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Michelle Obama Takes Secret Vacation to Oregon

First Lady Michelle Obama Slipped out of Washington unnoticed Monday for a secret trip to visit her brother, Oregon State University men’s basketball coach Craig Robinson, at his home on Corvallis, Ore.

Mrs. Obama reportedly jetted into the Eugene Airport, landing at about 11 am PDT. She and family members then headed out in a 11 vehicle motorcade for the ride to Corvallis.

The White House has so far said little about the trip, which was unannounced.┬áIt’s unclear how long the vacation will last.

Mrs. Obama and family members flew on a Boeing C-40B, the military version of a 737 that serves as Air Force 2.

Mrs. Obama has in the past incurred criticism for her travels, including an early departure for her most recent Hawaiian vacation and a luxurious 2010 trip to Spain. Most of the costs of her travel are borne by taxpayers.

The C-40B included a flight crew of eight to 10 people, according to one report. Mrs. Obama is traveling with one of her daughters – it’s unclear which one – and her mother.

President Obama remains on his own in Washington, where today he is headed over to Dover Air Force Base to honor the fallen soldiers who died in a Taliban attack on their chopper Saturday.

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    1. Exactly. But in spite of her attempts to try to make us believe she “cares” about our military, the fact she is not in Dover speaks volumes. The best of our best have fallen and she decides she HAS to go see her brother bringing an entourage with her. Disgusting. With the Obama’s–BOTH of them–it is all about THEM. And they’re raising their children with the same sense of entitlement. Sure those kids will be grounded in later life (sarcasm here).

  1. Going to use all the government services that they can while they can, cause it will all come to an end January of 2013.

  2. Why in the world does Michelle require an 11 vehicle procession? Does she take along a hairdresser, chef and appointments secretary?In response to the statement about Michelle incurring “criticism for her travels” in the past – wasn’t it just a couple months ago that she parodied a procession of Cleopatra’s with an excursion to Africa – complete with niece and nephew (children of the brother she is now visiting), mother and two daughters?

  3. As a member of the Crown Sisters lesbian cabal she needs 11 SUVs to carry all the drug money to be laundeerd by her brother. For more on Crown Sisters go to

  4. FLAUTUS needs 11 vehicles because she probably took her 22 attendants with her. Royalty Robinson doesn’t travel alone. She probably didn’t want anyone to know which vehicle the wife of O.bogus is in…someone may want to take their frustration over the Charlatan in Chief on her if she’s located.

  5. Anything to get away from her old man. Oh, the pressures of the Whitehouse! She needs a plane ride! And a motorcade! And lobster, and burgers, and ice cream! Hell, she ain’t paying for it.

  6. i think that the Obama’s access to the most elaborate “private” jets should be cut off, in the name of saving us tax payers money. In 2 1/2 years they have cost us all millions for this trips they have taken…do they think they are racking up frequent flyer points to use whn he’s thrown out of the white house??? They are more over the top they any presidential family I can remember in my 50 years. Michelle’s arrogance is only over taken by the arrogance of Barry!!! Sooooo Pathetic!!!

  7. I firmly believe that the people living in DC have a different economy than the rest of the U.S., especially those residing in that huge “white house” on Penn. Ave. And what, a C-40B? We couldn’t soak taxpayers for a spare 747?

  8. And this cost the American taxpayer how much? Her brother couldn’t come and see her in DC and spare us the expense of an 11 vehicle motorcade and a flight out there that had to cost us well over $200,000?

    And WHY should we have to pay for her mother to go? The hubris and sense of elitist entitlement of these people is nothing short of breathtaking.

  9. Reading these comments only echoes my own sentiments. PLEASE, for the love of humanity and this county, please, all commenters keep this anger up until the election and be sure to vote…for ANYONE else, but this good-for-nothing-jug-eared-egocentric-worthless Bam. We have got to unite and vote this doofus out in 2012. He does NOT deserve a 2nd term after what he’s done to this nation.

    1. Not a good idea, the Obama administration is hoping for a widely scattered vote. The more votes going to “anyone else” increases Obama’s chances for reelection with only 40% of the vote!

  10. I think it’s about time for the GAO (Government Accounting Office) to start letting the public know the cost of all these excursions. The real cost, no funny numbers that need to be adjusted 3 to 6 months down the road.

  11. Hey wait! I thought the whole world loved the Obamas? What does she need security for if everyone loves them so much. The only people that have less security are the Chicago mob bosses and even then they did’t need an 11 car motorcade. Oh wait, they are from Chicago. My bad.

  12. It seems she has no concern about spending Tax Payer Money, even while people are out of work and the Economy is collapsing.

    I do not dislike her as I do not know her.

    However anyone who is traveling on Tax Payer money whlie our Country is in trouble and it is not an emergency is very disrecpectfull to the American Public.

    It is a matter of knowing right from wrong and giving a danm or not.

    She obviously does not give a dnam when it is someone else Money and not coming out of her pocket.

    if she had to pay personall for the tips, she would be be taking them.

    That tells alot of a person and their Character and what they think they are intitled to.

    It is very sad to see someone take advantage of their Country and it’s people.

    ron paul 2012

    1. I do dislike her. She is the one who was not proud of this country until her husband became president, and now she and he both are living large, doing whatever they want, whenever they want, no matter what the cost. Will they cancel their Martha’s Vineyard trip after her Oregon trip, after his little fake bus tour, after party after party? Don’t bet on it. I wish they both would move away– how about Canada, which now has a better rating than we do. Maybe they can help downgrade that country as well.

  13. He couldn’t come to see her instead and save us tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars? Oh no, not Moochele Antoinette. She is going to soak us for every last dime for a lifestyle she never would have if she had to pay for it herself. Let her use her own money–they have plenty.

  14. Just another example of the entitlement attitude of this phony first lady. Her, her kids, her mother and her husband are nothing but dolts living off the labors of the American people. They are just like the Section 8’ers. Can’t wait to see them vacate our White House.

  15. Two weeks ago she vacationed in Park City, Utah. I was there but certainly didn’t bother to see her. She is absolutely disgusting!

  16. So what if Sapphire wants to go to the land of fruits and nuts ?? The only big problem here, besides the cost, is that she left The King Fish alone in D.C. A boy can get into a lot of trouble there. Personnaly I think it’s time to clean out the woodpile

  17. Meanwhile, back in the caverns of the deranged main stream media…I mean Democrat National Committee headquarters, “jounalists” are busy photoshopping pictures of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman to make them look unhinged. Gosh, it’s just got to be special being a liberal journalist and rationalizing every act of hypocrisy and duplicity as being the (necessary) act of the “superior” on behalf of the ignorant proletariate. George Orwell would be so impressed with his prescience.

  18. Cant wait until 2013 when Stinky(BO) and his wife RuPaul have to get a real job and pay for their many vacations out of the graft they will be getting in the clowns presidency

  19. There goes the queen again. Off on yet another taxpayer-funded vacation, complete with 11-car motorcade. The MSM would excoriate Laura for doing this. But the trash that now occupies the White House gets another pass.

  20. Good to see some of us don’t worry about the US taxpayer dollars. She’s blowing our money like she doesn’t expect a second chance. An embarrassment to the office.

  21. Perhaps you need to get out more, say in the real world, outside of the “Beltway?”

    We’ve known for *days* that FLOTUS was going to visit her brother. We didn’t have the specific itinerary but we knew when she was coming, where she will be and about when she goes back to DC.

  22. She is having the time of her life! She can look down her nose at the rest of us and laugh as she uses our tax dollars to play the elegant lady. Too bad she is clueless as to what is happening to the REAL people out here because she might just consider setting aside a trip JUST ONCE. They are leaving next week to their wonderful east coast vacation spot. She’d better hurry home with all her entourage.

  23. Another getaway/vacation? Who would have thought! Bridezilla is developing a carbon footprint the size of Seattle. Maybe she can find time in Corvallis to ladle some watery soup for the unforunates at the local homeless shelter in her $500 sneakers. God, how I want these people gone!

  24. This Commentary Cat swishes its tail in the general direction of said human pet indicating disgust. Commentary Cat is not amused.

  25. This woman is an embarrassment. We shouldn’t have to pay for her frequent excursions. He mom seems to be as arrogant as she is.

    1. Oh yeah, baby. Their marriage is on the brink of a disastrous explosion. The WH spin-meisters are already preparing the “Blame List” and figuring out how to garner media sympathy that can be converted into votes. They are soulless.

  26. I agree with all of you – our country is in the worst shape it has ever been and Michelle “The Bell” sneaks off for a well earned trip (my azz). Mr. Obama tells us all to conserve, etc. etc. and they have a great 50th birthday party for “The Pres” – 2 nights in a row with all his movie star pals and rich buds while we all worry about our social security checks arriving and just getting by day to day.
    That man needs to be impeached – definitely voted out of office along with all his socialist pals. I am proud to be an American, as you all are and don’t want to see what’s happening in London happen here. Let’s all make sure 2012 is our year to make our “change”!!! You go – proud of all the comments!!

  27. If Prince William and Kate can fly commercial, so can Michelle.
    Why are the taxpayers stuck with the bill for her family to take multi vacations?
    We don’t get a vacation this year! 11 cars to travel about 40 miles? Give me a break.

  28. You would think that the FLOTUS would go to Dover Air Force Base and Honor our Navy Seals who are returning home in Flag Drapped coffins. You know the Navy Seals who caught that Ba*tard Osama bin shot? Instead she’s off on another one of her fabulous vacations at the taxpayers expense. Tradition means something apparently that is another example of the Obama’s not having a clue what this country is about! Where are the Statesmen and women anymore? To the families of these Brave Fallen Heroes, we Honor them and we Thank you for their sacrifice as well as yours. God bless each and everyone of you.





    1. Dear Rowdy,

      Shame on you for making fun of Michelle…she deserves her rest. Think of all the FAT PEOPLE SHE HAS SAVED BY HAVING OBAMA EAT ALL THE HAMBURGERS AND FRIES!

      You Conservatives are always looking to criticize us Happy, Do-good, Kind, Poor, Never take no money for anything, Sweet, Non-critical Libs.!

      damn you Rowdy!

      Rowdy Boots

  30. Sure wish America’s taxpayers would pay for my vacation. Sure wish I had enough money to take a vacation. Queen Michelle does it again.

    1. Join a Union,

      You will be duly rewarded with Taxpayer Money.


      Get credit for being a hard worker!




  31. These imposters in the white house disgust me! I wouldn’t want to face the judgement day in her prada shoes! God sees those of us who cannot get a job, cannot keep our house, are hungry, are ashamed we are passing trillions of debt off to our innocent children and these pieces of scum are living it up like no one ever has and giving us both the finger and the bill $$$$. They make half-black people look like gutter trash. Is this what Monroe, Washington, Hancock, etc risked all for? Is this the kind of filth that 30 something brave Navy Seals died protecting? We need to rise up peacefully against these socialists. They are typical. Take all the power and glory themselves, rob from the rich and middle class (Who are not their friends of course) and give pennies back to the poor while putting the middle class out of work. When will we revolt… peacefully of course. Oh this goes along with her other recent vacation to South Africa… another $500,000 down the sewer… “possibly in the range of $700,000 or $800,000″… . Ohhhh but you wanted hope and change! What fools you were to be taken in by such naked marxists. Be an adult, admit you were wrong but most importantly… LEARN FROM YOUR PHENOMINAL MISTAKE… FIGURE OUT HOW THEY HOODWINKED YOU SO THAT YOU WILL NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN. You repubs don’t get a clean bill either… sending up Mccain against this moron. I am ashamed!

    1. Right about McCain…pathetic choice by Republican wimps who have lost all Vision and Insights.

      Yes, Civil War is coming if we do not get rid of this crass Democrat garbage dump.

  32. Because Michelle CERTAINLY wouldn’t want to do anything so boring and depressing as lend support to the troops, especially if there are no cameras for a photo opportunity. What a 1st “lady”!

  33. How much did Michelle’s trip to see her brother cost the taxpayers? She needs an 11 vehicle brigade? A plane with a crew of 10? Boy after the next election, things are going to change for her big time.

  34. 11 vehicle motorcade for Mrs. Obama, her mother and one daughter?!!? I know they need Secret Service protection but 11 vehicles?!?!?

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  36. Geez louise…. I think her husband and his ilk are “downgrading” America into a ditch. BUT, she has every right to go see her brother. Eleven cars seems a bit much, but I assume that’s Secret Service protocol. I can find many other things to scrutinize her for but this is not one of them.

    1. A. She should be standing at attention by her husband’s side as the coffins are unloaded at Dover AFB.
      B. Her brother could come visit her – one coach ticket, one car ride.
      C. One of the qualities of leadership is leading by example. A LITTLE bit of restraint in the expensive vacation department would be a nice start when so many millions are going without. Then again, neither she nor her husband have the foggiest clue about leadership.
      D. This is her “how-many-th” expensive trip at taxpayer expense? Another coming up at Martha’s Vineyard next month.

      She and Barry-O are definitely milking the Presidency for everything they can get out of it while they can.

      But like you say, there is LOTS more to scrutinize, and this is definitely one of them….

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