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President Obama’s Magical Mystery Tour!

Roll up! Roll up for the magical mystery tour – step right this way.
Roll up! Roll up for the mystery tour.

President Obama is headed out on a Magical Mystery Tour of the Midwest Aug. 15-17 to talk about jobs!!

That’s an invitation.
To make a reservation.

It’s a mystery, because we don’t know where he’s going, and he doesn’t know where the jobs are!

The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away,
Waiting to take you away.

The other big mystery is – why is he doing this? Instead of staying in Washington and working on the type of draconian plan we need to salvage the economy, he’s going to be out spastically lurching from town to town on a ridiculous campaign-style bus tour at taxpayers expense. Weeeeeeeee!

Got everything you need.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

While on the Magical Mystery Tour, he will be increasing employment BY MAGIC, because that’s the only way it can be done without major cuts to entitlements and sweeping reform of the tax code, neither of which he has ever proposed!

Roll up! Roll up for the mystery tour.
Roll up! Roll up for the mystery tour.


The magical mystery tour is coming to take you away,
Coming to take you away.

Yes, with the cost of the trip sure to reach the hundreds of thousands – at least – Mr. President will be doing much more to increase the deficit than cut it.

The magical mystery tour is dying to take you away,
Dying to take you away, take you today. 

Tip of the hat to one of our readers, Brett Hines, for suggesting the Magical Mystery Tour comparison.

20 thoughts on “President Obama’s Magical Mystery Tour!”

  1. I call Michelle Obama “Mrs. WerkThePerks” because she appears dead set on wringing as much as she can out of the courtesies and traditions attached to the White House and the position of FLOTUS.

    But, The One? I think he’s simply lost his mind. He’s so afraid that someone will identify him with the Presidency that he keeps up a dancing whirl as if being constantly on the move and away from the White House means he’s still an outsider with no direct responsiblity for what happens in America. This is the man who concocted the coy idea of the “Office of the President to Be” and tried to act like he was President before Bush left Washington. How things have changed. Now he wants to be amused and traveling about the nation like Queen Elizabeth I traveled amongst the peasants seems to be his idea of positioning himself as just one of us.

  2. Dozens of Security agents are already in the towns he’s planning to visit. Surely, the local Dems or Union guys have been notified of his impending arrival. C’mon, he’s just not going to roll into StMary, Kansas and hope to see some of his “folks” walking around town. The rolling press corps have to be alerted to where he’s going and make arrangements for their lodging during this mystical tour.

    They transport the bomb-proof bus into Podunk’s, runways not long enough for AF1. OK, they land in the major airport close to where the Prez plans to travel, he climbs onboard, the huge motorcade of black SUV’s, the press’ vehicles, the local TV and radio wonks head off down the freeway to downtown KansasCity and avoid Podunk with it’s clueless yokels who don’t appreciate the POTUS and his gray hair.

  3. You know what would be really cool. If we, the people, knew the route the presidents bus would be taking, get everyone out of work – lost their jobs during his presidency, to go out and line the streets, holding signs saying “Lost My Job” and the date.

    Be funny as hell.

    1. Great idea Barkley. Unfortunately, they will never let the forgotten man near his motorcade. Wouldn’t make for good press.

      Did you hear the one about the DNC insisting that Charlotte, NC relocate a bus station that is in close proximity to the convention center? Don’t need any riffraff hanging around the ruling class when they re-nominate the king.

  4. Great article Keith. Juxtaposition fits perfectly. Srdem was right. Obama is trying to copycat Sarah Palin’s early success with her bus ride. He’s using the same ‘mystery itinerary’ as she did. Probably wants to show he can gather a bigger crowd than she can in flyover country. Good luck with that.

  5. The truly ironic (and utterly detached) thing about the bus tour is that he is going on vacation in Martha’$ Vineyard after the trip amongst the yokel flatlanders. I mean, come on. Can’t he take it down a notch? Myself, if I get to take the family to Pnama City, FL for a few days, I feel pretty good….

    2012 can’t get here fast enough.

  6. The ironic thing is that there are three songs on the Mystery Tour album that describe the Obama’s and their philosophy of life:

    “Baby your a rich man,” “Fool on the hill,” and “All you need is love.”

  7. He needs to get out of Washington because he must hear his adoring crowds to affirm his existence. He sees himself reflected in them.

    His staff are willing accomplices in these mind trips. It is indeed the Magical Mystery Tour.

    How many times has he said it is good to be out of Washington as if he ever spent much time there until recently?

    I even made a video of it:

  8. Donald Coxe , today mentioned Walter Russell Mead, who has written extensively on Jackson and how he influenced American ideology. Not being an American, and not being well versed in American history, I did a search and found several good articles. Anyways, it helped to put roots to the various factions that are still prevalent.

  9. “The other big mystery is – why is he doing this?”

    He said why. Congress is out until September. Not knowing how to do anything himself, he said that getting to work on jobs and the economy would begin when Congress returns in September. So, in September he will tell them to get busy and “do something significant” and then return to the campaign trail to demagogue the issues involved.

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