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Obama Resting Comfortably at Camp David

Updated August 6 at 10:42 am ET

After a wearying four birthday parties – two in Chicago Wednesday night where money changed hands and two at the White House on his actual birthday, Thursday, President Obama Friday afternoon choppered out to Camp David with the family.

He’ll be back Sunday, possibly in time to golf.

UPDATE: Looks like, given all the bad news, he’s returning today. Pool has been told to assemble at the White House at 11:00 am.

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    1. The first time I encountered this man, I could see the arrogance oozing from his pores like sweat on a weary man’s brow. How on earth could anyone stay the course and fall off the cliff with this ideologue.

    2. I read that this is more intimate more like a think tank and exchange of ideas. Also Gwyneth Paltrow will be attending. It absolutely defies
      belief that this man parties campaigns and golfs while this once mighty country sinks. Worst President ever and getting worse.
      Neither Obama care they are just squeezing all the perks they can out
      of the taxpayer before they are looking for a new address in 2013.

    3. Granny have you done a video using “minute you walked in the door…hey big spender?” and substitute spend a little time at work…with o doing all the parties, golf, etc….

    1. Why is it that every time the government does some idiotic thing, and the market crashes it called a “correction”?

      Looks to me to be more like a response. Same thing happened when the Mac twins debacle happened and the market lost hundreds of points in a few days. It wasn’t a response, it was a correction to an “over heated” market.

      These guys smell worse than an fish monger after a long day at the market.

      1. I wish there was some way of checking the Obama’s stock holdings and see how often they sell short. Also, how much gold and other precious metals they have in their portfolio.

        It would not surprise me to see them, Tim (I don’t need to pay taxes) Geithner, and a host of others getting richer and fatter off the policies they are enacting. Talk about the ultimate insider trading.

  1. At this point, let him stay there.. They have webcams for as much as he is needed. You spend almost 3 years making a mess and a mockery of everything, will jet setting and livin it up, you would be tired too.
    I’m officially calling the 1 thing at this point that (maybe, probably, well) that woulda coulda save his presidency, and maybe score another term. Ready?
    Barry can do what is becoming desperately needed sooner rather than later.
    We need to completely demolish Iran’s nuclear program, military, and ballistic missile program.
    They like to kill our troops, well we can kill yours too. EN MASS.
    Screw the cost.
    I despise this pretender, but IF he stepped up to bat (damn sure the right reason) and did what was needed he could have my vote. Plus we can make the Saudi’s pay for it and charge them double..IN CASH.
    But the SECOND Iran comes out and states they have done a test, and you haven’t done squat…Pack your bags and just get out.

    Other than this world altering event I see nothing saving this man or Obama care either after 12.

    1. Can’t be done. Iran’s nuclear program is beneath a mountain specifically designed to withstand what you have in mind. Iran may be many things, but one thing they’re not — stupid


    1. Well, that is an old Chinese curse–“May you live in interesting times. . .I guess we’ll see the truth of it come Monday morning when the markets open.

      1. Thanks Keith-that’s what I’ve seen as well. Must be giving his speechwriters a few extra hours to drum up a teflon coated statement…

    1. Thanks for posting Granny! By the look on the officers faces behind him, they would have rather been anywhere else. The military can’t stand him, he’s not one of their own. I really think that it should be a job qualification that the prez has served in the defense of his country. Just another campaign stop….he can blah blah all he wants about re-training the troops when the fact remains that there are no jobs. From my vantage point, disgusting.

    2. Thanks for the link GJ, but the second he said “earthquake and tsunami” I logged off.
      These brave and patriotic people risk their lives and health to follow the orders that the Prez issues and he sounds like he’s bored to tears to be addressing them.

  2. Like he said that his birthday bash (I’m sorry – fund raiser) that he is only half way done with his aims to transforma America.

    As of this writting, I have yet to see where he has made any statements concerning the downgrading of our credit rating. I wonder if Soro’s has made any profit over this?

    If this is his half way mark, I can only imagine what the next half is going to look like.

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  4. UPDATE: Looks like, given all the bad news, he’s returning today. Pool has been told to assemble at the White House at 11:00 am.

    I feel bad for the ‘pool’. They can’t buy a day off. And for what? More name calling, Bush, earthquake, tsunami blaming? It’s about time he looks in the mirror whan looking for someone to blame!

  5. I honestly believe things are going according to his plans. He told us he wanted to transform America and from what I can see he is doing just that. He is tearing down the structure so that he can rebuild in his image and Congress is helping him do just that. Obama didn’t even mention the downgrade in his Saturday address and he has been mum so far. The country is collapsing before our very eyes and they are all on vacation.

    On top of all the fiscal disaster, we just had 31 special ops troops killed when their chopper was shot down in Afghanistan. This administration is funding the very people who are supplying weaponry to the insurgents who are killing our troops. Someone in leadership who loves their country more than their job needs to take the reins and get us out of there before any more precious lives are wasted.

    1. All our enemies lay in waiting ..russian and chinese jabber
      is becoming more anti- American on a weekly basis… obozo golfs & parties like its 1999, telling whoppers about the “growing economy”.
      he’s not just a liar, but a very dumb & chronic liar at best!
      ..the spineless congress critters are at home lounging, and us” folks’
      who are paying the tab are ignored for THEY know best !
      well, we’ll see who knows best when reckoning day comes at the ballot box.. I’ve never been involved in a campaign, but this will change.
      All I need is a patriot candidate to support.. any body know one?

      1. Give it a little time ol’ gator…our patriot candidate will come forward. How I wish Rubio would step up to the plate. He has the ability to inspire the American spirit like no other person out there.

          1. I am not talking about the power of prayer–I am talking about giving ammunition against the judgment of a man who might be the nominee–I can’t really defend this blatant a grab for the religious vote…even if I would have to vote for this guy. It made me tired thinking of having to splain this…Go to church, I hope you do have a spiritual life, candidates, but don’t splash it all over.

          2. Fortunately we still live in a country where everyone is free to express their religious beliefs. I’m no fan of Perry but he is a good man and he has strong religious beliefs. He was trying to bring comfort to believers who have been hit hard by these difficult times. More power to him.

            Personally, I would rather have a candidate who expresses his true beliefs than have a candidate who pretends to be something he’s not. The pretender in chief is a perfect example of that.

          3. I felt that way too. I’m a failed Christian. I tried to be a Catholic, but it didn’t take. I’m too skeptical and haven’t a spiritual bone my body or much sense of the transcendent except when looking at great religious art. I think it’s just a matter of getting used to Perry’s unabashed southern style of revival Christianity. It works for him so I shouldn’t let it bother me. Perry’s father was a “dry” farmer scraping a living from the dust of west Texas trying to raise cotton. He’s the real thing. He went to Texas A & M (I think) and didn’t get good grades in physics and organic chem. Who cares. He started out as a Democrat, has been in politics for 25 years, and has never lost an election; although there have been close ones. I think most recently with Kay Baily Hutchinson. He’s been governor for 12 years. I’m repeating here what I have read in an online journal called the Texas Tribune and repeating the enthusiatic reply I received in my email in response to a comment I made about feeling a little nervous about his Christianity. Perry likes Giuliani a lot and so do I. He said it was “fine” with him that New York passed homosexual marriage. That’s in keeping with the 10th Amend. that matters not specifically designated in the Constitution for the federal govt. are left to the individual states to decide. His use of the word “fine” upset some of his Christian base, and he had to nuance his view a bit I suppose to assure them he personally did not approve of homosexual marriage.

  6. Fox just reported that he’s still hiding out at Camp David. The press secretary released a statement that BO wil be speaking about this next week. Yeah, at Anna Wintours.

    This is bizarre. BO must be in the fetal position.

    1. I’m of the thought that he has the spine of a Jellyfish. We get downgraded and lose US troops all within 24 hours but not a peep.
      Just a canned response from the WH for Congress to work together, hold hands and sing let bygones be bygones.

        1. Locally-komonews tweeted a WH flickr pic stating: The @whitehouse released this photo of the president learning about the tragedy.
          I looked at it and shook my head in disgust.

  7. OMG he may have to cancel the Vineyard-with this devastating news doesn’t he kind of have to?

    He’ll look like a real SOB if he goes now

    I think he’ll still go-want to take bets?

        1. A box of stale donuts that the family goes first, then he follows.
          A box of Krispykremes that he calls for Congress to get to work.

          1. Democrats are already blaming the downgrade on Republicans for refusing to increase taxes so he will more than likely follow suit. Think you’re gonna win a box of Krispykremes and stale donuts with that wager srdem.

          2. Yeah–I saw some Dem gal v some Rep strategist. The moderator (was it that woman in the hootchy tops–Harris something–not sure) said we need to end partisanship but how did they come out on the downgrade. The Dem woman immediately said, “Oh, it’s totally the Republicans that did it, fer shure.” Sigh.

  8. He’s working hard on his campaign. He’s having a Hollywood movie made of the whole Osama Bin Laden decision and results to be released in October 2012. (the October Surprise?). I read this in an article at Real Clear Politics about his grassroots organization in Florida.

    He’s such a loser. There’s pathos in this. Whose supplying the Taliban? .

  9. I hope he got rested after all the parties. It has to be hard to be president and to have so many other things equally as important, parties, golf, etc. on his plate. We should all pray for him…..I know I am;)

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