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Obama Traveling to Dover to Honor Soldiers

President Obama will travel to Dover Air Force Base today to honor the 30 U.S. soldiers killed Saturday when the Taliban shot down a Chinook helicopter on which they were traveling, National Journal is reporting.

Obama will be accompanied by senior administration and military officials in saluting the coffins of the soldiers, according to the report.

The trip to Dover explains the cancellation earlier this morning of the White House briefing and a scheduled appearance by Obama at a company in Springfield, Va. to talk about fuel efficiency.

Obama in October 2009 made a middle of the night trip to Dover to pay respects to returning soldiers killed in battle.

33 thoughts on “Obama Traveling to Dover to Honor Soldiers”

  1. Even though I appreciate that he is paying respect to those fallen soldiers, but, when he went to Dover in ’09, it was purely for photo op purposes.

    I hope that this will not also turn out to be another op, that it is real and that he truely cares for the sacrifices that was given

    1. It will be another photo op.

      Nothing new here, move along.

      I do know that if I was one of those who was on the helicopter, I would have made a request to be left out of the area when this dupe was there.

      They could move me back in AFTER this fraud was gone.

      1. The Academy award winning director of “Hurt Locker” Kathryn Bigelow, is in pre-production now on the “Obama killed bin Laden” flick, coming to a theatre near you in October 2012.

        What a coincidence.

    1. I understand there will be no press photos, but I’m sure he’ll still release something with his weak wave. While I’m glad to see them honored I can’t imagine he thought of this on his own, someone had to force him.

      1. oh you can bet he stay long as we always see how uncomfortable he is around our military, besides there is ” muchos campaignos” awaiting him.. thats our little campaign creature’s natural habitat !

  2. By the way people, this is called “change the subject” pure and simple.

    If it was about respecting the sacrifice for our warrior class, there would be a weekly caravan of White House suburbans out to Dover every single week. Three months ago Obama didn’t know a SEAL from a hole in the wall and could have cared less. Now it will be woven into his approved myth. The deep connection between these elite heroes and Barrack Obama?

    Barf me.

  3. I think that every action this man takes is a calculated campaign strategy. He doesn’t care about these heroes; he cares about polls and re-election. My bet is another photo op suggested by his top advisors.

    1. LOL. Yes, it’s hard to think of this as anything but calculated–Obama has taught us how to take him. It’s his fault–since he likes to place the blame so much.

  4. Trust me this faker has no desire to be at Dover, and shouldn’t actually be allowed to go with media in tow.. The ONLY reason he is going is it’s a BETTER photo op than one sitting around a table lecturing auto workers to be “greener”… Thats why it took 4 days to make a statement on this matter…Barry was too busy blaming Japan’s storm, the EU, Bush, Israel, the republican’s, and George Jetson for the credit downgrade stemming from his failed policies, overboard spending, and general stupidity.
    Sorry Russell,
    It’s nothing BUT a photo op.

  5. Can we expect another “crotch salute” from the “fraud-in-chief”?

    God Bless these American heroes and their families.

  6. “Obama Traveling to Dover AFB to Honor Soliders”

    I am sorry, but I AM SICK of hearing the “main-stream media” calling the US NAVY SEALs “fallen soliders/troops”…


    1. Being a US NAVY Vet who worked with “Naval Special Warfare Group 2” out of Virginia I want to see Proper Respect to the SEALs

  7. BTW… I dont trust Obama will use this trip to Dover AFB as sometype of “propaganda”…
    (I can already imagine MSNBC/CNN/etc. using some pic of Obama and coffins…)

  8. Nothing more than an Obama photo op. Will he bite his lip like Clinton used to? I just hope he keeps his yap shut–for once. And you know he won’t go unless the cameras are there for him to preen and fawn over himself.

    Sorry Barry, it isn’t going to help you one iota. In fact, you’ll only succeed in ticking off the families of our finest and bravest to have a coward like you there. A man they know despises our military.

  9. Why does President OBAMA stand over these brave men that he despises? What incompetent General allowed all to fly together when its not the norm?
    Wouldn’t surprise me if someone made a deal, after the Bin Laden killing. Can’t trust this President. Progressive Democrats continue to cut eyes and ears on the ground. The Muslim in the White House doesn’t have a clue. Never vote for a Progressive. Democrat, your voting for Nanny State Socialism. Wake up America, were losing our freedom.

  10. As I suspect you know by now, it WAS nothing (to this president, anyway) more than another photo-op. The Pentagon, honoring the wishes of a majority of the families, prohibited photographers from coming. So the Obamanation brought his own, and released the picture themselves. Only the tatters of respect: they didn’t show the coffins. Gee, what a leader…NOT!

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