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Michelle Obama Takes Secret Vacation to Oregon

First Lady Michelle Obama Slipped out of Washington unnoticed Monday for a secret trip to visit her brother, Oregon State University men’s basketball coach Craig Robinson, at his home on Corvallis, Ore.

Mrs. Obama reportedly jetted into the Eugene Airport, landing at about 11 am PDT. She and family members then headed out in a 11 vehicle motorcade for the ride to Corvallis.

The White House has so far said little about the trip, which was unannounced. It’s unclear how long the vacation will last.

Mrs. Obama and family members flew on a Boeing C-40B, the military version of a 737 that serves as Air Force 2.

Mrs. Obama has in the past incurred criticism for her travels, including an early departure for her most recent Hawaiian vacation and a luxurious 2010 trip to Spain. Most of the costs of her travel are borne by taxpayers.

The C-40B included a flight crew of eight to 10 people, according to one report. Mrs. Obama is traveling with one of her daughters – it’s unclear which one – and her mother.

President Obama remains on his own in Washington, where today he is headed over to Dover Air Force Base to honor the fallen soldiers who died in a Taliban attack on their chopper Saturday.

428 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Takes Secret Vacation to Oregon”

    1. I surely hope so, she has to endure all you stupid idiots who think these 2 people arent working as hard as they can with the best of intentions.
      You pathetic creeps deserve the GOP as you have been conned into believing that they care about you.
      They dont.

      1. Adam, you definitely are a stupid obama-lover. And, of course, you voted for him. I can further analize you and tell you that you are probably in welfare, and your are probably 5th generation of welfare bums. Wake up moron, the guy in the White House does not care for your. Your are just a little insect to him.

      2. Speaking of conned, your Kwisatz Haderach/Nobel Peace Laureate has, as of April, in his role as commando in chief, sic, witnessed 60 percent of the combat deaths in Afghanistan since that misadventure began in late 2001. Moreover, our troops continue to die in Iraq, we continue to bomb the crap out of Libya in our “days long” kinetic action, we are conducting a “covert” war in Yemen, and who knows what else. By the way, how’s Cloward-Piven working for you.

        I’m not a fan of either the corporate controlled Democans or Republicrats, but you dearly need to wake up and smell the coffee. You’ve been had.

      3. so sorry Lizzy and gator… I’m just a kool aid drinker with no plan of my own… truth is, Obamas failed domestic policies have resulted in the loss of my job so I have nothing to do now but spew hate towards the GOP because of my irresponsible vote in 2008.

        1. good that you could leave your self deception behind and come to understand the reality of the fool in the White House, and your massive error in voting for him….assuming you were not PAID to vote for him…and if not…you are merely an idiot.

      4. What are the signs of the koolaid snorter?

        No facts, only feelings — check
        Name-calling — “stupid idiots”, “pathetic creeps” — Check
        Generalization — we all belong to the “GOP”. NOT — Check
        Devotion to the royalty — “…who think these 2 people arent working as hard as they can with the best of intentions” — Check

        Yep, koolaid snorter.

      5. So I take it that you like the fact that these two cockroaches who are living off of us take vacations any time they wish while the US is falling apart. Glad Mulechelle isn’t in the White House at the moment, or she would be demanding that Obama eat the way she demands him to eat. 2012 can’t get here any time too soon–VOTE him out!

      6. You are right. The GOP doesn’t care about me. They care about improving business. Business doesn’t care about me either. They care about making money. Which is why, when taxes are imposed on large businesses, they tend to outsource or move entirely. Whereas I cannot move to another country where the taxes are not so high, I must stay and try to find another company that hasn’t fled yet. You liberals think that cutting taxes to businesses is a bad idea but THEY ARE THE ONES CREATING JOBS!!! If you tax them into oblivion there will be no jobs i.e. the current unemployment rate. To raise tax revenue you should cut taxes to businesses, this creates more funds for them to lower prices. Lower prices, in turn, leads to more consumption (most of the time), which leads to more demand and thus more hiring. The more people you have working the more people pay taxes and therefore you get your increased revenue. Look it up buddy. I don’t care if the GOP doesn’t care about me. They still help me have a job and provide for my family so I don’t have to be on welfare sucking on the system and being part of the problem. Who knows, maybe if I have some money from my job, I can donate to the poor so they can get the skills they need to get a job and provide rather than leech. Entitlement issues have been the downfall of this country from the start. If you want your fish handed to you, you are welcome to go to North Korea. It seems to be working out well for them…

      7. How is Obama working as hard as he can? He plays golf more than the PGA. His wife vacations more than any FLOTUS in history as does Obama. He doesn’t know how to spell work without a teleprompter.

      8. Adam, the problem is this “best of intentions” bit. I am a registered D and even I now realise that intentions do not create jobs. Success and leadership create jobs. Hope is not a plan and our guy has no plan and no clue. But jetting off at taxpayer expense (and don’t say she is paying for it) at this time just shows more POOR judgement. I have buyer’s remorse in the extreme. Wake up fellow over-optimist.

      9. “L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés et désirs” St. Bernard of Clairvaux

        Or the English version, “The road to hell is paved with good [best] intentions.”

      10. Adam I don’t give a crap about how “good” you or they think their intentions are. They are doing things to this country that will take us years to undo and trust me they need to be and will be undone. The truth is you can’t name one thing he’s done that is in keeping with America’s interests. The only thing he’s accomplished to date is to knock JImmy Carter out of the top slot for worst president in the last 100 years.

      11. Oh, but the Dems really care about you, don’t they? Your kids and grandkids will be picking up the bills these two are racking up. Obama’s fellow socialists are partying down in London right now. I guess he’s planning that for the US next.

      12. Actually you’ve got it backwards, we have to endure YOU stupid idiots who have no idea of what impact this joke of a president is having on our country and the world. But alas, he is OUR joke and at least we have the whole world laughing and feeling better about themselves.

      13. I have lecturers, bosses and some friends who have passed on to me their wisdom with the best of intentions. Some good, some bad.
        Obama guiding this country with his best intentions has failed.
        Best intentions does not beat smarts, experience and common sense.

      14. What is the matter? Are you really upset that you were not invited to vacation with one of your heros? By the way that has to be the joke of the day… these two are working hard. Please… no more my side hurts from laughing!

      15. Adam, what you do not get is I DONT WANT ANYONE “CARING” FOR ME! These two have parties, golf, why is it that Bush stopped playing Golf? do you know why? HE GOT CRAP FOR IT. with 4.2% unemployment. Obama had a fund raiser the night we were downgraded, he made 1 million dollars that night alone. HE had a party in the White house the next night. If you think he gives a rats A@@ about you, you deserve each other.
        You are a perfect example of how that imbisile got elected. HE HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING, Even the libs are talking about it now, he is a world wide joke and the problem is that idiots like you think “these 2 people arent working as hard as they can with the best of intentions.” Intentions mean squat, we need tax breaks and LESS SPENDING

      16. You creeps deserve these two that have impure intentions and are congenitally lazy. We know that they don’t care for us and eventually you will learn that they do not care about you, either. Enjoy your god.

      17. Yes, they are working very hard,so people like you can sit on your fat rear end waiting for a hand out from the gov.Bet you: he has not paid your mortgage, electric,car, and your large screen TV.You should be mad at him because he did not keep his promises.

      18. I don’t want people to care about me. I want them to care about America. All this crew cares about is themselves and their own petty gratification. Spending us, our kids and our unborn grandkids into oblivion is criminal, and you are a fool for supporting it.

  1. Well heck, why should her life suffer because of her husband’s job? She has places to go and people to see, after all.

    But an 11 vehicle motorcade for the First Lady? What’s the point of that?

    1. My thought exactly. 11 vehicles for FLOUNTUS, mother and daughter? How much security do they need? Must be part of her husband’s fuel conservation program along with the cardboard trucks (H/T Srdem).

    2. It’s called “entitled.” You know spending other peoples money, anywhere on anything. Those two remind me of the show “The Jeffersons.” Except for, Mr. Jefferson had a business, something that Obama never had. Obama never had a real job nor did Mulechelle his wife. Typical of their kind to work the system.

      1. Whats a vacation? Taking time off from work to go play, you say. How could she do that, she does no work, has no official position. Hmmph…
        I own a business. Can’t take time off. I don’t even take a salary, just a small stipend to pay expenses. The people I employ take home more than my partners and I do. We are struggling just to break even, but her husband says I need to spread the wealth. What does he know about spreading wealth? I can’t even get a business loan to purchase updated equipment with which to compete for contracts in industry and government. What ever happened to opportunity and prosperity? These vacation taking economic illiterates need to be removed asap.

        1. No way, they are the President and First Lady. Get over that feeling. They are coming back again for another four years. And you know what? there’s nothing you – an economic witch or wizard – can do about that

      1. FBI should be checking that luggage…..!!! Does anyone check luggage for a “bagman” on Air Force One….??? “Show us the money”…..!!!

    3. I may not like MObama but she does require security and that requires: Fancy Planes, Fancy Cars, Fancy Folk to keep her safe.
      People fly (commercial) all the time to do such things as this and she should have the same right. I don’t like the cost, but I’m not sure I see a better alternative.
      We should save our [verbal] ammunition for those times she and her husband do something truly distasteful.

      1. She can stay the f*** home. It would be much less expensive to send a plane ticket to her brother and let him enjoy the “peoples” house at our expense than spend a quarter million dollars for the FL to take a daughter and her mom to Oregon. That’s our money, you moron!

        1. I have never in my life seen any other president and first family begrudged security. She should fly commercial? really? Someone suggested their kids should have to be home schooled so the taxpayers don’t have to pay for security. I wonder if that person was upset about the Bush twins secret service detail. No other first family has been expected to live under house arrest. I have never seen a first lady from either party treated with such disrespect. Very sad.

      2. Understand the first family requires protection. Maybe it would have been a wiser choice to save the taxpayer a few hundred thousand by paying her brother’s way to visit her in Washington. What makes her travel exceptionally distasteful is she traveled on the day everyday Americans lost over $2 trillion in personal wealth. The stock market dive destroyed our retirement accounts. Not only rich people are hurt when the stock market dives.

  2. After spending the entire weekend with each other at Camp David, Barry was probably getting on Michelle’s last nerve. She probably couldn’t take another week of him before he goes on his magical mystery tour so she rang the servant bell and told Jeeves to bring AF2 around front. Why else would they make this last minute unplanned trip and why does she bring only one child with her? I hope they aren’t fighting in front of the kids and forcing them to take sides.

  3. Nero fiddles as Rome burns!

    Milwaukee and Philadelphia have black mobs running wild and what does the first family do?? Take another vacation!

    Really great!

      1. Don’t you mean:

        “Bozo bogies, while Rome burns”

        I just want everyone to know I am running for POTUS so I too can eat $100/lb beef, play golf several time a week, and take vacations whenever I want, and charge it to all of YOU!!!

  4. Her brother was going to be fired from his job for poor work. One of Barry’s supporters made a huge donation to U of O, and lo and behold, the brother kept his job. Rinse, lather, repeat for the 2012 Presidential election…

    1. Help! Jane! Stop this crazy thing! Jaaaaaaaaannne!!

      Oops, I mean- Willlllllmmmmmaaaaaa!

      The “O” has to go. Zero ends in “O.” No. No. No. Not this time bro. Let me show you the do’.

    2. Similar to how Moochelle’s $300K job at the hospital was discontinued once Zero was elected Prez and couldn’t throw any more $$$ at the hospital.

  5. I wonder BILOTUS Craig thinks of his bro-in-law wanting to “tax the rich,” with his 3/4 million dollar salary (not as a doctor, but as a college coach).

    1. You got that right! Obamas have the largest carbon footprint in the world. I think that there will be a big foot sighting in Eugene Oregon.. Believe It!

  6. I guess Moochelle is also tired and stressed and couldn’t wait for the big family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard in the next week or so. And why exactly does she need an 11-car motorcade? Doesn’t she know we’re BROKE???!!! Oh, right; we can eat our cake (or peas) while the first family (first in WHAT?) flies around the world like royalty. Can’t wait to get these buffoons out of our WH!

      1. Odumba left Bush in his dust long ago. Pres. Bush golfed 24 times in 8 years. Odumba is already in the 80’s. Most of Bush’s time off was spent at his own ranch so we weren’t paying for 150 hotel rooms, meals, entertainment, etc. but boy the liberals whined about him taking a few days at his own ranch. Where are the liberals now and where is that body count from Iraq and Afgan that used to be announced at the start of the “so called news cycle”?

  7. She apparently only took one daughter on the “private family vacation” but Mrs. Obama’s press person would not say which daughter or how long they are planning to stay. If public resources are being used, the public is entitled to know who is along on the trip and how long they are staying. Maybe they took Bo…poor dog is due for a vacay!

      1. You are right Goldenfoxx! I was thinking Air Force 2 was big enough for Bo but if they have to ship him in a separate plane all the way across the country at our expense …. Not worth it!

  8. Perhaps, she is thinking she had better take advantage of all the free rides while she can. He is likely a one term potus….And having eleven cars makes her feel like “somebody.”

  9. Well you know she has not had any real down time except her trip to Europe, Ireland, Africa, Coloradol, Chicago, Hawaii and that was just the last couple of months – when you vacation that much – you need vacation from vacation – you know she is doing her part for the economy –

    2012 IS COMING.

  10. So this is “Shared Sacrifice” ?

    2012 will put these corrupt pretenders out of our misery, sadly only after they have wrecked the economy and destroyed the countries security.

    I hope the first thing the new administration does is as congress for a law striking the mans name from history and removing every reference to his disastrous presidency.

    Right after Seal Team Six catches Sorros and executes him that is.

    1. Todd,
      You mention Soros, the UK Mail OnLine is speculating that he may have made BILLIONS on the credit rating downgrade (

      It is time for this Congress to hold investigations into the relationship between Obama and Soros. If Soros got inside info from S&P or the WH, then he needs to go to prison, and so do EVERYONE involved, and if that includes Timmy (Pay No Taxes) Geithner, Valerie (I’d have your love child) Jarrett, Eric (forked tongue) Holder or the Grifter himself then so be it. They got Capone on taxes, not for what he really did. This maybe the only way to clean house and not have everyone scream the race card.

      1. Shofar “This maybe the only way to clean house and not have everyone scream the race card.”

        Um, if you just say his middle name, your labeled as a racist. If you say he is doing a bad job, your labeled as a racist.

        Do you really think, if it is/was proven that he was committing a crime, it would not be labeled as racist?

    2. If we erase him, then we won’t have anything to reference when the next Lib’ “emperor” POTUS comes to town and starts throwing hip hop parties in the White House and spending all of our money.

    1. Maybe you sould challenge him in the primary, Johnny! That would make things fun! John “F’in” Kerry v. Berry Obama. I know, some will complain that a Dem primary challenge will create the sense of lame-duck— LIKE WE DON’T ALREADY HAVE THAT!

  11. how can we waste your money gee let me count the ways…trips..and more trips..where haven’t we been and what haven’t we seen?.a sad state of affairs..fair and balanced…my a–..and change?..naw they will leave you nothing..but the site of a jetstream as they keep flying..

    1. It’s too bad that the shuttle program was canceled, they could have left a rocket trail for us to watch. The moon is one place they haven’t visited yet. Or have they?

  12. Another example of the Obama family just using being president for their own gain. They don’t care about the country or reelection. Let them eat cake.

  13. Spending more of tax payer dollars so the queen can get away from all of the little people that she’s no longer proud of. So typical. I’m just amazed that she didn’t fly her brother out of the country so that they could meet at some exotic location.

  14. washington is so hot and humid in the summer. everyone should get a free trip to a cooler part of the country. time to get those millionaires and billionaires to donate their corporate jets and pay for it. let’s spread it around before it runs out and the next guy blames us for driving the motorcade into a ditch. oh yeah, what rhymes with ditch?

  15. Hmmm…so what is Barry doing this weekend — all alone in the big house?

    Golf….or Basketball???

    Maybe while at Dover, he’ll surely get a round (or two) in — while sweeping the military golfers off their OWN COURSE, so he can play.

    So how much are the taxpayers on the hook for so Michelle can see her relatives (who can visit for the price of a COACH TICKET)….so we spend at least $250,000 so SHE can go to him.

    How irresponsible!


    1. I asked the same thing. Why put all eggs in one basket? Who was the “commander” that made this tragic mistake by putting everyone on the same copter? Seems to me that intel wasnt doing their job or was it leaked? hhhhmmmmmm.

      1. I’m thinking that the chopper could have approached from a high altitude and then dropped straight down, instead of a low approach as it did, but what do I know……..

        1. I actually heard an explanation for this from a Vietnam vet. Those
          big Chinock helicopters that can carry that large a load are slow and can fly at a higher altitude. The support choppers that are
          used for protection are unable to reach the same higher altitude,
          sadly. Sounds like a trap or setup. God rest their souls.

        1. Unbelievable. It was a trap. Who on our side is responsible for placing that many specially trained troops on one slow moving helicopter? These brave men, each and every one on that helicopter, were sacrificed for getting Osama. I blame Biden for blurting out that SEALS carried out the mission. I also blame Obama’s minions and the sycophant press for releasing so much information about the the mission. And I blame Obama for singling out SEAL Team 6 when he took a victory lap by visiting them at Ft. Campbell in May.

          1. On another ‘thread’ a few days ago a poster claimed that Pres Zip O ‘hand-picked the Seals that took out bin laden’. Seriously, she went on to explain how O commanded the entire operation. Couldn’t believe what I was reading. So, maybe he was the one that instructed all those troops to be one that one copter that went down – yeah right. If the mission had been successful without the tragic lose of lives – O would be boasting that it was all him! What a wennie.

  17. Of course it would be way to much for her to act like a proper first lady and go to Dover to honor our fallen heros! Shame on her

    1. …..ahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa……”a proper first lady”…….sure…..when pigs take flight over the moon……..she is an afirmative action ivy league wanna be failed lawyer dancing the doogie because of Valerie Jarrett and the Chicago thugcrats.

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        Yup, I remember being the only one reading Keith’s blog from way back before Al Gore invented the internet…

      1. No Joe, I think he did intend to say “how many hungry children can be fed with this waist?” meaning that someone was overly fat from eating more than their share. It’s been said that 1/3 of what you eat keeps you alive and the other 2/3’s keeps your doctor alive!

  18. I don’t understand why there has to be any cost to the American taxpayer. Can’t she just use her broom? Or is Pelosi refusing to share again?

  19. I don’t begrudge her a trip to visit family. And I suspect she wasn’t the one who decided that the motorcade needed 11 vehicles – I don’t want anyone to think they can f with our leaders or their families.

    This ain’t a trip to Europe. It has to be pretty miserable living in D.C. and watching your husband fail so gloriously. I’d need a break too.

  20. Moooochelle should read a real first ladies book, Laura Bush, to see what she pays for and what the taxpayers pay for and it isn’t all her vacations. The obozo family is a disgrace to the nation, the world and the presidency. Please, please people vote these Chicago thugs out in 2012. Don’t be fooled by his teleprompter readings, without it he can’t utter a simple sentence. Don’t let G. Soros puppet get another term. If obozo wasn’t president no one would have ever heard of Michelle the mooch.

  21. Shouldn’t the First Wife be with the Commander-In-Chief when he pays his respects to his fallen troops? Perhaps she really doesn’t particularly care for our military or it’s fallen heroes and this how she choses to show it! I truly do hope and pray for the fallen heroes that their demise was “not” a planned event! That would really be the work of TRAITOR’s that have absolutely no souls or alegiance to the United States of America as we have fought for given our lives to!!!!!

    GOD HELP OUR POTUS and his wife!

  22. What else do you expect from those who expect to be eternally owed for everything—–The first gardener has mental issues just like her great imposter—

  23. What annoys us is not that she’s going on vacations for whatever reason, but that she’s using tax payer money to fund her trip. Have some common sense! When the US economy is in flames and most are struggling, have the courtesy of not using our money to fly on elaborate trips with your court on our dime. I mean Air Force 2 for that! She can’t be serious! My bank account does not have a treasure chest in it please pay for your own transportation and entourage. Seriously, stop wasting our money on your trips it’s not cool, funny, or cute anymore.

  24. The Obamas are the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on America; but, the real tragedy is that we have become susceptible to such fraud. Greg Neubeck

  25. She’s probably pissed because they wouldn’t allow her to wear red to the memorial for our Fallen. She she’ll show us and take all her slaves… I mean servants… I mean staff and burn up the fuel for her entourage. ChaChing — eat cake!

  26. I would just like to make a correction to the story. The VP flies on Air Force 2. When FLOTUS is flying alone then the plane’s call sign is Executive Foxtrot One.

      1. According to the volt website: Battery range 25 – 50 mi./chg. + 344 mi. full tank gas. Or 394 mi. between chg/fill up. D.C. to Corvalis = 2882 mi. one way. That’s 14 pit stops round trip x 11 = exactly what the lady said above “why, when we are struggling to keep the lights on, are you making us pay for “VOLT–PALOOZA” visit to your own damn family?”

        O.K. I paraphrased her statement but I hope she’ll forgive me.

  27. Eleven vehicles and a 737 so Michelle can visit her brother at work? It’d cost taxpayers a lot less to send him a first class ticket to DC, wouldn’t it?

    Better yet, what ever happened to letter writing? Hell, I haven’t seen either of my brothers in six months. We have our own lives and can’t always make the three hour drive. We do write and call, though.

  28. Good Grief,

    Michelle spends just like her husband to ruin the country. Unfortunately, they both take their lavious trips at taxpayer expense. Have she ever travelled without her mother and friends? Millions to let her live above the rest of us. Millions wasted to satisfy her ego and sense of entitlement. If she were on food stamps like a lot of citizens, she might appreciate what we are going through in this country. Time for change; time for hope…vote “GO AWAY” in 2012 to the Obamas.

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