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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 16, 2011

11:50 am CDT || Delivers opening remarks at the White House Rural Economic Forum; Northeast Iowa Community College; Peosta, Iowa
12:35 pm CDT || Participates in a breakout session hosted by Small Business Administrator Karen Mills
12:55 pm CDT || Participates in a breakout session hosted by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
2:00 pm CDT || is interviewed by KSDK Saint Louis, Missouri and WDAF Kansas City, MO
2:00 pm CDT || Delivers closing remarks at the Rural Economic Forum

All times Eastern except as noted

8 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 16, 2011

  1. Why does this schedule make my skin crawl. To think what this is costing the taxpayers for this campaign event. It borders criminal.

    • And therein lies the problem with MrO; he believes that the POTUS or the VP or any of his supporters can call their political opponents any name, ridicule their motives, imply that they are un-American traitors because someone said he’s a “socialist” or “not born in this country”.

      The Dems have no idea how strongly the feelings of anger and resentment are felt among the voters today. When we read the comments on any site or blog from ordinary people, it just takes one aback for the ferocious speech and frustration that shows inalmost every comment.
      The Dems and the Prez have underestimated the pride that Americans take in their political stands and how important it is for them to be respected by their elected officials.

      • You would have thought that they had learned something last November. As you noted, feelings are even stronger today. We’ll see how strong anti-Obama sentiment is a year from now. My money is on it being this strong or stronger because nothing is going to improve if he continues down the path he’s on. He can’t run on his record so let the vilification begin!

      • I’ll tell you something, srdem, I live in the Washington area – just outside the Beltway, at least – and I can tell you I would not have had any idea of the passion out there about what’s been going on except for this blog. Before I did this, you know, you read polls, but it really doesn’t give you a sense.

        I felt it coming last November, and I feel it again. I agree with you, I don’t think the White House knows what hit them or understands what’s about to.

        • Maybe you kind of have to be out amongst the BANK OWNED, STORE CLOSED, NOT HIRING signs… I do think some of this is coming into your blog…why I keep coming back…if I can use any communication skill I have to chip away, I will.

  2. The bus tour reminds me of the wisdom of Forrest Gump. ‘Stupid is as stupid does’! It is a very expensive taxpayer funded mini vacation and food
    tour, plus the added bonus of letting the ‘folks’ see the the omniposent one.