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The Obama Morning News || August 8, 2011

Treasury Secretary Geithner announced that he will stay at Treasury.

August is, as usual, the worst month for President Obama. So Obama is stumping with a new urgency. But his mid-month Midwestern bus caravan might not be the smoothest of rides.

In a sign of the narrative the White House will offer, outside Obama adviser David Axelrod and Sen John Kerry (D-Mass.) each said said S&P had performed a “Tea Party downgrade.” Former Obama economic adviser Christina Romer says the downgrade is a sign the country is “pretty darn fucked.”

Whatever happens in Thursday’s debate and Saturday’s straw poll in Ames, the Republican field is likely to be narrowed, writes POLITICO.

The Tea Party and a seething discontent with the establishment make Mitt Romney’s perch atop the GOP field a precarious one. The $1 million Romney donor stepped forward.

And Texas Gov. Rick Perry led thousands of Christians in prayer at a Texas rally.

20 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || August 8, 2011”

  1. So the talking point is that this is a “Tea Party Downgrade”. OK, the progressives just keep flapping their lips as usual, following Sal Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. When the progressives sense that they are lossing control, and their system is not accepted by the public, they always turn to name calling and diversion. We are on to them and I personally am looking forward to the 2012 election.

    As far as Kerry is concerned? Who really listens to him anyway?

  2. Yes, I read about the “Tea Party downgrade” and if you don´t keel over laughing you sense how desperate they are. It really is an Obama downgrade. I hope that epithet will stick.
    USA is an exceptional country. FIrst you have the greatest of constitutions. And the Americans have achieved so much. The space programs, the fantastic technical inventions, the new ideas, the willingness to save the world in wars, the culture, the music, the movies, I could go on and on. Almost all Nobel prizes in sciences ( the Swedish prizes ) go to Americans or to researchers who works in the US. The US didn´t get this far with big government and high taxes, quite the opposite. It was a mistake to try to build a more European US. Look at Europe nowadays , many EU countries in the southern belt tried to build welfare societies with borrowed money and now this threatens the whole EU organisation which I , by the way, have come to dislike more and more. It is a horrible waste of good money.
    When I read Obamas daily schedule I am amazed how much campaigning there is every day and that not many more journalists find it troubling. Great that you show it to us every day, Keith.

    1. Thank you for your kind words about our magnificent country, Swedish lady. Amazing that you can say the words that our own president can’t…that America is an exceptional country.

    2. Thanks for the great letter, Swedish Lady. I do hope your country can save the Saab car, I love driving Saabs. They are as reliable as a Honda with the driving enjoyment of the german cars. Safe, a blast to drive, especially if you can get a 95 before they cut down on the horsepower, and low maintenance. Save The Saab!!!!

      I know, Keith, not much to do with your post, I just wanted to plug the Save The Saab movement, or actually start one.

  3. Is Romer not a crass and unsophisticated woman? I know no professional woman who speaks in that manner. What a disgrace.
    So is the country f…..d or are the economists and politicians who rammed Keynes down our throats f……..d?

  4. Keith, in trying to show our young people that we have an alternative to the
    slime in Washington, would you please refrain from quoting the vulgar profanity
    which is common & acceptable these days ? just because Joe , barry, their posse and most of DC talk like that , do we need to ?

    1. OG – I understand, but I had to use the quote, and I just don’t see much difference between actually putting it in and alluding to by using only a couple of letters with dashed in between. I like to be direct and putting it another way just seems weasely.

    2. I still cringe whenever I see that word or hear it in conversation ol’ gator. My family knows that word is verboten around our house. We must be the fuddy duds in the audience because I also find that word very repugnant, no matter who uses it and in what context it is used.

      1. Being a fuddy-duddy has nothing to do with being offended by crass or crude words used today. The words we find offensive all seem to have a relationship with our sexual activities or physical parts.
        It’s a juvenile reaction to a normal function of all living beings that is meant to shock or impress the listener.

        I’m with you, though, that it’s not becoming or polite to refer to something awful in a sexual context. Sex is good and propagates the herd, so to speak.

  5. Obama had all his lieutenants out this weekend on the Sunday talk shows trying to put the blame on anybody but himself for the S&P downgrade. All the while he huddled behind the couch at Camp David, making no statement on the downgrade and waiting for all the smoke to clear before he shows his face. What a monumental failure he is.

    1. I’m shocked at the language on this blog. It’s almost as shocking as all the nudity I see on my DVD player.

  6. Some political hack using the “F” word is less offensive to me than terms like QE1, QE2, QE3, Kinetic Military Action, It’s all ______’s (fill in the blank) fault, Fannie and Freddie Mac, and whatever asinine terminology this administration uses or abuses to deflect responsibility for its failures.

    When OED revises its lexicon, I wonder how many of these ridiculous terms will make there way into the English language as normative.

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