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Obama Cancels Trip to Discuss Fuel Efficiency

Updated at 10:40 am ET

The White House is starting to get smart.

President Obama this morning canceled his scheduled trip to a company in Springfield, Va. – not far from the White House – to discuss fuel efficiency standards for heavy duty vehicles. Engaging in this bit of relative trivia while the economy is in such peril would have been about as appropriate as inviting a hypnotist to a funeral.

Instead, Obama will meet with industry officials behind closed doors at the White House.

If they want to really get smart, Obama aides will cancel his bus trip next week as well. The sight of the president on an obvious campaign swing through the Midwest on some stupid bus at taxpayers expense is sure to invite torrents of deserved derision.

He plans to meet privately today with Treasury Secretary Geithner. That session should be opened for statements either before or after they talk.

What’s less clear to me is why the briefing has also been cancelled. It could be they’re going to put Obama before the cameras in some capacity. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: It appears the cancellation is due to a decision to honor the fallen soldiers, whose bodies have returned to Dover. Please see above.

11 thoughts on “Obama Cancels Trip to Discuss Fuel Efficiency”

  1. Keith, I’m not sure how to take your “The White House is starting to get smart” comment.

    Getting smart about what? Looking stupid and incapable of being where they are? Getting smart about not being so obviously in full campaign mode?

    So he is going to be meeting with “industry officals”. Officals of what? Behind doors again?

    I for one will be glad when the GOP narrows the list so that that person can really start hammering this guy.

    I’m thinking that I need to change my blog name to “Tea Party Hobbit” or Tea Party Terrosist’ or “Tea Party Downgrader”. What do you think?

      1. Thank you jan…that is a great article.

        “Then there is Mr. Obama as political tactician. He makes predictions that prove false. He makes promises he cannot honor. He raises expectations he cannot meet. He reneges on commitments made in private. He surrenders positions staked in public. He is absent from issues in which he has a duty to be involved. He is overbearing when he ought to be absent.”

        Ouch! The Forrest Gump philosophy in the end is priceless…

    1. Take heart Russell. Remember the words of Ghandi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” With the most recent attacks on the Tea party, doesn’t look like they are laughing at us any longer…

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