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The Obama Morning News || August 9, 2011

President Obama sought to reassure that the USA remains “a triple A country” and attacked S&P, but the markets kept going down, down, down.

Obama called on political leaders to stop “drawing lines in the sand,” but neither side appears ready to budge. Republicans panned Obama’s speech.

Sarah Palin bludgeoned Obama on the downgrade in a Facebook post, saying he “doesn’t have a plan” or “even a notion of how to deal” with the fiscal issues facing the country.

At a stop in South Carolina Saturday, Rick Perry is expected to signal his intention to run for president and then head to a party in New Hampshire. Michele Bachmann brushed off a Newsweek cover photo hit job that makes her look kookoo.

Democrats are charging Obama with making it more difficult for low income people to receive benefits under Medicaid.

Republicans and business leaders are urging Obama to turn talk of creating jobs into action by green-lighting a long-delayed $7 billion expansion of a Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline

Obama today will announce fuel standards for big vehicles. Yesterday, aides said he will grant No Child Left Behind waivers to states.

And Reagan daughter Patti Davis says Obama needs an image maker like Michael Deaver.

9 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || August 9, 2011”

  1. Maybe BHO should stop “drawing lines in the sand” as well. The progressive Sal Alinsky in him will not allow him to look at himself in the mirror. It is always someone else’s fault. Period.
    With out the tea party (i.e. – us, the typical God fearing, gun toting, bible believing AMERICAN) and the effort done during the debt ceiling discussion, the credit rating might have been BBB.

  2. Keith, can you ask Mr. Carney where all of the taxes per gallon of gas that we pay at the pump go? Pumping my gas the other day, I noticed they no longer post how many cents per gallon go towards national, state and local taxes. I know it was approximately 43 cents per galloon for a while there and is that money not for “bridge building, infrastructure and roads’?????? I know, I know, my question is rhetorical, but I would really like to know why they don’t include that in their “infrastructure numbers”.

  3. Yesterday, quotes a Pentagon spokesman, ColDaveLapon, who asserted that the bodies of those killed by the downing of the helo in Afganistan were “unidentifiable”. Because the bodies could not be identified, no one could give permission to view the return of the dead’s remains to the US.
    Somebody’s lying to us about that crash, who was on it and what they were doing there. They may even be lying to the grieving families.

    Of course the Repub candidates are going to pile on the Prez, it’s expected. What MrO didn’t expect was the former liberal supporting opinionaters in the MSM to kick him when he’s down. The gurgling sound of MrO’s re-election hopes going down the drain are getting louder.

    MsDavis’s advice to the Dem president is as foolish and unimportant as she is to the world of politics. Political savvy isn’t genetic.

  4. Since when does the president of the US decide which states will and will not follow federal law? Weren’t all states admitted to the union on equal footing and receive equal treatment under the law? How much do you want to bet there will be few NCLB waivers to red states. Obama treats red states like redheaded step children, while handing out favors and goodies to the blue states that still support his policies. If NCLB is not working, then repeal the law rather than creating waivers that attach more strings to the corrupt Dept of Education.

    While Perry is not my choice for president, he is big on 10th Amendment rights. If he should decide to run, he may win over a lot of people like me who just want the federal government to stop strong-arming us and get the heck out of our lives.

  5. Someone suggested Congress be called back. I am surprised we haven’t unlimbered a new cliche–wakeup call. Time to get going on a plan–and not wait until Turkey Day, apt as that may be.

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