As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || August 4, 2011

President Obama used a 50th birthday bash in Chicago to raise money from a friendly crowd as he sought to recharge a presidency showing signs of Washington’s battle scars. Obama will have a couple of parties today at the White House and then leave for a weekend at Camp David.

The debt drama has taken a political toll on the president, writes the Los Angeles Times. Obama emerges from the months-long fracas weaker – and facing much deeper and more durable political obstacles – than his own advisers ever imagined, writes POLITICO.

He’ll pivot off the debt ceiling to the economy, launching a barnstorming bus tour of the Midwest later this month.

Under pressure from the White House, Treasury Secretary Geithner is now expected to stay put.

Many of the health care law’s pots of money could get trimmed by the debt deal’s sequestration, or triggered cuts. China criticized the debt deal, but continues to invest.

Sarah Palin accused Mitt Romney of using the finger-in-the-air method to determine his position on the debt ceiling.

Jon Huntsman’s campaign is plagued by internal turmoil. What’s more, his camp keeps misspelling his name.

Newt Gingrich denied accusations that he hired someone to create millions of fictitious Twitter followers. Pawlenty is pulling ads.

Obama pressed lawmakers to end the FAA stalemate that has put tens of thousands out of work.

DOJ vows to “vigorously oppose” efforts by gun groups to file lawsuit over Obama Administration’s new gun-control measures that require firearms dealers along the border to report multiple sales of certain rifles.

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  1. DOJ vows to ”vigorously oppose” efforts by gun groups to file lawsuit over Obama Administration’s new gun-control measures that require firearms dealers along the border to report multiple sales of certain rifles.

    But, apparently its OK for the ATF to send hundreds of guns across our Southern border one of which is used to murder a border patrol officer. Am I missing something? I don’t get this administration at all!

    • Just2old, you do not have it wrong.

      This DOJ is much worse than Clinton’s DOJ. Holder is way off of the reservation as far as I’m concerned. Yes, they are going to go after guns in a big way and will fight this like abortion. These are two of the progressives pillars and will not allow them to be touched or torn down.

      They will fight efforts of gun groups that defend our rights, yet allow the Philly Pink Panthers get away with voter intimidation, ‘vigorusly challenge’ Arizona’s & Alabama immigration laws instead.

      Yes, The Great One vowed back in ’08 that he wants to fundamentaly transform America. You are watching it happen.

  2. Yes, big powerful China continues to invest in the US and the EU. How will this influence the west in the long run ?
    My son is in Nepal this summer and volunteers as an English teacher in small villages in the Himalayan countryside. He wrote and told us that there were so many Chinese volunteering there as well. I was somewhat surprised. I thought that volunteering was a mostly Western thing ( narrow minded me). But he also wrote that although the Chinese often are polite they have a way of offending everybody, they behave and talk in a spoiled ,arrogant and narrow minded way. I guess that they are the result of the one child policy of China.
    Another relative lives and works i Botswana and she says that there are a lot of Chinese in Africa, not so popular over there either. I am not sure why, they buy minerals, build roads and so on. But maybe they have a way of letting other know they have the upper hand ?

  3. I am appalled that Pres. Obama would stoop so low as to use his birthday to fund raise just after he drug our nation through the worst debt-ceiling negotiations in history. To threaten that Social Security/Disability/Veterans checks might not go out on Aug 3rd was such political posturing it made me sick. At first I didn’t think he would actually interfere with those payments, but the last few days he was so frantic and childish I was not sure that he wouldn’t change the allocation of funds (which were there to make SS/Dis/Vet payments) to other things. This man just seems to want to dismantle the very fiber of our country. When I saw a US commander in Afghanistan say on TV that his troops were more worried about their families back home being taken care of than they were about combat was heartbreaking. Is there no limit to the debths Obama will go “just to be right”? His administration is so rotten, I don’t know how they even stand themselves being associated with him. We need to vote him out before we lose what little we have managed to hold onto. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. .

  4. Contrary to the accounts of the LATimes, MrCarney and the WH propoganda wonks, MrO is not going on a “bus tour”. Oh, there will be the $2.2million security enhanced bus at every location stop, but the President will not be travelling in it from place to place, because it’s just too dangerous for him to do so. This campaign promotion is just some cynical spin to convince undecided voters that our multi-millionaire President is just like us yokels in fly-over country.
    Since none of the press cared to ask, I will; just how does a barn-storming bus tour by the POTUS create jobs? Answer: it doesn’t, because the bus tour is a Obama campaign strategy formulated after MrsPalin’s huge success at engaging the public with her bus trip.

    Now that DOJHolder has decided to oppose the lawsuit by gun dealers in Arizona and Texas, the NRA and every organized group or individual who buy or own guns as allowed by our Constitution will join with the gun dealers as plaintiffs. The ATF’s actions and intents in the ‘fast&furious’ scam was never meant to follow and identify Mexican drug cartels, but was to expose the ease that any citizen could purchase high power, high caliber weapons.

    It is the Left’s dream that all Americans become weaponless for reasons known and supposed by those more savvy than I.

    • Exactly my thoughts on the reasoning for the bus tour srdem. Of course the Carney barker claims it is not a campaign trip, so we the taxpayer get to pay for this escapade. None of us expect him to actually mix with the little people because he just couldn’t afford another Joe the Plumber encounter.

      What hubris Obama and Holder have to follow through on their planned crackdown on gun rights in border states even after their deadly game was exposed. These tyrants actually believe they are above the law.

      • I am sure he will score some burgers from the hoi polloi and call someone in a restaurant youngster and give away malts. The usual embarrassing drill.

  5. The FAA is out of business? Who noticed? I can imagine 60% of the worthless boondoggle govt. offices that do nothing but suck up tax dollars could be shut down tomorrow and life will go on.