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The Obama Morning News || August 5, 2011

Fears that the global economy could be slipping back toward recession sent markets plummeting, with worldwide economic and financial problems fueling a vicious cycle that risks spiraling beyond control of governments.

President Obama’s team is pushing back hard against criticism of his handling of the economy, and aides are forming lines of attack against potential GOP opponents. But the administration Thursday had difficulty explaining its plans for turning around the economy.

Secretary of Defense Panetta warned against the massive defense cuts that could kick in under the sequestration provision of the debt ceiling deal. Obama is opening the revolving door once again for his new nominee for Deputy SecDef.

American money is helping fund a Palestinian Authority program to spend more than $5 million per month in salaries for 5,500 convicted and alleged terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

A murky $1 million donation to a pro-Mitt Romney committee has reignited a debate over transparency in politics, according to the Washington Post. Jon Huntsman is struggling to get rolling in New Hampshire. Tim Pawlenty says global warming is due mainly to natural causes.

If Rick Perry gets in the campaign, it could be bad news for Karl Rove.

Obama today will push tax credits for hiring veterans.

And Obama’s Rose Garden birthday party was mostly friends but also included politicians and glitterati like Stevie Wonder, Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg, Charles Barkley, Grant Hill, Emmitt Smith.

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    All The Details: Inside President Obama’s 50th Birthday Party At The White House

    Yes, they did the Electric Slide: Stevie Wonder, Chris Rock, Jay Z, Charles Barkley, Tom Hanks, Emmitt Smith, Grant Hill, Whoopi Goldberg, and other celebs dine and dance with the President and First Lady…
    President Obama and his A-list pals danced barefoot in the dramatically lit Rose Garden to celebrate his milestone 50th birthday on Thursday night, Obama Foodorama was told by guests who attended the “fabulous” but “casual” five-hour barbecue for more than 200 people.

    They ate steak, Chicgo hot dogs, and cake and pie. Read the rest.

    1. The most transparent administration in history sent the WH Press corps home early…wonder if Nancy Pelosi danced with Al Sharpton?
      Wonder if Beyonce and Jay _ got to sit in the Situation Room again?

  2. What no pictures from the birthday bash? Casual 5-hour BBQ with more than 200 notable guests such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Barefoot dancing in the Rose Garden. Birthday toasts to the big guy as the wine flowed all night long.

    Meanwhile out in flyover country the yokels sit in their hovels watching as the Dow drops and their life savings disappear. Feeling the sting of the knowledge that the man their fellow countrymen elected president is celebrating while our lives are in shambles, and the America we worked and fought for becomes a debtor nation despised by many and respected by none. Welcome to Obamaville.

    1. Gosh, Susan, where is that Pete Souza when you need him? When Obama appeared in the briefing room the other day looking all serious an all, there were at least TWO official White House photogs on hand to capture the president trying to sound adult.

  3. whoopie’s merely showing her true colors of racism proving you don’t have to be white ( as they all proclaim)…
    And why didn’t ANYONE ever question barry about the
    “black liberation theology” he learned & supported from his “pastor” of 20 yrs., the King maniac of racism himself : rev wright. ?
    barry hussein sure gets a pass on that one !

    1. You don’t really think they go home during recess do you? DC is where all the power and wealth lives. Searchlight, Nevada….not so much.

  4. well gosh: I for one am so happy that our wonderful pResident got a chance to relax and kick back on the taxpayers’ dime. and I’m glad that he was able to put aside his natural dislike of corporate jet owners to welcome guests like Tom Hanks and Jay-Z. that just shows what a great guy he is.

    and now I’m gonna go feel guilty about all those grey hairs Michelle says we gave him.

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