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Don’t Worry, Netanyahu, You’ll Protect You

In one of the posts I wrote below, I put up a White House “readout” of the meeting today between President Obama and Fed Chairman Bernanke to show how opaque the “openness” administration can be.

This is so typical of readouts – nothing to see here. It was just as bad under Bush. But sometimes, we get a morsel of information that, whether intentionally or not, says a lot.

Check out this readout concerning Obama’s phone call today with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

President Obama spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu today to consult on regional issues and efforts to achieve Middle East peace. The Prime Minister expressed appreciation for U.S. support for Israel’s security, in particular the Iron Dome short-range rocket and mortar defense system. The two leaders agreed to continue to work closely together to address common security concerns.

This is rather frightening. First of all, there is no specific commitment to Israel’s defense as the Middle East gets more dangerous, with Egypt on a potential path toward Islamism and Iran working day and night on the bomb.

What is here is an effort to highlight Israel’s missile defense system. What exactly does this mean? Is it a signal that we have accepted a nuclear Iran? Does it not say, “Beef up your wonderful defenses, Mr. Netanyahu, you’ll need them.”

The failure to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons would be the greatest catastrophe of this administration, and one of the most perilous mistakes since Munich. It would create an existential threat for Israel and, eventually, for us as well.

Iran’s nuclear threat must be eliminated one way or another. There can be no compromise on this. The emphasis on missile defense suggests that President Gutsy Move has already thrown in the towel.

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  1. More proof he HATES Israel . He will not do anything against Iran because he doesn’t have a clue what to do , Bibi Netanyahu will defend her and he has my unwavering support along with millions of Americans . We are witnessing the worst president in history crumble before our eyes . Good , go to Martha’s Vineyard you loser .

  2. Thanks for the ‘readout’ example. The title says it all. I’ve been to Israel several times. What great people! Our only ally left in the region on an island surrounded by sharks. And this administration lets them twist in the wind? What a disgrace. God bless the Israeli people.

  3. Here’s how the Obama adminstration feels about Israel:

    The White House Cleanses Israel from Its Website

    I didn’t touch on the Big Brother aspect in the video but it’s mindboggling that someone sits and watches us and that it took a mere two hours to scrub Israel. One hack had to call another hack etc, etc. Usually something like this would days. That says a lot to me.

    Don’t bother trying to get this video off of You Tube, WH. It’s all over the web and won’t be gone soon… unlike you.

      1. Thanks. I read about it on Commentary. As soon as I read it I knew it could be made into a video. I had trouble getting the exact cache of the photos but I did the best I could. I love the music from the Avatar.
        As usual I had to work most of the night but it was worth it. The biggest link I got so far was from The Blaze.

  4. Gutsy Move threw Isreal under the bus years ago. Further proof he is a closet Muslim or atleast a friend to the Muslims. He will nit do anything to Iran. Period.

    1. Amenth Russell, It’s against every muslim bone in barry hussein’s
      body to oppose his “brothers “.. We can clearly see how evil this
      man is.. His eyes show an eery, cold darkness..No joy there..
      I’ll be so glad when in 2012 he slithers back to thine pit from whence it came.

  5. In what started as a humanitarian and sympathetic response to the atrocities committed against the Jewish population in Europe has turned into a shameful abandonment of a whole peaceful nation trying to survive in a hostile enviornment.
    Are we to become blind and deaf to the perils of the Jewish community again? We just can’t sit and watch another Jewish Holocaust because of a political strategy of misguided and hateful people who would choose one religious group over another.

    1. Recently watched a documentary about The Holocaust. In 1939, the US turned away the SS St. Louis whose passengers were Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi regime. By turning them away, the US signed their death warrants. We can never let a tragedy like that ever happen again.

        1. He was also in the history dept and now runs a holocaust studies program. The liberals hated the book because it attacked their cherished icon, FDR. They’ve tried to refute it as you would imagine.

          1. I was raised to believe FDR was one of the best presidents this country ever had. Hard to accept the truth about him, but once I did the pieces to the puzzle started fitting. FDR was antisemitic but he also had no compunction about sending Americans of Japanese descent to internment camps and stealing their wealth. I believe he was more of a eugenicist than anything else.

    2. I dont think Id worry too much about another Jewish Holocaust…

      With the MOSSAD, and the Israeli Defense Forces & their “100? special weapons” (that could turn the Mid East into a smoking, radioactive parking lot :-) I think the Jewish and Israeli people will be protected.

  6. Still the latest Gallup survey (on today’s Drudgereport ) confirms that 65 % of the American Jews APPROVE the way President Obama handles his job.( that was the week when Obama’s overall approval was at 45 % ! )
    Are they asleep? Can’t they see the writing on the wall?. Everything that the Obama Administration has done has damaged Israel .Would someone be kind enough and explain to me, a Roman catholic , why American Jews still believe in President Obama.

      1. Thank you so much, Just2old.I will read it and I’ll be back to you if Mr.Koffler doesn ‘t mind.(it’s an article of 2008 so I guest nothing has changed even if the geopolitics of the area are
        completely different…) You see, I have been brought up by my parents in the admiration for both the USA and Israel.I just can’t let go specially now that the barbarians are at the door .

    1. My own son-in-law and lesser so my daughter still support Obama.

      I’ve been sent them excellent articles from Commentary and the WSJ for years. They won’t even watch my videos.

      My video is on the front page of the Baltimore Jewish Week near where they live. I sent her the link and told her that she is on the wrong side.

      I don’t know the reason but I can say they don’t do their homework. They, liberal Jews in general, read only liberal news, watch John Stewart for example, and don’t have an open, skeptical mind.

      There are other historical reasons for this attitude but that’s another story.

  7. Though the Obama regime won’t back up Israel, I felt this particular readout (which is more about Gaza than Iran), actually wasn’t that bad, giving a reminder of something concrete the US has done for Israel, while hinting (“continue to work closely…”) at possible less public coordination in the areas of security.

  8. Obama is no friend to Israel, but in this particular case I think (hope!) you’re making too much of it, Keith. Iron Dome is an Israeli success, made possible with help from the US, and I think (hope!) Bibi was just thanking him for that. I don’t read anything more sinister into it.

    but the video of the Rashid Khalidi dinner locked in a vault at the LA Times? the fruitless groveling before Iran and other baddies? the unreasonable fury that Jewish apartment buildings seems to cause him? all those things are plenty sinister.

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