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Obama’s Pre-Birthday Warmup Celebration

I thought you might want to see some video of President Obama getting his 50th birthday festivities up and running yesterday. His birthday, which is today, will feature a Blue Room “toast” by the staff and then a party for friends in the evening.

During the middle of the day, he made an unscheduled trip to a burger joint with his economic team, whom he should be firing instead of taking to lunch, in tow. He’s there with National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling, OMB Director Jack Lew, an annoyed and supercilious looking Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Nancy-Ann Min DeParle, and Bruce Reed – he’s Vice President Biden’s chief of staff but he also ran Bill Clinton’s domestic policy shop and presumably is doing similar things now.

They all should be fired except Reed, who is a Democratic centrist and an original thinker who might have some good ideas about what to do next.Then Obama jetted to Chicago for his birthday fundraisers, where he sounded a little peevish for a birthday boy.

Rahm Emanuel, Jennifer Hudson, and a cast of dissolute looking characters whom I assume are stars of some type sang happy birthday to the president.

11 Responses to Obama’s Pre-Birthday Warmup Celebration

  1. I’ve been seeing several articles now popping up on the net concerning “the graying of Obama” since he bacame president.

    I have felt since ’08 that he was already somewhat gray and that he dyed his hair to seem younger to grab that demographic. Just as soon as he took office, he stopped using Just For Men. I think this was/is an attempt to now show how hard he has worked and just how bad things were because of the Bush polices.

    Yes, I’m sure that the presidency takes a toll, and it shows up in the graying. Well proven, but I contend he was already moderately gray before he placed his hand on the bible.

    • He uses the graying when it suits him, and he does use makeup and hair coloring as a tool. Granny Jan has side-by-side photos of his miraculous transformations. He can be seen as the hardworking, nose to the grindstone executive in the morning and the youthful, cool dude in the evening. He is the biggest fake to ever hold the office of president in my lifetime.

    …not only would I not put it past him, I think we’ll see him in coke bottle glasses to project a scholarly and aging figure. Maybe take them off, wave them around, bite the ear piece pensively. He’s in training now I have no doubt. Then look for The View gals, Andrea Mitchell and Mika Brezoombrain, to hit floor w/ the vapors.

  3. Just reading in a British paper that Michelle was not at the big bash because
    she was in Spain…again! Just like last year another costly vacation well they sure kept this one quiet. I read it twice and yes it a new vacation!