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Michelle Obama Spent 42 Days on Vacation this Past Year

First Lady Michelle Obama over the last year has spent a total of 42 days on vacation, or a little more than one out of every nine days, according to a White House Dossier analysis of her travel.

Her vacations, the cost of which are mostly borne by taxpayers, include trips to Panama City, Fla., Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, South Africa, Latin America, Vail, Colo., and her visit this week to her brother in Corvallis, Ore.

The total does not include a nine day sojourn in Martha’s Vineyard that the Obamas will enjoy this month. Nor does it include a trip she made to Ireland and Great Britain in May, which I’m counting as official travel.

The total vacation time would have been slightly higher had the Obamas gone as planned for an April weekend in Williamsburg, Va. The trip was cancelled due to an extended stalemate between President Obama and Congress over the budget.

Mrs. Obama’s extensive vacation travel comes while many America citizens find themselves out of work or having trouble making ends meet as the economic recovery stalls.

Taxpayers pick up most of the cost of transporting the first lady and her extensive entourage – including Secret Service and her staff – to her various destinations. While she may in some cases pay some of the tab for her personal expenses and travel, the amount is dwarfed by the overall cost to the public.

On trips she makes with the president, though, the costs are only somewhat greater that then they would have been had he travelled alone.

Mrs. Obama’s vacations began in August 2010 with a two day weekend trip to Panama City, Fla., where the Obamas stayed overnight at a Gulf of Mexico hotel in a symbolic effort to show that the Gulf area was safe for travel in the wake of the disastrous BP oil spill.

Next up was what has become an annual pilgrimage to ritzy Martha’s Vineyard, where the Obamas stayed 10 days and dined at several exorbitantly priced restaurants.

In December 2010, with President Obama delayed because Congress was still in town, Mrs. Obama decided to leave without him for their annual Hawaiian vacation, racking up at least $63,000 in additional costs because she travelled alone.

Since the president arrived late, he decided to leave Hawaii in January two days later than scheduled – resulting in a 17 day vacation for the first lady.

Mrs. Obama went right back out on vacation the following month, taking a four day skiing trip in February of this year to Vail, Colo.

In March, Mrs. Obama travelled to Latin America for a five day trip. I’m counting two days of this as vacation, though, because she took her children and her mother along, performed some sightseeing, and went to the beach.

The first lady went to southern Africa in June for six days in what was partially an official visit. Since Mrs. Obama took her mother, her children and their cousins along, since the trip was billed in advance as having personal significance for her, and since the travel included several tourist destinations and a safari, I’m counting half of the journey as vacation, or three days.

Finally, Mrs, Obama took her mother and one of her children to visit her brother in Corvallis, Ore. this week. The trip was not announced by the White House and appears to have lasted four days.

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  1. The stress due to living living a lie with an inelligible POS must take a great toll on Michelle thereby entitling her (in her opinion)to an obsessive need to vacation on the taxpayers $$$. America will pay for this for a very loooooooooong time to come.

      • Bush was an elected CITIZEN of the US. Obama is NOT a citizen of the US. So far he has NEVER produced a “LEGAL” BC as I have had to provide when I was hired by my company.
        Michelle Obama has not been elected to any office. At my company if a spouse of a VIP travels they pay for their own travel expenses. In this economy, it would be beneficial to our fellow countrymen to pass on the vacation and donate to the local shelters and foodbanks. Always blaming Bush is getting to be old. Do you guys ever come up with an official thought of your own?

  2. Bush spent 490 days on his ranch during his 8 years in office. That is an average of 61.25 days per year. And these days off were just to his ranch. They didn’t count his trips to Kennebunkport (43 days) or the 487 days at Camp David. 490, 43, 487… do you get the idea that he didn’t spend too much time in his office?

    • Did you read the article before you posted your enlightening information from days gone by? This article is about the wife of the president abusing the privileges of the office by spending 42 days on vacation during a 12-month period of time — traveling at the taxpayer’s expense.

    • but it is bush fault huh? get over it and try to start thinking for yourself..did obama give you all the free things you wanted?? are you happy with the great economy? what was unemployment under bush? what was the gnp? you better quit drugs and move out of your parents basement..did you realize bush had foreign leaders at camp david, the ranch, and sometimes kennebunkport? obama had had alot of foreign leaders on his cape cod trips and the golf course-NOT!!! dont worry, your food stamps are good for beer,…wm

  3. The new version of Marie Antionette… letting us eat veggies while she eats our cake! So, if she is employed she obviously has a government job because only tax hogs can afford to take vacations like this. The rest of us poor taxpayers get two weeks at the most and work for a lot less than $200K per year… oh, wait, that’s what she pays her staff… we don’t know what she gets paid do we… oh, wait, we just gave them another 2.5 trillion to play with didin’t we!:!:!

      • obama has made things worse carolina

        but you forget those facts

        yes others were to blame, but they are gone and it is time to hold the current occupant accountable, which he refuses to accept, but if it was good news hen he is a genius(which he is not).

        speeches during his fundraising spree since getting elected he contines to blame the gop, bush, the tea party, big business, and the rich not paying their “fair share”. But where is the accountablility for hos policies?? His decisions?? his wasting of taxpayers dollars??

        as we go into a second recession i am positive it wont stop michele from spending money

        ever hear of “lead by example” ? why would you, if you like this president who would prefer to vote “present’ he has never been a leader in his life..obamacare-joke..operation gunrunner atf-joke, stimulus-joke(149 million to LA county for 20 jobs, now all gone, just one example of great leadership). no shovel ready jobs-he should of have known that- he voted present for all the epa regs that prevent these projects from, preceding quickly, while people starve and their unemployemnt runs out…

        he is a failure and is not a leader..he never was..he needs to be called out for what he is- a bad delegator, with no new ideas(tax the rich, blah blah), who has brought our country to a new low…he needs to make a few more speeches how america is bad and needs to apologize to a few more countries, maybe that will help all our retirement packages as every time he gets in front of a mic the stock market sinks like someone with cement shoes. dont worry the press will have his back but now we know they dont have Americas

        cant wait until next year and he has to debate and tell us why we are in a second recession and unemployment is still at 9 percent/…maybe he ans eric holder can explain these flash mob thefts too, why these youth dont respect authority-but he will pass somemore gun laws so “whitey” cant defend the things he worked hard to earn..after all they are entitled to them, whcih bring us back to Michele obama-they are enitlted to steal from america


  4. Right. And how were the “optics” when First Lady Laura Bush got a $700 haircut for the 2005 Inauguration? Or when Laura Bush went on vacation with her girlfriends along with an entourage of 25 in tow? And how were the “optics” when the taxpayers spent more than $20 million flying the Bushes back and forth to their vacation retreat in Crawford, Texas?

    “How were those “optics”? They were just fine because nobody in the Beltway press corps ever cared about Laura Bush’s “optics.” Instead, for eight years she was, without question, deemed off-limits to any sort of sustained scrutiny. First Lady Bush was off-limits in a way that her Democratic predecessor, Hillary Clinton, was not. And she was off-limits in a way that her current Democratic successor most certainly is not.”

    • Sure…who believes anything media matters writes. Just another leftist cult that sucks off the taxpayer and writes whatever their sugar daddy Soros tells them to. What was done by previous first ladies in no way excuses Michelle Obama’s abuse of her honorary position. Somehow I doubt Laura Bush would be vacationing if her husband caused this country it’s first ever credit downgrade in history.

    • kirk

      drugs prove time and time again that people like you can remember selective things like haircuts of the presidents wife…but Michele is not proud of this country other than when its paying her bills, and her mother, which lives in the new shite house too..maybe that promotion she got as a boardmember when obama started running for president you forgot as well, or the shopping sprees she goes in in new york or london while most americans try to hold on to their houses and eat…that is lost on you, as obama and michele are the most honest and open people we have had in the shite house..wm

      • Also when Laura Bush and her friends from Texas went rafting in CO
        they paid their own way as it was a private trip for Laura’s birthday. These ladies paid their way as the were well able to do so. And
        Media Matters shatters your argument right off the bat.

  5. Hey, give the broad a break! It is tough telling parents that their kids are fat and that they need to toe the line to lose weight.

    And, Michele needs that vacation time to work off the enormous quantities of lobster that she consumes. She alone has put a sizeable dent in the NE lobster population. Then again, NE lobstermen love her as she is keeping them employed.

  6. This couple has very young children, so what are they suppose to do keep their children locked up in the White House are around that negative ass environment. Don’t you think their children sense the stress that their PARENTS are in? I have never seen America so hateful and so sinful. Some of those trips Ms. Obama took where offical business and some the Obamas’ paid for. Ms. Roosevelt, Ms. Truman, Ms. Kennedy, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Ford, Ms. Carter, Ms. Clinton left the White House on many occasions to keep their sanity. I am so sick of all the arrogance and the self serving critic who do not give a dam about the country I love. You are sick with hatred.

    • Perhaps you are too young to remember those who wanted GWB killed? Perhaps you do not remember what they said about to other FLOTUSs’? Seriously woman…grow up or at least research facts before you level accusations at others, most especially Keith, as he has certainly done his homework, which is more than I can say for you.

      As to the “very young children”…why, pray tell, did MO leave one of them home while she took this latest little trip? And what “negative ass environment” are you referring to ? Living at one of the best addresses in the country with full time servants and cooks ? Poor dears. Excuse me whilst I shed some crocodile tears. Snif, snif.

      NOPE….still not feelin’ it.
      And yes I am sick but it is with revulsion not hatred.

  7. So she is the FLOTUS and not employed by the Tax Payer. So she ca be on vacation everyday she wants. This story is lame. The tax payer covers her travel like it has for every single FLOTUS so how many day was Laura, Barbara or Hillary on vaca? Move along folks nothing here to see. How about writing a story that explains how not one Bankster Mafia crook is not in jail yet?

    • Mr. Koffler probably does when he deems it as worthy as this story.

      This story is worthy in my mind because Mrs. Obama abuses us taxpayers by using our airplane and our money for personal pleasure.

      Doesn’t matter about her predecessors who took advantage of us too. Bad behavior doesn’t justify more bad behavior.

      It is my hope the fat lady will sign November 2012 and send the Obama back to wherever he came from.

        • hey Larry,

          Simple question. Can you provide any pasts poast or comments from when you were so outraged when the greatest president that this earth has ever seen spent 32% of his term on vacation.

          waiting for you most intellectual fact based answer.

          • No. Until the last few years I’ve been negligent and haven’t paid attention to current events.

            Now that I’m retired with more time on my hands, I’ve become almost obsessed with government fraud, waste and abuse.

            No doubt, my extreme concern comes from my employment background as I worked years as an auditor in the private sector.

            Without research, that I probably will not do, I would be very hard pressed to tell anyone how many vacation days were taken by any of our presidents.

            Heck, without research, I don’t even have a clue of who has been our best president ever. If I had to guess, I would say Franklin Roosevelt because of his leadership during WWII.

  8. The Obamas pays taxes just like every other American. So cut the BS talk about tax dollar. I got a question what are you going to do when you retire? I guarantee that your parents got Social Security and Medicare.

    • Doesn’t matter how much tax they pay any more than it matters that my tax payment justifies my exploiting other taxpayers.

      I’m retired and get along well with hobbies and various interest.

      Yes, my parents got Social Security and Medicare.

  9. I believe their marriage is in trouble. I don’t usually put a lot of credence in the Star and Globe….but they constantly have stories about marriage blowups with these 2.
    For one thing, he’s a good looking guy…..Moooochelle….not so much, lol

  10. last I looked she is not employed. First Lady is not a paid position. Therefore she cannot technically go on vacation. she is on permanent vacation.

  11. That’s pretty good! 42 days of vacation from what? She doesn’t have a job
    that she has to work for a salary nor benefits! 42 days vacation, without a job, and the taxpayers paid for her travel on her husbands corporate jets that he does pay for either, and meals, along with all the people she took along with her. 42 days vacation, without a job and I got a grand total of ZERO days!
    Thanks a lot Queen Michelle!

  12. well thats because she never had a reason to be proud of american until now.

    can you run some more guns into mexico? maybe knock over some fresh food stands? cmon be PROUD

  13. When you come from the middle class and find yourself in a position to do whatever you want you do it. Even underclass Clinton and Hillary were more cautious about their trips.

  14. The truth is Barry scammed his way into office, the Chicago way. He has no business being President and is in no way qualified. He has no idea what he’s doing, hence, the mess were in. Michelle believes she’s owed… and she’s here to collect. She could care less about the average working American who’s paying the bill.

  15. ???
    She’s the First Lady.
    Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Hilary — all first wives behaved similarly – look it up.
    Are you all really this crazy?
    Or just plain stupid?

  16. Osama Obama Biden Bin Laden

    Obama is not the president, he’s the acting president. He disappeared for 2 weeks after his election win only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. Obama was turned into a Pentagon puppet ever since.

    Too many stories in the news are completely fabricated to generate chatter for the feds. They have the majority of comments on many news sites, many software generated, and are actively involved in the moderation of sites since the “death” of Osama Bin Laden.

    A military coup d’etat began in 2008 with the introduction of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.

    Osama Bin Laden is a name and a code. It appears he was created by the New World Order. The New World Order consists of some of the richest people in the world with the goal of overthrowing the US government, some from inside our own government. They are also trying to collapse our currency and are behind all of the “buy gold” hype, not to mention thousands of money making opportunities online and late night infomercials. They are positioned to make billions by collapsing our economy.

    The attacks on 9/11 appear to be attacks on capitalism. The people that make up the New World Order are media moguls, CEO’s and many others. The coup is also the reason why all the CEOs who ran in the last midterm didn’t get elected either.

    You will not read about this in the media since most of the media has been forced to cooperate or have been paid to cooperate.

    What you’re about to learn is true and not embellished in anyway. Here’s what Obama, Osama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last election and the military’s overthrow of our government.

    Do not hesitate to call the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI and all branches of the federal government and remind them who they work for. Obama doesn’t need to be signing anymore things into law. Enough is enough!

  17. Lady Obama dserves all of it. It is her turn. Previous leaders had their turn subjugating our people. Now it is time for us to enjoy the spoils of America which our people help to create. That’s why we support her and our messiah Barack who allow our people to experience White House parties, do African Safaris and the Spain trip. And is she a lady, look at her style, her beauty, her poise. A perfect human- tall, black and beautiful. She cares about us, that’s why she served on the Health board in Chicago when Barack became senator. She was the most qualified person for that position and they did not pay her enough, because of her Ivy league qualification. She even shared the purchase of her and Barack’s property with Rezko because she wanted to help a friend. What a wonderful woman, She desreves all she can get at our expense.

    • So, to quote you: “…now is the time for us…”. Just what are YOU getting out of our first lady galavanting all over the globe on YOUR tax dollars (assuming, of course that your are employed and pay taxes). Are you so hung up on racism to be blinded to two people fleecing the people of America ( blacks, whites, yellow, green, whatever) ? What exactly do YOU gain from their mischief and ineptness? If any WHITE president and his spouse had defrauded America, destroyed jobs and the economy, I would be as critical of that action as I am of these two. This is not a racial issue, I’m sorry you apparently see it that way.
      There’s no satisfaction in anyone of any color, shade, or tint misappropriating our money to squander on their own comfort while the average American (YOU AND I) suffer from lack of a job after the economy is destroyed by an incompetent socialist president and spouse.

    • I suspect you post in jest but if you are sincere, here is my sincere reply.

      Doesn’t matter about her predecessors who took advantage of us too. Bad behavior doesn’t justify more bad behavior.

  18. Well, I can barely afford to take a long weekend as my “vacation” this year. It must be nice. Hoping they enjoy themselves while they can.

  19. What about that EXPENSIVE trip to Spain? It was more than a year ago already? She is the typical example of those who don´t have anything, but once in power act totally classless, especially with someone elseś money. Remember the Clintons?

  20. Why are they counting days that Mrs Obama travels as Vacation Days.

    The woman is not on the Government Payroll
    The woman is no on Mr Obama’s staff
    The woman is not allocated a specific number of days away from the WH
    I will grant you that she has a tendency to over due things like travel days, travel transportation, staff members and the list goes on.

    526 days until the moving van pulls up to the loading dock @
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and counting

    • Plow butt? I like your humor. When someone tells me a joke that isn’t funny but I think I should laugh just to be polite, I’ll retrieve your “plow butt” line and laugh ’til the cows come home.

  21. You’all are just being too critical of Michelle because she is black. Her job as FLOTUS is very demanding. She needs to take a pre vacation to rest up for the actual vacation…and then a post vacation to recover from the vacation. It all makes a lot of sense to me!

  22. I wish you would do a report on all of the vacations that the Obamas took since in office….What about the extravagant trip to Spain that Michelle took on the pretense that she was consoling a friend, but took her total entourage along with her to the most outrageously expensive place on the Costa del sol?

    Surprisingly, the blacks are waking up to the fact that they were given a bunch of BS relative to redistribution of wealth to the poor blacks and paying their mortgages and energy bills, etc. Unfortunately, the blacks thought that redistribution of wealth applied to them and not to the world at large. The only ones getting those free rides are the illegals…..How does that make those people feel who believed his lies? Pretty stupid don’t you think?

  23. Hey, cut the woman some slack. It’s tough work haranguing other people about their eating habits and child rearing abiities 24/7. To hear you people complain about Ms. Duh Won, you would think her job description read “be married to president, live in the White House, order civil servants around, and be (nominal) hostess for the terriific bashes you get to throw using other people’s money.”

    Oh, wait. nevermind. continue with your criticisms.

  24. The only thing I would complain about is being forced to pay for her greediness through my tax dollars. If she wants to vacation, fine. Let her pay her own way, and let her cut her “staff” by 50 or 75%, too!

  25. Michelle Obama didn’t take any vacation at all because she doesn’t have a job. She is an unemployed houseguest of the President of the United States at his official residence.

  26. Glad to see you pinheads are hard at work solving the jobs crisis. Whining about the First Lady and her travel (an refusing to compare it to previous 1st Ladies) is quite helpful and quite funny.

    I love to point and laugh at staw man conservatives.

    • Doesn’t matter about her predecessors who took advantage of us too. Let’s correct what we can when we can.

      We can put pressure on our elected officials to treat us with respect by utilizing the communication technology we have now.

      The Obamas are too far gone to reform but with good fortune we’ll have a different and considerate president January 2013 and send this guy back to parts unknown.

  27. How can someone with no job be on vacation? Michelle likes to covert at expensive and exclusive places as often as she can and she gets to do it on the tax payer dime.

  28. “Taxpayers pick up most of the cost of transporting the first lady and her extensive entourage – including Secret Service and her staff – to her various destinations. While she may in some cases pay some of the tab for her personal expenses and travel, the amount is dwarfed by the overall cost to the public.”……………..WHY DOES THIS SURPRISE ANYONE?
    She is a Dem and a mooch (define: To beg, cadge, or sponge; to exploit or take advantage of others for personal gain.)..does not surprise me!
    Wake up people…..

  29. While one in five American men are without jobs, Barry and Michelle continue to live it up. The reporter didn’t count all the trips to Camp David. But the Obamas aren’t that crazy about Camp David…going there doesn’t screw the American taxpayers enough. And heaven forbid, Michelle go to Dover AFB…

    Obama has on many occasions told the American public that they need to start doing without, that they need to use less heat in the winter, less gasoline, etc, etc..all the while living the high life on the American taxpayer’s buck. Traveling, vacationing as often as possible and having party after party in the American people’s White House.

    It amazes me that the polls still have these arrogant parasites approval as high as 40%…

  30. God only knows how much I have tried to like this woman but I just can’t stomach her anymore! She is the biggest hypocrite out there…

  31. Mrs. Obama deserves all the criticism she receives concerning her many vacations at taxpayer expense.

    When you think about it, what good does she accomplish in D.C.? It is party time , party time and planning HIP HOP Birthday party for her husband.

    They need to go back to Chicago. CAn we help ?

  32. If you guys would take of your hoods you would start looking at the real cause of our problems and that is our do nothing congress. They draw a salary, take plenty of vacations, get free health and then go home on a good retirement. And tell me what do we get for our money??