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Wait a Second, What’s Geithner Still Doing Here?

President Obama once famously suggested that he would be trying to figure out “whose ass to kick.”

Well, there will be a perfect ass – pun intended – in the Oval Office THIS VERY AFTERNOON.

The White House schedule says that Obama plans to meet at 4:00 pm with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. And – this is weird – it doesn’t saying anything about the president planning to fire him!

What? No fire Timothy? Why not? We’re into double dipping baby. This next one ain’t on Bush.

Mr. President, if you won’t fire Geithner’s ass, then KICK IT!

Kick it! Kick his ass! Kick it so hard you break his TurboTax.

And while you’re meeting with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke today – just announced by the White House – take him out to the woodshed on the South Lawn and spank him in the QE2.

One of our readers, the award winning cartoonist Mike Lester, got this Geithner thing just about right today. Thought you might want to take a look.

You can find Mike’s cartoons at his website, Mike du jour Lester.

11 thoughts on “Wait a Second, What’s Geithner Still Doing Here?”

  1. ‘Pres.’ Barack Hussein Obama IS A “SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT”…
    He has no clue or interest how a Free Market-Capitalist economic system works…(Obama hates “rich people” and their private jets = BTW; how much is Barack Hussein Obama worth…a few Million$ ???)

    What “Econ 101” classes did Barack Hussein Obama take at Columbia or Harvard Law???

  2. Thanks for the laugh Keith…the reason Bammy won’t kick butt is because it would prove another fail from this administration.
    Everyone knows (at least those of us with a lick of sense) that this guy cannot and will not admit his crappy leadership is sending us down the drain.
    Denial, gotta love it.

  3. Good job. You guys make a great team! We are definitely in the Twilight Zone with the manipulation of the stock market by Ben, bogus accounting ledger of Geithner, and Debt Man Walking giving us our first ever credit downgrade. These guys are probably getting together to decide when they should go in for the kill. We’re teetering on the edge of insolvency so it won’t be long now.

    Love the cartoon and your take on the famous Bush quote to the FEMA Director Robert Brown — “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job,” That Hurricane Katrina sure lives on doesn’t it? Texas opened her heart to a lot of those hurricane victims. Unfortunately, they never went back home…

    1. William, you are absolutely right. Some critics, even around these parts, think what is going on is due to Barry’s incompetence and that of his administration. Quite the contrary, they are highly effective in their systematic destruction.

  4. MrO lost the grand chance to take control, show some spunk with his address on Monday. Instead, he mouths some campaign slogans, a high-school rally chant that we’re “AAA” and offers to spend more borrowed money. The result is the business community wondering if he has a TV or access to a current newspaper. The public is left with a Presidential message that 60 congresscritters have thoroughly hijacked two branches of our government and forced them to do something that resulted in the financial downgrading of the US for the first time in history.

    Why is MrGeithner still on board? because there is no one who is so civic-minded, so unselfish, or patriotic to step into the mess depicted by the talented cartoonist.
    MrGeithner’s resignation would only be symbolic, but that couldn’t hurt and just might help.

    1. You are absolutely right about why Geithner is still on board srdem. The only people willing to stand up are incompetent. Corzine’s name has been bandied about as a possible replacement. He practically destroyed New Jersey’s economy during his tenure as chief executive, so can see why his services might be highly sought after by the Obama administration.

      Many successful businessmen are not interested in saving America. Watched Neil Cavuto ask former Google CEO Eric Schmidt about stepping up to the plate, and all Schmidt would say is he likes his job at Google. So much for Mr. Schmidt’s love of country.

  5. Thanks for the awesome cartoon….nice pile!! I love the red nose…reminds me of his reading (speech) last Friday morning….as GJ pointed out, a little hungover Mr. Prez?
    That’s what this administration is all about, a steaming pile of sh!t. Thanks for the laugh Keith…if we don’t laugh, you guessed it, we should all have our asses kicked!

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