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The Death of the SEALs, and the Dearth of a Strategy

What’s been missing from much of the analysis of the the deaths of 30 of our troops Aug. 6 in Afghanistan, among them 22 Navy SEALs, is some thinking about why it happened.

Many people have looked at tragedy and thought to themselves, “Oh, the terrible price of war.”

Well, yes. But even more so, the terrible price of a specific policy.

President Obama in December 2009 decided not on a middle course in Afghanistan, but on a course that allotted the military fewer troops than it said would provide a medium chance of success. And about 50,000 less than the 80,000 the Afghan commander at the time, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, said would guarantee success.

And so we adopted a half-a-loaf plan whereby we could secure some areas of the country but merely keep a tenuous footprint in others. In those perilous regions, we would conduct special forces raids to try to keep the enemy off balance.

It was in one of those areas under-populated with U.S. troops, the Tangi Valley, where the helicopter carrying our boys was shot down, during a limited force operation designed to take out some bad guys with a surgical strike.

Why leaders of the greatest fighting force in the history of the world insist of waging war with one hand tied to their rear ends is not clear to me – whether it was George W. Bush in Iraq until the surge or Obama around the globe today. I had thought after Vietnam our leaders would have learned to get us all in or get us all out.

Instead of upping the ante, Obama is now withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. This means even more missions where out best soldiers are sent diving into shark schools of Taliban to try to inflict some damage. And it will mean more casualties like these.

This would be acceptable, if just as horrifying, if we were in this battle to win. We’re not, and so we’re making our SEALs do the impossible, which they are capable of, but at a cost.

Mr. President, either get us all in, or get them all out.

15 thoughts on “The Death of the SEALs, and the Dearth of a Strategy”

  1. I thought after Vietnam and to a point Korea we would never send our military into war not to win and we are capable of that they’re the best. But
    when the President and those around him are 60’s pacifist wannabe’s sadly
    we get the mess we are in today. It’s not that we didn’t learn from Vietnam
    but those now in charge were the ones dodging the draft and protesting. To
    Obama and his drone war it seems to be a board game he does not grasp
    the true meaning of what the soldiers do and thanks to his and Holder’s ROE they are at a disadvantage going in so makes winning outright even more
    difficult. You are so right sadly bring them home today if you won’t let them
    fight to win at least they should not die in vain because those in power are
    unable to grasp war and the consequences of being CIC. Good article but
    hard to read. I still can’t get over Vietnam and never thought we forget that
    mistake but we have.

    1. Even though some of my family and high school mates were forced into military service during the Vietnam years, we held them in high esteem for honoring our government’s call. Those who were smarter, richer or just more politically connected found ways to evade service and made it their life’s goal to denounce America and it’s goals. That war, that even those fighting in the rice paddys never understood, divided our country in ways that are still visible.
      Some of the advisors that surround MrO are those same people who have spent a lifetime trying to destroy the American way and have nothing but hatred for anything military. Their advice or influence over MrO is apparent in his decisions on how to run a war that you plan to lose.
      These military operations that force our fighting men and women to act as ambassadors while killing the population is destined to failure on all fronts.
      We have lost one too many in an ongoing war with a people who are dedicated to a religious cult that calls for death of the non-believer. We are fighting an enemy who cares not for material gain or enlarging their states borders, but who wishes to enslave the world with their beliefs.
      We cannot win anything unless we kill them all.

      1. You are spot on srdem. My husband and I were married a few months before he flew out to Vietnam. He was raised to believe when your country calls, you answer, so he joined the Army voluntarily. The military was hated by the left back then. Over the years they have given up their communes and lost a few converts along the way, but they are still plugging away at destroying America. Those America haters have gotten old, just like us. They raised their children to hate America, we did the opposite. They have wormed their way into every level of government. We’re experiencing their socialist utopia coming to full bloom and it ain’t pretty.
        Obama doesn’t have a clue what is involved in leading this country. Somebody needs to take the reins and get us out of that godforsaken desert before any more precious lives are lost.

        1. My first husband was drafted and spent a year in Vietnam. When
          he came home I met his plane everyone got off but him I ask a stewardess to check she begrudgingly went back to find him sound
          asleep in the back of the plane she did wake him up some welcome home.

  2. The most tragic aspect of the use of SEALS and the waste of 30 lives was the mission they were sent on. Elite units should be used for quick strike covert actions not to be sent into combat in a relief role.

    Terrific misuse of elite troops by the same stupid ‘leaders’ who sent Apache gunships into an attack in Iraq without air cover. These desk bound ‘warrior’ bozos have not a clue on proper deployment of troops.

  3. Well said Keith.
    “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sir Winston Churchill

    Agree, all in or all out! Quit putting our American treasure in harms way with their hands tied! They’re the best trained and equiped force in the world. Let them use their skills or bring them home. We’re going down the same rabbit hole Sir Winston warned us about…

  4. I agree with everything you said, Keith.I also can’t believe that Obama and Joe Biden told the press that Seal Team Six were who took Bin Laden out.Why give that info to our enemies as it puts a bullseye on their backs.I hear Panetta and Gibbs were furious when they heard that these morons blabbed this to the world.Now Obama is making a movie about it that comes out just before the election.This along with the photo of Obama saluting the fallen SEALS that was released show that this administration cares little about the men and women in our armed forces.They will do anything for political gain.I’m boycotting that movie.

    1. what do you expect from a clown who bows to “his majesty” the muslim king of the saudis.. a leader of a repressive regime which is fully known for their mistreatment of their women… a clown who has never served in the military who gives a wimpy, sloppy salute to those in uniform ???
      barry hussein should at least have someone teach him the right way..
      but then how do you teach a man who knows it all!

  5. We need some military insiders on deep background to detail exactly what happened here, similar to the brave ATF who either provided information or are publicly testifying in the Fast and Furious debacle. Too many questions involving troop levels, rules of engagement and whether Seal Team Six was somehow targeted. In addition, a wave of violence is rolling across Iraq.

  6. Why does NO ONE in Washington DC (re: White House, Pentagon, Congress) ever use the word “VICTORY” anymore…?

    Being a student of history why is NO ONE allowed to use the term “VICTORY” when it comes to the ultimate use of the US Military…?

      1. Thank you for the reminder William. This man has done so many atrocious things, it’s hard to keep up with them. He doesn’t care about the military or the US wouldn’t still be over there. His #1 concern is not the economy, not our foreign policy, not our military stuck in a quagmire of his making. His #1 concern is BHO and his re-election…nothing else. Don’t know how the man can sleep at night. He must realize his action or inaction has cost this nation way too much blood and treasure.

    1. Victory is a word these people prefer not to use. Like terrorist and
      even war. Fear and cowardice make them fools. We can have victory because it lives in our brave men and women in the military every day they serve and nothing these pretenders say can or will ever change that.

  7. This whole thing with the SEALs stinks to high heaven to me. The fact that we admitted that they “killed” OBL was strange. They tell us everything about the operation, which is crazy. The SEALs even take pictures with Obama. What happened to operational security? Then this helicopter gets shot down and we go right back the next day and “kill” the Taliban that did it. It all sounds just too convenient.

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