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Mrs. Obama’s Failure to Show Up at Dover

This is not something I wanted to be cynical about, though I was a little. And now I am a lot.

Some of you may know that Michelle Obama, along with Second Lady Jill Biden, runs something out of the White House called Joining Forces, which is billed as “a national initiative that mobilizes all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned.”

I’m not sure how much good it actually does, though it’s certainly a worthy cause and probably doesn’t hurt anyone. It seems to require that Mrs. Obama appear once or twice a month at some feel good event to highlight military families’ needs.

I’d like to think Mrs. Obama is sincere in her commitment to the kin of those who serve, and I’m sure at some level she is.

But there is no way to reconcile a sincere devotion to helping military families with her decision to travel to Oregon with her mother to visit her brother this week instead of being by President Obama’s side yesterday as he comforted the 30 grieving families of those who lost their sons, brothers, and fathers in Afghanistan Saturday.

Not just any son, brother or father. The best kind you could ever have.

This is simply just not acceptable. It’s an ignorance of her duty as first lady – even if she were not one supposedly dedicated to military families. It even suggests a general lack of compassion.

Nobody inflicted these roles on her. She chose to be first lady, seems to be enjoying the perks, and is already campaigning and raising heaps of money so that she can stay there.

What first gave me pause when she launched the Joining Forces thing was that someone who suggested quite clearly – because it was an accident – that she had never really been proud of her country was of all things suddenly dedicated to helping the military.

It sounded like image makeover, both for her and a husband who had never served and who is not held in particularly high esteem by our armed forces.

It sounded like something born more out of political calculation more than anything else.

Turns out, it was.

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  1. Keith, I believe in your article about her travels yesterday stated something that this was a surprise trip and there didn’t seem to be a ‘reason’ for it.

    Do you have any better idea what is the reason for the trip to see her brother? In other words, if there was a family issue or something like that, I might be more understanding of her not going to Dover yesterday. I too think that it is sad that she did not go, even if she was not apart of the “Joining Forces” project.

    All in all, it once again shows that they can leave Chicago, but you can’t get Chicago out of them.

  2. She is an utter disgrace. Her toned arms do not make up for her apparent indifference to the uncomfortable, but completely expected duties of First Lady, particularly when they get in the way of her entitlement to exotic travel on taxpayer expense, or even the little family get-aways to visit kin in less exotic locales, still on the taxpayer dime.

    1. She is an utter disgrace? Dude, you have too much time on your hands. Perhaps you should get some sensitivity training. Or perhaps you need to check your racism at the door.

      1. it’s not racism. she’s made a fool out of herself on many occassions and it’s been caught on camera. i am ashamed to say i’m an american! she’s a disgrace of a first lady!

      2. The race card folded a long time ago.
        People dislike her for her words and actions, not her color.

        They are the coldest pair of grifters I have ever seen.
        Seems to be a match made in hell.

  3. Mrs. Obama was not elected to an office, but she did choose to become our First Lady by moving to Washington and assuming the role. If she does not like to serve, she can move back to Chicago with Secret Service protection. She did not have to throw herself into an invented role as fashion icon, backyard gardener, international self-achievement role model, fat monitor, dougie dancer, partay and vaycay gurl, and military booster. She chose all these activities herself and time has proven that except for the partaying and vaycaying they were photos ops or excuses for her to focus on “her people” and collect experiences such as safaris and shopping in Spain.

    There could be a valid reason that she’s not meeting the coffins at Dover and talking with the bereaved families. It will have to be something significant after all her cheerleading and onesie waving at millitary bases around the nation.

    I wish that I could have the honor of greeting our returning soldiers and attempting to comfort our families. MIchelle Obama, however, has never given me the impression that she sees any honor in her role of First Lady. She has complained that she’s not getting a salary and to my eyes it appears she is trying to take out in trade the amount of money that she feels she should be receiving in weekly checks. The partying, traveling, vacationing, and such have been impressive. She herself has not.

    1. I remember reading that when Ms.Valery Jarrett offered Michelle Obama a job in the then Chicago administration, she told Ms.Jarrett that” Barrack wanted to know whats’t in it for her ” ! It says it all.
      It’s all about them and what benefits they can find in any situation

      1. People who have real talents and accomplishments can be humble and modest. People like the Obamas, who have nothing but ambition, need to always find out “what’s in it for them.” No notion of doing a job well for the sake of others or for the sake of doing the job — one eye cocked to how this investment is going to lead them up a level or at least make them richer.

        1. They better keep an eye on their money–it went from $4M to $1.7M. I assume it’s in a blind trust–I wonder how it’s doing? Even his salary of $400K does not go far with private school–those schmancy duds, and anything else they must pay for personally.

          1. Last tally showed their assets around 12 million. Most of it is tucked away into stocks, bonds, retirement funds, all set so it is untaxed.

  4. She is no First Lady. Nothing is more important than our military families and
    to make it worse I see the ads daily with MO and DR Biden supporting the families and troops her performance is less than convincing.
    She wants the perks and adoration but not the responsibiliy that comes with
    the title. Although I doubt she would have been much comfort as the military
    know who loves and supports them and the Obama’s don’t engender that at
    all. Say what you will but both George and Laura had a love that will never waver and support them heart and soul. Not these two pretenders. A new low for both of them.

  5. As one who has been critical of MrsO from the day she stepped off of AF1 in AZ dressed as if she was planning to wash the plane, it’s hard to be objective about anything she does or says. The FLOTUS’s lack of protocol, her flashy/inappropriate attire and her public comments have angered many who expected her to continue the honored traditions of previous FLs.
    Her signature program to combat obesity was more about legislation to benefit the unions than to prompt us to eat responsibly and has made public school lunches unpalatable to children.
    The Obama’s newly discovered love for all things military is a calculated political move to appeal to the millions of militiary families and Americans who have always respected and honored those who serve us. Following the lead of former PrezGWBush who was truly concerned with the men and women he sent into battle, MrO believes that he, too, can be seen as a caring or thoughtful CiC. MrsO’s military adventure is nothing more than an unsuccessful attempt to convince us that she actually cares about anyone but herself and her followers.

    1. There was a lovely picture a while back of George and Laura at the local airport with all the others that greet the flights with troops coming
      home both waving little flags. Don’t know who’s smiles were bigger the Bushes or the soldiers:)

  6. The simple question is “If not Now, When?”
    And the answer points to hypocrisy and being so out of touch with everything in diametric opposition to “Deeds, Not Words.”

  7. Good and logical analysis Keith. You know that Barbara and Laura Bush would have been there. Even Hilliary would have been there. It makes me sad that they seem to calculate every move from a political standpoint. Very sad.

  8. Thank you for saying this. I am in total agreement. Yet, I think if my loved one were arriving on that flight to Dover, I would be thankful that she was not there.

  9. Keith – You nailed this one to the wall. The stark and contrast between FLOTUS 43 and FLOTUS 44 is remarkable. The primary issue at hand here is the notion of entitlement vs. duty. With Laura you knew she was on hand not out of photo ops or entitlement, but as a sense of duty and principle. I had the pleasure of meeting her several times and she was always gracious and very much a lady. You could tell she could care less if there was press coverage or not. With Moochelle, you know she is all about the clout and entitlement and tuly sees her 4 years as “her time.” She really complained there is no salary??!!!! Wow, living on tax payer dollar is just not enough for her?
    I certainly hope to see her designer-encased rear-end heading up AF2 for the last time January 2013…..


    1. Oh, yes, she did complain. Remember the flurry of articles that appeared right after the election about how the FLOTUS should get a salary because she works SO hard? I remember thinking that it was MoochMORE and her people testing the waters.

      I remember when she was displaying herself to a group of children and one girl said that she wanted to be First Lady when she grew up. MoochMORE responded that it didn’t pay too well.

      1. when was this? her complaing about she doesn’t get any salary?
        got any links for the articles would love to read them.
        She isn’t even raising her own kids her mother is which I would like to see her mother pay the USA rent and back rent I never heard of extended family members living at our house on our dime.
        I don’t even think they are ” Happily Married” as they pretend to be
        with all the srticles I have read on Obama’s homosexuality & drug use encounters I doubt it very highly they are happy

  10. While it’s tempting for me to criticize her for this, the fact that she made an unannounced, secretive trip to Oregon for an unknown amount of time to visit her brother would seem to indicate that there’s some sort of family issue going on. If it turns out that her brother has cancer or their mother is showing signs of alzheimer’s then it makes sense that she would not be on the Dover trip. So, while my gut instinct is to criticize, I think I’ll hold off until we find out more about the Oregon trip.

    1. I agree, William, that something might be going on within her family that requires her immediate attention. Strange though that she nor her office has made any statement about the Dover arrival nor has any substitute sent to represent her concern. She does have a staff of 20 or 30 who could have taken care of this courteous gesture. She could pick up the phone and get this taken care of in a single minute.

    2. William,
      While I agree that we do not know the reasons for the trip, one would think that in the fish bowl of the WH they would have at least released some sort of statement regarding her flight out of DC.

      Something as innocuous as, “Due to a personal family issue, Mrs. Obama will be visiting her brother in Oregon. Please respect the family’s privacy in this matter.”

      It may have started tongues wagging as to what the “personal matter” was, but at least the country would have known that there was something a foot other than pure self-centeredness.

    3. I posted this earlier today about yesterday’s post. The kids (at least) were with them in Camp David. I’m guessing the brother was at the birthday party last week–don’t know if he went to Camp David or not. My theory is that flying at our expense (and the visit) was just a nice way to get the niece and nephew back to Oregon, with THEM paying for it themselves.

  11. It is hard not to be cynical with the Obama’s. These two don’t seem to be capable of caring or compassion towards their fellow Americans. Maybe it was all those years of listening to the hateful sermons preached by Rev. Wright. Or maybe it was being raised as red diaper babies. Unfortunately, political calculation is all they seem to know.

    1. This event brings back memories of the Muslim terrorist who killed our soldiers at FtHood and the response of the Bushs’ and the non-response of the Obamas to the event. While the Bushs’ went to convey their support and condolences as soon as possible, the Obama’s waited until there was a grand and solemn ceremony to ensure a lot of publicity with cameras to record their compassion.

      We notice these kinds of things.

  12. Sorta O/t, but I thought there was a planned trip to Martha’s Vineyard again this August? I’m wondering if it has been canceled due to how inappropriate it would appear.

    1. As far as we have been told, the vacation is still on schedule, right after the ill-advised road trip in a bus.
      The POTUS in a bus..what the heck are they thinking in the WhiteHouse?

          1. Actually he did a bus tour during that fabulous 2008 campaign. He’s trying to recapture the glory days, and try to top Sarah Palin…

          2. Not only is he going on a bus tour, he is trying to bill this as official business rather than a campaign tour so we the taxpayers get to pay for this rather than taking the money from his campaign fund. Why am I not surprised. Also, George and Laura Bush have gone to DFW airport more than once to greet returning soldiers. some people really care and some people only care about what is in it for them. I will leave you to decide who is who.

          3. The military is loved by the Bush’s because OUR military protect so many of their ( and their friends) business interests around the world…PERIOD. I don’t like Obama, but the silver spoon fed Bush’s are no better in my book.

  13. Seriously, did you really expect that she would put the needs of military families before her own selfish desires–do you truly believe that BHO went to Dover to sincerely give condolences because he genuinely felt bad or because he “had to”?

    Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of these brave, selfless men–we would have actually preferred that BHO/MO not go to Dover–it was phony/staged/insincere and these men/their families deserve better than what BHO/MO offer!

  14. 19 of the families requested no press coverage; rather than respect that wish, Obama’s White House went with a camera and released one photo: of him saluting the remains.

    Most likely we will see that picture again in the upcoming movie, due out in October of 2012, just before his reelection try.

    Beyond disgusting.

    If he wanted to go comfort the families, no pictures were needed.


    1. The salute shown in the AZ Rep was to the Marine snapping one at him at the bottom of the plane stairs–his return was one of those little cupped hand deals that looked–in the picture–like he was trying to block out sight of the Marine. Oh-well-picking the nit.

    2. Was this trip scheduled to Oregon so that Michelle would not be at WH for Ramaden dinner? Did any women attend this dinner? Just asking.

  15. If here brother had been ill or something, it would be different. I expect nothing of her compassion-wise, gardening-wise, militaryloving-wise, or another other wise, and am never disappointed.

  16. Be honest – if she went to Dover and pictures were taken at such a solemn occasion, you’d all be complaining about what she chose to wore and say she was grandstanding/campaigning.

    1. I probably would be appalled by what she chose to wear because she has no taste or sense of what is appropriate.

      As for the latter charge, it would depend a great deal on her behavior.

      If there were no photos and no reports I would think at least that she had done her duty. Now I think that she has not done her duty, has chosen a personal vaycay over her duty, and that she is suggesting by her actions that her show of interest in military families was self-serving and insincere.

  17. A couple of you have noted that there may have been some extraordinary family issue that necessitated her trip to Oregon. It’s possible, though I doubt it, since this is August, the month for vacations for those who live in Washington. And it would seem to me she could have delayed it a couple of days or at least put out a statement of some kind expressing regret she could not be on hand.

    Honestly, I’d love to be surprised and find out this was unavoidable.

  18. I doubt you will be surprised unless she doesn’t get back in time for the Vineyard. Although she has been keeping a very low profile lately.
    Odd perhaps internal polling.

  19. I Am curious…
    Has Michelle Obama ever “personally reached out” to the families of every US Service Person “KIA” since ‘President’ Obama took Office in 2009?

    I have heard stories in DC how Pres. Bush would write personal, hand written letters/notes about every US Service killed as he was “CINC” (2000-2008)

    I know ‘Pres.’ Barack Hussein Obama, a socialist, has NO RESPECT or UNDERSTANDING of the American Military Culture (re: those of us US Citizens who Enlist & Volunteer to “Serve and Protect The United States of America” and follow the Orders of these DUMB ASS, ELITIST so called ‘Politicans’…)

    And now with the reports that ‘Pres.’ Obama will use the mission of SEALs/SPEC OPS killing Bin-Laden as a ‘propaganda-2012 re-election’ film
    How could ANYONE have any “respect” as Obama as “CINC”???

  20. “I’d like to think Mrs. Obama is sincere in her commitment to the kin of those who serve, and I’m sure at some level she is.”

    What level is this, Keith? I’m not sure at all that she cares for military families unless they are right in front of her and acting thrilled to meet her.

    1. I used to write for a mag for military families and they are pretty no-nonsense and have shaken most of the stars from their eyes. They are probably more concerned with what the commander’s wife thinks than what the First Lady thinks in one of her drive-by visits.

  21. Keith- Your recent articles/postings have been absolutely excellent. Thank you for providing at least a glimmer of hope that the press will begin to hold this disgusting administration accountable for their policies, actions, and behaviors. Well done – keep it up!

  22. SWMBO and “the president” only care for the military and their families as photo op props and now as tools to assure his re election. Just like that poor dog, who seems to have outlived his usefulness in that respect.

    1. Noticed the dog was nowhere in sight when they returned from Camp David. I’m sure Bo is well taken care of by the White House staff, but those kids were never really interested in getting a dog if they didn’t even want to take him to Camp David. What a great place to let him run free. The poor dog is just a possession for them.

        1. Not picking on the dog, just noting the lack of love and attention he is shown. I’m an animal lover, which the Obama family surely isn’t.

  23. LET HER GO!!! What grieving family should ever have to put up with ANYONE of her character? The incredible personal sacrifice each and every one of these heroic families have made shouldn’t be turned into anything whatsoever about her! Just keep her away….in fact, I’m not seeing any reason for her to return, except maybe one trip to pack her overstuffed baggage and getting out for one last time!

  24. One commenter has the real reason. Taking the nephew back to Oregon and combining it with a family visit – hence the super secret trip. How one interprets this in light of the circumstances is subjective.

    1. Yep, you are correct sir! Thanks for the awesome cartoon….nice pile!!
      That’s what this administration is all about, a steaming pile of shit!

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  26. When has she done anything like a First Lady USUALLY carries herself? Barbara Bush does more still,than this leech. Hillary entered politics, W.’s wife also did tons..
    Mooshelle has gone on vacation and ate

  27. She is a fraud and an American impersonator. She could care less out dead heroes or their families. Your piece is spot on. Political opportunism. Visiting her brother the coach to prop up his career while her husband uses the dead for a photo op. Totally mind bogglingly disgusting. The only surprise in this trip is that anyone is surprised that she chose to party with family instead of mourn with the families. On our dime.

  28. When Michelle returned from her expensive trip from Spain in August 2010, I was at the U.S. Naval Academy for my mother’s funeral (she was killed in an auto accident 7/29/10). My parents were married at the Main chapel in 1962 (the year my father graduated from USNA).
    She was at USNA on an “un-official” visit for some reason the same day as my mother’s service. We had her secret service agents lurking in the back of the chapel as the service was still be held. We could barely get out of the chapel before we were “instructed” to move along so Michelle could sight-see inside the chapel. (Why was she even there that day???) She could have shown some courtesy to me and my family and told someone to let us finish our service in peace. It was classless on her part and it still hurts a year later.
    I have no respect for her or her husband. I hope Obama gets beat in 2012.

  29. why is it that ONLY White people must be politically correct?? Think about it,have you EVER seen Any other group be politically correct??

  30. They started “Joining Forces” because people outside the White House found out how much the Obamas hate and look down upon the military. They needed some publicity showing they cared, a little, so they formed this supposed organization and toured a couple military hospitals. Now oyu see how much good it has done. It put an Obama face to face with someone in the military, though they probably would touch one (like shake hands) because that was beneath their regal stature. Going to Dover to view caskets come home? Not Queen Michelle. That would have taken time out of her eating ribs and fries. That would have disrupted her travel on her husband’s corporate jets ALL at taxpayer expense, all the while Hubby condems all the CEO’s who travel on their own for which the corporations pay. Get it right. The O’Bozos want nothing to do with the military. The military is just a means to an end for them and their political road to ruination for this country.

  31. She acts like she’s won the lottery–always has, since Day One. All about her and her mother and her friends being high rollers. Neither of them understands diplomatic protocol and she wears grotesque clothes. And let’s not forget the frowny face, where she rolls her mouth up over her teeth somehow. Real class act.

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