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Showbiz Types Drop About $1.7 Million on Obama

President Obama hit up an assortment of stars for money tonight in New York City as showbiz folks, who are already planning to release some type of hagiographical film just before Election Day celebrating the killing of Bin Laden, pitched in to the reelection effort some more.

A portion of the pool report from the second event runs below.

Each ticket cost $35,800, which is part of the reason I think why I was not invited. The first $5,000 goes to the Obama campaign, the rest to the DNC, which of course can use the money for Obama. Looks like about $1.7 million changed hands.

At an earlier fundraiser, 15 people also paid the maximum donation of $35,800 each at an intimate event at the Ritz Carlton, putting Obama’s total take for his New York City sojourn at about $2.2 million. He’s headed back to Washington now.

Hundreds of people packed the streets of West Village on a fine summer evening and police marksmen stood on rooftops as the President arrived at the residence, a smart, multi-story brick row house, of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Guests, including Gwyneth Paltrow, her husband  Chris Martin, Jimmy Fallon, Vera Wang, co-host Anna Wintour, Alicia Keys and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo awaited, sitting round five round tables each holding 10 people in a hot basement room.

The president walked down the stairs into the very intimate setting with a characteristic “Hello, Hello, Hello,” and guests stood to applaud him.

Weinstein said he had been trying to persuade his wife for three years to have a housewarming party and it had taken president to make it happen.

He said that that last year in Martha’s Vineyard the president had asked him if he had any movies and he had given him a rough cut of the “King’s Speech.”

Obama quipped :”It was pretty good.”

Weinstein said this year he would send Obama Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher in the “Iron Lady” to watch on his vacation.

15 thoughts on “Showbiz Types Drop About $1.7 Million on Obama”

  1. After I stupidly logged on the the BarackObama site to see the birthday card invite, I now get missives from Jim..Jim Messina. Today he wants me to watch the Repub debate now on FOX and to vericheck all the ‘misstatements’ or ‘backtracks’ the panel might make. That’s OK, my bad for logging on.
    What got me was at the bottom of the email, underlined in blue was this:
    “You should donate today”. Really, I “should”?
    Not “please”, not “will you”, but “you should”.

    The very rich certainly have the right to spend their money as they please, to support any candidate for public office that they like. What is confusing is MrO’s continued mantra that ‘rich’ don’t pay their fair share and yet the ‘rich’ just can’t wait to give them their money.
    Are they nutty people or just in on the big lie?

    1. These pampered, pompous fools and their false idol. The only issue they discuss is what movie to watch on the Martha’s Vineyard vacation. They are in on the big lie srdem. Maybe it is more of a big con. They’re cutting deals and paying their dues. Probably trying to line up the perfect actor to play the pretender in chief in the OBL movie.

      1. I wonder who will play the secret service guy who pulls obama off the golf course, slaps a jacket on him and seats him in the situation room against his will?

  2. Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein is that his full name? I’ve never seen it without the media mogul in front. What kind of Jewish mother would name her son Movie Mogul?

    I could do BO’s intros. Hello…hello…hello. Have a seat…have a seat. Alicia Keys is in the house….

  3. First it was “I’m like Lincoln” then “I’m like Reagan” now “I’m like MLK” . . .

    No, you’re like obama. And even you recognize that is woefully inadequate otherwise, you wouldn’t be passing yourself off to be something other than what you are – the worst president in America’s history. And your legacy is the new low standards you’ve set as a bumbling corrupt politician.

  4. Send 1984, Atlas Shrugged, Animal Farm, The Net, Conspiracy Theory. Those are just off the top of my head.

    The public is on to you evil politicians. We don’t trust you.

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