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The Obama Morning News || August 12, 2011

President Obama Thursday bluntly accused opponents of putting partisan and ideological interests above the economic well-being of the nation. The president says he will outline new initiatives soon.

A slow-moving Republican presidential campaign came to life Thursday night in a GOP candidates’ debate that featured the fiercest face-to-face exchanges of the 2012 contest. Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann went after each other. The candidates made several misleading, incomplete or simply false claims, according to the New York Times.

Rick Perry will announce his candidacy Saturday. Mitt Romney got feisty during an encounter in Iowa, but gave Obama a line of attack when he said, “corporations are people.”

An S&P director said that one reason the United States lost its triple-A credit rating was that several lawmakers expressed skepticism about the serious consequences of a credit default — a position put forth by some Republicans. The debt reduction “Supercommittee” is all set.

The White House left some controversial Muslim leaders who attended Wednesday night’s Iftar dinner off the official list.

Sen John Cornyn (R-Texas) wants details from Attorney General Eric Holder on the Fast and Furious operation.

Former Obama consume Czar Elizabeth Warren is considering a Senate bid in Massachusetts.

And three North Carolina Democrats admitted to voting twice for Obama.

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  1. I sure would like to learn more about the “three North Carolina Democrats admitted to voting twice for Obama”. Isn’t voting fraud still illegal? OOOPs, I forgot, not if you are a progressive or a member of the Panthers.

    Will anything be done about this? Nope.

  2. This is worth investigating because as far as I know it never happened before. The WH didn’t put his remarks from Holland Michigan in a video. There is only a transcript.

    The whole 24 minutes is on Cspan and he looked like he was coming unhinged to me. The anger was palatable. Could this omission be purposeful?

    Here’s the Cspan link from Dem Videos which is not in high quality HD like WH videos. You can’t even find the Cspan video through search terms like Obama Michigan. It was on Hot Air yesterday. So most people searching will never find it.

    • . Like a spoiled child finally denied, he lashes out at everyone and everything in this speech. Then to emphasize his weakness, he calls for others to reach out to Congress and tell them to do what MrO wants done.

  3. West Wing Week: 8/12/11 or “Made In America”

    My comment:
    Shouldn’t the title have been “Downgrade in America?”
    RobtKraft 2 hours ago

    I’m cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

  4. The White House left some controversial Muslim leaders who attended Wednesday night’s Iftar dinner off the official list. What’s new. If they opine that it might be controversial, they don’t bother to tell us = no criticism

    More troubling is the following:
    President Barack Obama is ignoring heated concerns from within his own administration that new Environmental Protection Agency coal industry regulations will be economically devastating.

    The EPA is plowing forward with new Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) mandates. The regulations would force coal energy plants to install giant scrubber-like materials inside smokestacks to capture and cleanse carbon particles before their atmospheric release.

    The upgrade cost would fall on company employees and coal miners in the form of layoffs, as well as on businesses, which could expect to pay more for energy.

    In a lengthy letter to EPA Director Lisa Jackson, Obama’s Small Business Administration advocacy office wrote the EPA “may have significantly understated” the economic “burden this rule-making would impose on small entities.”

    Read more:

  5. And let’s not forget about all the military that didn’t get ONE vote because the ballots “couldn’t be printed in time” or “arrived late.”

  6. The NYT is going to tell us about misleading or false statements? That is hilarious. Good thing most of us know what side of the fence they are rooting for. Don’t believe anything I read in that rag or in Wapo for that matter.

    Pawlenty has absolutely no chance of winning the nomination, but his offer to cook dinner or mow the lawn of anyone who could find Obama’s plan was terrific. Mitt Romney’s response to the liberal plant yesterday afternoon was inspiring. First time I’ve seen him show some passion and he was spot on in his answer. Newt Gingrich stole the show with his challenge to Matthews. About time a candidate challenged the press to ask something relevant rather than stupid gotcha questions like Wallace likes to do.

    • I understand MrGingrich’s angst at the “gotcha” questions because those candidates are serious and not foils to give any in the MSM a boost. The problem is that the MSM, including FOX, are not in the political business, but the entertainment business and their futures are driven by the number of viewers who will see their advertiser’s products. Serious news loses when there is a sensational story.

      The public at large is willing to decide who will be elected to office on the basis of what a satirist produces or an unfortunate comment made by a candidate. We’re shallow people who suffer from ADD and the MSM uses that to shape our thinking.

      aside: I just can’t imagine any journalist asking MrsClinton if she is “submissive” to her husband. Recalling PrezCarter’s reliance on his wife’s opinions, makes me wonder if all Presidents do gather opinons from their spouses the way most married people do in their everyday lives.

      • You are absolute right once again srdem. We Americans are accustomed to be being entertained and hard news is not very entertaining. None of the 24-hour news channels seem to take the dire straits this country is in very seriously.

        Michelle Bachmann handled that question by Byron York very well. I was really surprised that a serious journalist would ask such a question. I’m sure all leaders seek the advice of their spouses. Unfortunately, we still live in a world where it’s acceptable to challenge a woman for seeking the advice of her husband, but never the other way around. Do we really believe if we elect a woman as president, her husband will actually be the one in charge? I have a feeling Mrs. Obama has a great deal of influence over her husband’s policies so that assumption works both ways.

        • I kind of cringed when I heard that question as an old girl of the sixties it was like a red flag in front of a bull. She was far more gracious than I would have been.

  7. My head began to spin when I heard that “President Obama Thursday bluntly accused opponents of putting partisan and ideological interests above the economic well-being of the nation.”

    Give me a break! This guy is a master of Sal Alinky’s Rules for Radicals and as we know, even taugh the Rules to the Chicago youth. He wants to lecture us on putting partisan and ideological interests above the economic well-being of the nation? Just whom is practicing partisan or ideological interests here?

    Maybe he is getting a little pissed that the tables have turned somewhat and his sand box might have been visited by the neighborhood tomcat.

    • I see those undertaker S&P drones are trying to re-enter the discussion saying what some Repubs said influenced them–THE TEA PARTY, THE TEA PARTY! Why don’t they just put their eyeshades back on and shut up, who asked.

      As for our running “cliche” list–strangely, I don’t see the term WAKEUP CALL developing any momentum or even being uttered.

      • On the debate–I only checked in a few times…but to me, Pawlenty seems gray, wan, and sort of whiny. As I said, I am not basing this on decent viewing. I did think Romney should say away from all dog references–eating the president’s dog food (huh?)–in light of his history with our four-legged pals.