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Obama Schedule || Thursday, August 11, 2011

11:25 am || Departs White House
1:15 pm || Arrives Grand Rapids, Mich.
2:25 pm || Tours Johnson Controls
2:40 pm || Delivers remarks
3:35 pm || Departs Grand Rapids for New York City
6:05 pm || Attends fundraiser
7:10 pm || Delivers remarks at second fundraiser
9:10 pm || Departs New York
10:20 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

33 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, August 11, 2011”

  1. Seriously. I know I saw this a lot, Keith, but seriously. Can he really justify two more fundraisers? He is the most clueless person I have ever seen. How can his handlers justify this? Unbelievable.

  2. Is this where someone chimes in to ask what he’s doing before 11:25am?
    Keith, I appreciate these skeds, but they seem to be making Dossier-readers a little paranoid.

        1. Because there is no a.m. agenda other than perhaps bowing on his prayer rug facing to the east , maybe on the phone with “his majesty” the musim king of the saudis .. you know, the one barry bows to ..plotting their next move against Israel… one sure thing would be watching moochie stuff her pie hole, making travel plans on the phone ..or perhaps he does his best ego building “mirror work” in the a.m.
          he’s got lots of options before 10-11 am.

          1. Don’t really care about the “usual MO” when we see posted that he continues to attend numerous fundraisers. If it was posted that he took his kids to school every day, I would not care, but when you see nothing before 11 am and multiple late night extracurricular activities, it kind of makes you wonder how he spends his time in the office. I, and most people on this site, realize that every minute of his day is not posted for our review, but maybe they could post something before mid morning just to placate the evil masses.

          2. Think you meant deluded, and Florida Girl did not make that claim. I remember this guy campaigning on the promise of transparency in government. Of course, that was just another one of his many lies.

          3. Susan, yes, I meant “deluded” – you’re right.
            And sorry Keith, I really like what you do here, but this is hardly ‘flaming.’

          4. Awww, thanks Keith. You are the best. I love your site for that reason. Well, not just that reason, but I do love your site.

  3. Keith –
    Thanks for the wonderful job you do here. Been busy but I’ve tried to keep up w/ your site.

    I really hope you will do a post on the propaganda filmmaking by Sony/Bigelow on the UBL raid.

    Pls note esp. the following:
    “(Rep Peter King) cited reports that (screenwriter Martin) Boal was on hand for a closed-door intel agency ceremony honoring the Bin Laden team, raising eyebrows in the room.” i.e. he was at the CIA
    Read more:

    “U.S. Marine Corps Col. Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, said the Defense Department is cooperating with filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal as they work on a motion picture about the raid that killed bin Laden.
    The two … had been developing the bin Laden film even before the al Qaeda leader was killed in May in a raid on a compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad.”

    You know what I’m thinking …. I’ve got a sick feeling in my gut. Nothing would surprise me about the creatures within the WH – and without …. nothing.

    Some interesting stories shortly after the UBL raid at Breitbart’s Big Peace re UBL’s supposed black-dyed beard – it’s actually against fundamentalist Islam to use such dye (ok to use henna). Panetta et al emphasized the black beard. If you want the articles I can find them.

    A sooper dooper conspiracy theory I know …. but again, nothing would shock me anymore.

    Apart from the classified intel being shared with elitist celebrity big-donors (Sony), this whole movie is nothing but a huge de facto campaign contribution. It’s like a flight on a plane – you’ve got to disclose gifts like that too – not just cash.

    Something else – minor but curious – SEAL families interviewed by People – already:,,20517103,00.html Note what Obama allegedly says etc. Is it just me or is this unusual?

    Apropos of absolutely nothing – where’s John “al-Quds” Brennan? Wonder if he was at the Iftar dinner tonight. I’ll look for a guest list …. unless you have one handy Keith.

    Something else … Michael Yon expresses reservations about the Pentagon story that the Taliban RPG guys who supposedly shot down the CH-47 have been offed already by our guys. He’s on FB of course.

    Oh, now I KNOW that those of you who are outraged, are calling your Congresspersons & raising H E L L, right?

    1. Yep, we’re outraged, and we’re calling our Senators, Representatives, and all other “interested parties” . . . we’re also praying.

  4. Wow how about today’s carbon footprint? This just is beyond belief this is
    America his job is to keep his derriere in that rarely used Oval Office and
    work or at least pretend, he seems to be very good at that! No we just walk away to raise funds and hobnob with the NYC elite to get re-elected? Why
    he has shown a disdain for America and we the people why do it again? I
    think he and Michelle are only in it for the perks as neither do the jobs that
    their titles dictate. I am not happy.

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  6. I also want to mention that Johnson Controls was given $600 million of federal money to “invest in the future” plus an additional $148.5 million from Michigan taxpayers.

    How many jobs does 748 million buy? 1000.

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