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The Obama Morning News || August 10, 2011

President Obama traveled to Dover Air Force Base to pay respects to the 30 service members killed over the weekend in Afghanistan.

Acknowledging the economy is weaker than it thought, the Fed predicted it will keep rates near zero through 2013. Dealing with the economy might force Obama to live up to his statement that he would rather be a one term president if that’s what it took to be a good president.

Senate Majority Leader Reid selected Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) to be co-chair of a new congressional committee charged with reducing the debt and Sens. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and John Kerry (D-Mass.) to serve on the panel. White House economic adviser Gene Sperling said Congress can stay on vacation.

The GOP is readying for a renewed battle on Obamacare.

Intrade users buying and selling shares of Obama’s stock give him a 50-50 chance of winning a second term

Rick Perry has proved to be a skilled and disciplined candidate with an instinct for where the base of his party stands and a style on the stump that is as aggressive as it is conservative, according to the Washington Post. Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum face crucial tests in Iowa’s Ames straw vote.

Ron Bloom, the White House adviser on manufacturing, plans to leave this month.

Howard Fineman, senior editor of the Huffington Post, has been offering the White House advice.

And former Democratic Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel said he might challenge Obama in a primary if someone could come up with one milllllllion dollars.

16 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || August 10, 2011”

  1. President Obama traveled to Dover Air Force Base to pay respects to the 30 service members killed over the weekend in Afghanistan.
    With his wife by his side….no, wait…

    1. I am usually among the first to object to this president and his photo-op exploitation of Service Members. This time, however, i think there are enough serious questions and doubts so that there should’ve been more public information regarding the arrival in the US of the bodies of these brave people killed. The stories coming out of the Administration don’t quite add up – again. The light of day might’ve helped.
      And “the trap” – if that’s what it was – revives questions and doubts regarding the assassination – if that’s what it was – of Osama bin Laden. No body. No proof. No one taking photos aboard the Aircraft Carrier.
      Almost everything this Adminstration does, seems off-kilter. This Administration lends itself to conspiracy theories.
      This fits the pattern of no history of obama – except what he produces.

  2. I think that the three senators that Reid picked for the new congressional committee charged with reducing the debt is very telling. I’m hopeful that McConnel will pick some that are truely interested in solving this problem than just making the problem worse.
    Murray, Baucus & Kerry? Give me a break. Murray & Kerry are hardened progressives and will not give up on any ‘entitlements’, especially in a election cycle. Baucus is somewhat of a moderate as he is from a red state. So, whom is McConnel going to offer? As a proud member of the Tea Party Hobbits, I am hopeful that those GOP senators will not budge on revenues, unless it is from restructuring the tax code.
    Going forward, we will see a last minute flurry of activity and there will be a grand speech by BHO that the tea party is holding the country hostage and are terrorists. Then the automatic cuts will kick in.
    Remember November 2012.

    1. yes Russell, I think you got it right… all this drama and no results except
      to put it in obozo’s hands… saw barry’s groupie chis matthews on nbc this morning railing about barry’s lack of leadership, his disconnect and
      lack of any plan.. wow! he’s getting hit at all angles and deserves every bit of it.. and more !

      1. ol’ gator, you are right.

        The progessive lame street media LOVES to build up someone and then tear them down. They have been carrying Barry’s water for so long now that is was only time before the boat turned around. To see Matthews flapping his food hole in this way is very telling.

        Hey, wait a minute! Didn’t Matthews once get a “thrill up his leg”?

  3. It’s funny, because Murray has a piece today in the WSJ which is outwardly about job training, but is really about saving the (useless) Workers Investment Act and it’s 3.6 billion dollar budget from the chopping block. Yea, she’s gonna find places to cut.


      1. In the olden days public school taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. Nowadays they just teach them how to pass bureaucratic tests and Al Gore’s theory of climatology.

  4. Patty Murray is one of my senators. The woman is c-chairing this very important committee???? Okay, this proves Reid is short several brain cells. She is STUPID. And I mean beyond horribly stupid. This committee is dead on arrival with her as a co-chair.

  5. A Wapo article trumping up Perry? Oh boy, shades of 2008 and the McCain buildup. The MSM won’t be picking our candidate this time around.

    Guess Bernanke jumped on Obama’s re-election bus along with Congress. Never in my lifetime has the Federal Reserve made a commitment to hold rates for more than a few months. Does he not think we will see any inflation? Feels like I’m living in the Twilight Zone.

  6. 50-50 chance of being re-elected prediction is just about what we all think, too; MrO will either be re-elected or will be packing his bags to return to Chicago in 2013. Not much of a gutsy call there, fellows.

    The proof that the WhiteHouse is clueless, in over their heads, and without a single workable idea is that they are taking advice from a HuffPo hack.

  7. Howard Fineman, senior editor of the Huffington Post, has been offering the White House advice.

    That brain trust. Well, everything should turn out then.

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