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The Obama Morning News || August 11, 2011

President Obama’s allies are getting nervous about what they see as the lack of a coherent economic strategy. At the same time, a series of crises loom overseas for Obama.

But the president is going on a nine day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.

Republican House and Senate leaders named six conservative diehards to the new deficit-cutting committee, but the appointees’ histories suggested they might be open to striking a deal with Democrats. Republicans are seeking a no-confidence vote on Treasury Secretary Geithner.

The White House is planning to call for Syria’s Bashar Assad to step down.

Sarah Palin announced she would “jump back on the bus” to attend the state fair in Des Moines. Despite the buzz surrounding Rick Perry’s potential candidacy, he may be so late that entering that he can’t make up ground on rivals.

A retooled Mitt Romney is more disciplined, more confident in his policy views and seemingly more relaxed. Gov. Romney lobbied Standard & Poor’s in 2004 to raise his state’s credit rating in part because Massachusetts had raised taxes.

The Republican presidential candidates are set to debate Thursday in Iowa.

The White House defended its decision to grant filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow and others access to top officials to discuss the raid that killed Bin Laden, denying it leaked details.

And Obama marked Ramadan by looking ahead to the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and saying Muslims were both victims and heroes that day.

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  1. And Obama marked Ramadan by looking ahead to the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and saying Muslims were both victims and heroes that day.

    I agree that there were many Muslim heroes that day. No mention of the radical Muslim men who perpetrated the attacks? I guess he thinks if he doesn’t talk about it, it either didn’t happen or we’re too stupid to remember. What an ahole.

    1. You’d have to have your head in the sand to not see his affection & sympathy for the muslim.. His father & other family members were muslim.. His so-called “church” in chicago was full of them…
      Thats why he’s a total suck up to them.. but he must stay on the
      down low..for our little campaign creature will lose more votes if he comes “out of the closet”..

      1. Maybe we can bribe Granny Jan to do a video of the o and a whole bunch of closets, the o trying to choose which door (“Behind Door Number One…”).

        1. I saw the story on singling out heroic Muslims on that day–I am sure there were many–and from all religions–and thought OY. I knew it would be featured over here. This man INSISTS on pushing this stuff.

          1. I forgot to mention how Obombo’s NASA mouthpiece publicly stated how barry hussein recommended he should use the space agency to “promote the accomplishments/technological contributions of muslims”. Wow ! you cant make this stuff up..
            but WHERE is the lame stream media on this one?????
            If he’s not muslim , I’ll eat my shorts & swim with the gators !

  2. MsDowd (NYT) didn’t guess or dream about the film-maker’s access to a classified military op that caused her to write a opinion piece divulging that information; she was given that information by someone on the ‘inside’ of the government. The film-makers didn’t just happen to show up in DC just when the BinLaden raid was going to happen, or classified information was publically discussed by our top officials involved in the operation. The film-makers are not producing a movie about this event for the entertainment of the public, but to promote the re-election of a sitting President whose advisors think trading on the death of BinLaden (and the death of the Seals who actually did the job), will give their candidate a needed boost at the polls.
    None of this just happened; it’s not just being in the right place at the right time.
    This administration planned this operation to kill BinLaden after they had secured the movie-makers assurance that they could get the financing of this film.

    The announced Repub candidates are slashing each other in a futile attempt to get to the top while MrPerry has been putting together a national team and garnering political cash to put his campaign on fast-forward mode.
    The other candidates are spending their money and boring the public with their cookie-cutter rhetoric. MrPerry steps in, flush with cash, and with a fresh message.
    Like a political “rope-a-dope” strategy. Could work.

    1. You are spot on srdem. Rep King’s letter mentions one of the movie producers, Mark Boal, attended a closed-door ceremony honoring the SEAL team members involved in the raid. That is unconscionable that Obama would put the lives of our best and brightest in danger for his own vanity. Mr. Boal was probably vetted just as well as the rest of the minions that surround Obama.

    2. It definitely looks suspicious. How could the movie producers possibly hope to get the story straight when we’re still getting conflicting reports from government? Since when has a movie ever been greenlighted, written, filmed, edited, etc. in this short a period of time? Something is not right.

    3. Oh gee, what was our first clue they were releasing classified information… Biden crowing about Seal Team 6?

      Dumbasses, every single one of them, this movie should be on our kill list.

    1. I thought Jay mentioned the world would be better if he stepped down–this was days ago…gentle suggestion…”Maybe you should consider repudiating your life and leaving.”

  3. The first lady is now receiving criticism for “Let’s Move” from a group calling itself the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). For some reason, NAAFA sounds like a scam organization, but their claim is that her campaign is increasing the bullying of overweight children. Hmmmm… Anti-fat and anti-bullying: two political movements that are about to slam head on into each other.

  4. Six “conservative diehards” were appointed to the unconstitutional super congress? That’s funny. WSJ showed their establishment bias during the debt debate, but calling Fred Upton a diehard conservative is laughable. He’s the guy behind the incandescent light bulb ban. I’m not impressed with Boehner’s choices at all. Not one Tea party rep. among them, only party loyalists who will do whatever Boehner tells them to do. At least this time they can’t blame the Tea party for their lack of judgment.

    1. I hate those curly bulbs, some don’t even fit the old lamps or fixtures.

      This ‘super’ committee’ secret mandate is to bypass the tea party-line supporters and to give political cover to those who have to run for re-election next year. We know, yes we do, that this committee will raise taxes on the rich, will cut next to nothing, and that this will be the end of the “crisis” until after the 2012 elections. It’s what they do best in DC; protect their own behinds and their cushy jobs at any cost.

  5. Could I have the names and CV’s of one or two of the 9/11 Nuslim ‘heroes’ please Mr President? And what heroic acts did they perform?

  6. Do not get me wrong, I think that the president has a 24/7 task and should be able to go on a vacation from time to time. I do think that the prez never really gets away from the office as there will still be briefings and such to take care of.

    What I would like to see is a comparison of the criticism that Bush got when he went to the ranch and what BHO has had to endure. We all know the answer to this question. Imagine if Bush would have headed to the ranch for 9 days and ran a environmentaly unfriendly chainsaw all the while the credit rating just went down for the first time in our history and our economy is still tanking.

    Sure seems to me that Carney should take a good bruising for this one.

      1. The “optics” with Bush – they were bad. Obama doesn’t have any bad optics, because they just don’t cover such events. That’s why we didn’t get any pictures of his Rose Garden Birthday bash.

    1. Even Carter wore sweaters in the White House to show sympathy for Americans who were hurting. I know endless folks who have been out of work for a long time or are on edge economically that they cannot get away.

      Of course, the President apparently needs more time to relax than the average person who is trying to feed his family and keep a roof over their head.

    2. While his supporters insist that he works so hard and doesn’t get any sleep, the same could be said for any business owner or CEO no matter the size of their business. The whining , finger-pointing, and casting of blame elsewhere makes for a weak-sounding President (or and CEO).
      He wanted the job, worked hard to get the job, and knew exactly what was in store for him if he got the job, so suck it up MrO and take care of our business.

        1. Most Americans are muddling along sans butlers, professional pilots, pastry chefs, florists, party planners, laundresses, maids up and down, stewards, armed protection, scenic views, the ocean to blame and swim in, etcetera.

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