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I Get a Chance to Sign Obama’s Birthday Card

I just got this email from Michelle offering me a chance to sign a birthday card for President Obama and to share “why you’re on this journey with us.”

I’m flattered and honored. And yes, I’m definitely on this journey with them, though they’ll be shocked to find out the actual reasons.

OK, it’s not just for me, it’s to all 17 zillion people on the campaign email list. But whatever.

Pity the campaign grunts who will have to read these, if they are getting read. Not just because of the volume but because, well, have you checked the unemployment rate lately?

Not sure what this is about – I’m not getting hit up for money. I guess it’s just to make me feel included, like the campaign isn’t just a well-oiled reelection machine. Which it is.

The subject line reads “gray hairs.”

Keith —

Every day, I see Barack make choices he knows will affect every American family. That’s no small task for anyone — and more proof that he’s earning every last one of those gray hairs.

This has been a busy week in Washington, but today happens to be Barack’s 50th birthday. I’m writing to you because this year, the girls and I would like to do something a little different.

I’m asking friends and supporters of this campaign to wish him a happy birthday by signing his card, and sharing why you’re on this journey with us.

Your names and notes will become part of a book that tells the story of this campaign — who’s building it, why we’re in this thing, and what he means to us. We’ll deliver a copy to Barack and send one to our campaign offices across the country.

Sign the card for Barack:

I’ve known Barack for more than 20 of his 50 years, and we’ve been through quite a lot together.

It still amazes me that no matter how many decisions and distractions he’s faced with every day, he’s always able to focus on the bigger picture. One way he does that is by making time for stories and letters from people like you — because he knows that this job isn’t about him, but about the millions of folks around the country he’s fighting for

This next year will challenge us all to work harder than ever before, but the crucial thing is that you’re here now, early on, helping to build this campaign.

I know that, like Barack and me, you have your own reasons why, so I hope you’ll take a moment to sign the card and share your story with him and other supporters of this campaign.

Thanks for being a part of this.


41 Responses to I Get a Chance to Sign Obama’s Birthday Card

  1. If she’s so worried about the toll this is taking on O why doesn’t she discourage him from running again. That said, arrogant, narcissists don’t respond well to input from loved ones.

  2. Mr. Koffler,
    Are you allowed to ‘question/say’ why Barack Hussein Obama is a “Neo-Socialist” “President” (who was ‘elected’ in 2008 on biased, ignorant, racist “votes”)

    Obama is a SOCIALIST (2008-2012)
    NO ONE has ever question his “life”?
    NO ONE has ever seen Obama’s “college/law school records”?
    NO ONE has ever seen Obama’s “community organizer” work records?
    NO ONE has ever figured out how Barack Hussein Obama was ‘elected’ in Chicago?
    WHY? was Barack Hussein Obama “elected” to a “state political position”?
    WHY? was Barack Hussein Obama ever “elected” to the “US Senate”?

    Someone in the ‘media’ needs to “question” this….

  3. Well, goodness gracious, MrsO uses the word “folks” instead of people, just like her famous hubby. mmmm. Nah. Gonna be classy today.

    Anyhoo, the miserable, unemployed or just broke “folks” are not in “this” with MrO, whatever “this” is and we don’t believe that he’s doing anything constructive for our benefit.

  4. Drudge is linking to this birthday card gimmick. Some of the comments on the card are not what she was looking for I’m sure. The regulars who post there appear to have a teenage crush on Obama. Some of them are gathering together for a party to celebrate Obama’s birthday. Isn’t that kind of bizarre? I liked George Bush as a person but never had a birthday party in his honor. Sounds very communist to me.

  5. “Wall Street is in a free fall with the Dow plunging more than 400 points at one time, as another broad sell-off continues with investors worried about an economic slowdown” all while King Obama celebrates lavishly. Let Americans eat cake!

  6. Birthday my ass.
    A pulitzer surely awaits the scribe who explains how this empty suit faked out the entire 4th estate in America three years ago to survive primary season, never mind the presidency.

    Shame on all of them.

      • Duh.
        And so is Columbia University’s DuPont Award, as are a bunch more.
        That doesn’t stop them from writing whatever they can to try and get one.
        My point is the story is already there waiting to be written. It’s not a mystery. The story of a radical leftwinger who ascended to the highest position in the world on the backs of the American media who cared not one wit to investigate his past.
        Guaranteed million copy plus sales.

        • Not arguing w/ you. I just happen to think that if one day we’re all driving flying cars like they told us as kids, they will have found a way to give BHO the credit.

  7. Thank you for sharing this Keith… further comment is necessary as far as I’m concerned….though it’s apparent that the financial markets are signing his card today in a big way. I’m sure he’ll be saying soon that he didn’t really need this financial meltdown today….poor guy…we just won’t behave the way we should for him and his convenience, will we?!

  8. So creepy, so manipulative. Am I supposed to believe that Michelle and “the girls” were sitting around the White House having some apple slices and conferring on what to do for Daddy’s birthday? And I can see little Sasha leap to her feet as she cries, “Let’s organize a big, big, big birthday card for Daddy from ev’ryone!” And Malia, the more technologically sophisticated daughter, adds with her eyes lit up like candle flames, “Oh, Mommy, let’s do it on the Internet! Then really truly everyone can sign it — and tell Daddy why they love him, too!’

    The First Mom in Chief smiles warmly as she puts some healthful glasses of filtered water before the Princesses Obama and says in her usual generous and loving way, “My girls! I am so proud! We will let the peasants have a real step into Our House in their imaginations by giving them the hope that The One Your Father and My Man will run his Gaze over their little textual tribute.”

    Then she steps out into the hallway, screams for staff, and gets everyone to working with no overtime until this phony Beaver Cleaver letter has been drafted and the Obots are sucking their mental kool-aid at the my.barackobama dispensary.

  9. Dear Mrs. O….I’ve known your husband for three years but it feels like 20. Today as I watched our retirement go down the drain along with the stock market I wish I had never heard of either of you and long for the country I love where people are rewarded for hard work, neighbors not government look out for the less fortunate and God was welcome in the public square instead of sued into back alleys. Oh yeah…happy birthday.

  10. If you own a B.S. meter keep your hand over it. The pointer will spin so fast the pointer will come off and stab you in the eye.

  11. Wonder if Mark Knoller is an invited friend or reporter to Obama’s BBQ. Kinda hard to tell the difference any longer. He tweeted “My nose detects the bouquet of burgers and dogs on the grill here at the WH. Must be for the president’s birthday gathering. Good menu.”

    As much as Obama has been showing his face for the last few weeks, you would think he could take a few minutes out of his birthday celebrations to tell the American people what is going on with today’s worst stock market decline since the 2008 crash. People are losing their life savings and he’s partying.

    • Bush’s fault, don’cha know. Oh..the tsunami in Japan…wait, OK the bad weather…global warming…those darn Greeks….Newt, Sarah, Michelle, Glenn, Mitt, Paul, John, Paul, Ringo….

      • I just lost my 401K and its the Beatles fault? Crap, I always did like the Stones better….this is all inconceivable! (HT The Princess Bride)

        On the bright side, I did get a letter from my Representative Eric Cantor today thanking me for my input on the dept ceiling debacle…I feel much better!

        • That’s better than what Rep Lamar Smith (TX-21) sent. He was so courageous he sent out a newsletter with a link to a You Tube video of him explaining why he voted yes on this crappy plan. After his office told me just a few hours earlier that he was ‘undecided’.

  12. I signed Obozo’s birthday card. Told him I hoped all the people who voted for him in ’08 to prove they weren’t racists would vote for his opponent in ’12 to prove they aren’t morons. And then they had the nerve to ask me for a donation. When pigs fly!! (Actually, flying pigs would eliminate the need for TSA… wonder why John Pistole hasn’t thought of that.)

    I hope he sees it, but I’ll bet the Obots are working overtime to weed out all the “haters”.

  13. There I signed it…
    Happy Birthday..You suck.Your foreign policy sucks,your domestic issues suck,your healthcare plan sucks, your weakening this country.Go back to Chicago with the rest of the gangsters,we dont want you..History shows that there is nothing so easy to enslave and nothing so hard to emancipate as ignorance, hence it becomes the double enemy of civilization. By its servility it is the prey of tyranny, and by its credulity it is the foe of enlightenment. ~Lemuel K. Washbur

  14. I think I’ll go to bed and dream that no one signed his card and he cryed so hard and finally resigned. Gone down with his head hanging low and his tail between his legs.

  15. I’d be kind of uneasy writing what I’d like to on his “birthday card.” Given that he is thin-skinned and inclined toward leftist-fascist tolitarianism, I’d be afraid I’d get raided by the same DOJ stormtroopers who raided and are trying to destroy Gibson Guitar. I’d be afraid to end up in a FEMA camp to be “re-educated.”