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A Full Report on Today’s Meeting with Bernanke

See what we have to deal with as journalists.

Here’s the “readout” of Obama’s meeting with Bernanke. Please tell me if you have any idea what really happened.

The President and Chairman Bernanke met today in the Oval Office to discuss the economy and global recovery.  They were joined by Secretary Geithner, Chief of Staff Daley and NEC Director Sperling.  The President and the Chairman discussed the outlook for the recovery and for jobs as well as fiscal issues, including the need to tackle long-term deficit reduction.  They also discussed the situation in Europe.  This was the third time the President met with the Chairman this year.

10 thoughts on “A Full Report on Today’s Meeting with Bernanke”

  1. What do I think happened? They had solemn looks on their faces as they went through the door. Once the door was closed the back slapping and high fives ensued. Then they broke out the cigars and champagne and celebrated Obamageddon. Now the push will start for a world currency, and America will lose her sovereignty.

  2. I feel for you Keith, an almost impossible job with this administration. Who knows what happened and pray that Susan is wrong. I’m afraid though, that she is closer than we’d like to believe.

  3. Once the door was closed, the beer and cigars/cigarettes passed around and their cell phones muted, they discussed the opening of the NFL season (the outlook for recovery).
    Opinions were given on the starting lineups (jobs) and discussion of the recent union settlement (fiscal issues) was bandied back and forth. MrGeither brought up the NFL games that will be played in Europe (political situation concern) and it was decided that the long-term finances of their favorite teams were on solid ground (long term deficit reductions).

    On the way out the door, MrO asked MrBernanke his take on the situation in the stock market and futures and he replied, “not a dang thing I can do about it”. end of meeting.

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