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Obama Opts for a Quiet Day at the White House

No golf, no B-ball, no dinner out, nothing. The president is at the White House the remainder of the day as he rests up for his three day bus tour, which starts in Minnesota tomorrow.

Maybe he can give T-Paw a hug while he’s there.

24 Responses to Obama Opts for a Quiet Day at the White House

  1. Praise the Lord! We’ll be spared for ONE day from this disaster.

    That bus tour is going to be an EPIC fail. Stores better clear the shelves of eggs….then again, who can afford them?

  2. Well at least he can catch up with Michelle and the kids for a few hours before he is off to visit the bitter clingers. Will he really be riding a bus around the country for three days? Or will he be using AF1 and cargo transports to move between each state? Can imagine providing security for Obama’s road show has to be a nightmare.

  3. I don’t seem to recall Martin Luther King growing up in Hawaii or annually vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard with the “cultural elite.”

  4. What a stupid, ill-advised idea to put the President of the United States, the ‘leader’ of the free world and Commander in Chief of the greatest military on earth in a bus and send him into the heartland of the US where he plans to beg votes from those who have already decided not to support his re-election and to schmooze with his die-hard supporters.

    Nobody, not one person, will believe that this man travels by bus while in DC or that he ever travelled by bus in his lifetime. His appearance stepping out of a bus won’t fool anyone. The people he hopes to charm in the small towns and farmland are not easily fooled by a glib speaker from the big city promising rainbows or pretending that he understands how hard life is on the farm. They don’t want to hear his excuses, his whining about his opponents or even that MotherNature screwed up his grand plans.

    • Spot on srdem. I see one of three reasons why this trip hasn’t been cancelled already: Either he’s not listening to his staff, or they are too afraid to tell him the truth, or they are true believers. I’m sure this is just for the optics, because his handlers will never let a Joe the Plumber moment happen again.

  5. He has to rest up. A guy can expend a lot of energy trying to bullsh!t people.
    I live in Minnesota and wouldn’t stoop to have a cup of coffee with this ineffectual, arrogant, fool. He will be droppin’ his Gs and talkin’ to the “good folks of the Heartland,” and might as well do a little softshoe with his patter about how much he “has a laser-like focus” on Jobs… and how it is almost certainly “the first thing he thinks about when he gets out of bed, and the last thing he thinks about as he goes to sleep.”
    How many times is he going to use that annoying chestnut on this little vacation from doing the ACTUAL JOB he was hired by the people to do. I expect nothing but platitudes and annoyance.

  6. When O is behind closed doors is when we, as a nation,, must worry the most and be the most watchful.
    These are but a few examples.
    During the debt ceiling crisis, there were , I believe, 39 new business regulations made – new fuel mandates were doubled – fuel standards and clean air standards set for heavy vehicles for the first time ever ( a cost of thousands to implement which will probably result in more independents and small business going under) The new farm law started taking shape that says farmers will not be allowed to raise, cook, eat, trade, sell, or otherwise engage in farming every natural foodstuff except what is specifically allowed by government — the UN is still trying to force , with O’s help, down our throat the right to take away Americans guns — waivers were set in motion for failing schools and done by executive decree when congress went on vacation.

  7. I would imagine he is getting instructions and a very long list of I have to have the following from Michelle. I don’t think he does much without her approval I mean does she look ‘submissive’ to her husband to you?
    Bet all those ugly clothes designers are working overtime must have a new supply of sleeveless dresses for the Vineyard:)