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White House Blames Japanese Tsunami for Economy

Forget blaming George W. Bush for the lousy economy. He’s so yesterday. Actually, that’s the problem – Bush is beginning to be a long time ago, and blaming him is not looking real credible.

President Obama has a new villain who stole prosperity, who replaced a wave of hope and change with . . . a wave.

Yes, the White House today blamed the Japanese earthquake and tsunami for the wreckage of the U.S. economy.

As the Dow was losing five percent of its value, Obama’s ingenious economic advisers sent White House Press Secretary Jay Carney forth into the briefing room with a new cast of big apes who are throwing monkey wrenches into Obamanomics.

And there’s no question that we have — this economy has faced headwinds this year, a variety of them, including the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the increase in oil prices, energy prices that resulted from the unrest in the Arab world, and the situation in Europe also.

It seems Mother Nature is striking back, completely ungrateful that Obama is installing solar panels on the roof of the White House, forcing automakers to build their cars out of Reynolds Wrap in order to lighten them up and cut greenhouse gas emissions, and developing new types of cars that can run on tomato sauce.

And what’s with those crazy Arabs, interrupting the flow of oil with their demands for freedom, or sharia, or whatever they want? They’ve sprung spring on Obama when he wasn’t looking, forcing him to delete some oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

And those frivolous Greeks and Spaniards, running up all those bills for Ouzo and sangria and now trying to figure out a way to pay for it all.

Poor Obama. Everything would be just perfect if he didn’t have to be president in the real world, where tsunamis happen.

H/T to Doug Ross @Journal who noted that the White House was now pointing fingers at the Japan disaster.

28 thoughts on “White House Blames Japanese Tsunami for Economy”

  1. I watched part of the presser today and I was a little surprised that some of those apes were actually throwing serious questions at Carney instead of the usual softballs.I think Jake must have had his 401K rocked and he wanted answers.

    1. You know ,if we are supposed to be the leaders of the free world let’s not put some wimpy looking dimwit in front of the cameras world’s view to explain our position. No wonder we are a pathetic looking country and getting no respect.

  2. Thank you for the article Keith. Carney’s briefings are usually too painful to watch. Can only take so much of his shuck and jive routine. Unbelievable this administration has the kahunas to blame this on the Japanese tsunami that happened months ago. Certainly couldn’t be caused by investors who have lost faith in the American government’s ability to control their spending. Our life savings are going up in smoke because the politicians in DC were too afraid of what might happen if they told Obama no more spending. They were more interested in maintaining the status quo than they were in saving our economy.

  3. Here I thought this was a classy blog and then you ruin it by claiming that big apes are throwing monkey wenches into Obama’s economic team. I’m not doubting your word, you being the ‘insider’ and all, but really? big apes? is that any way to talk about Union leaders?

  4. Funny, I could have sworn he said:

    I ran out of gas! I had a flat tire! I didn’t have enough money for cab fare! My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! LOCUSTS! It wasn’t my fault! I swear to God!

  5. I was able to view some high points of a Carneval press briefing and I was really impressed on how well the JayWalker read his answers. Or at least that was my impression. This administration is very adept at reading prepared answers.

  6. Even if obama wants to willfully destroy the economy or not, is a total ideologue, or is just plain stupid, what about all his advisors?

    They can’t be all those things. Are they giving him bad advice or is he not listening to their advice? If so, why don’t more quit?

  7. Everything would be just perfect if he didn’t have to be president in the real world, where tsunamis happen.

    See, this is where I have a question…Why do they happen? Didn’t he say he could control the rising of the waters? You mean that was a lie?

  8. I think rick perry should run for president, sarah palin should be vice president.we need somebody with a set of balls too get things done and don’t let religion get in the way.

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