tell a person who is trying for a better diet that he or she shouldn’t deny themselves all the time and should enjoy a treat once in a while – otherwise his or her effort is bound to fail.

    You f***ing Drudgebots are pathetic.