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Americans Think Debt Deal Will Make Economy Worse

By a more than two to one majority, Americans say the debt ceiling deal reached between President Obama and Congress will make the economy worse, according to a new poll by USA Today/Gallup.

The survey is bad political news all around.

Forty one percent approve of Obama’s handling of the negotiations and 49 percent disapprove, numbers which track his overall approval ratings. By contrast, Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s approval ratings on the matter trail their disapproval numbers by 20 points, suggesting Obama’s attempt to position himself as the adult in the room trying to get something done may have had some success.

Though better than the Speaker’s, Obama’s numbers are still not good. And perversely, that his advisers shoved him into the briefing room every other day during the negotiations may in the long run end up causing the public to associate him with a deal they don’t like.

In the survey, 41 percent say the deal will make the economy worse while 17 percent say it will make it better, while a third predict it will have no effect. But a substantial number of those who believe it won’t have an effect think it was the right thing to do, with 39 percent approving of the measure and 46 percent disapproving.

Republicans and conservatives dislike the new law the most, with only about a quarter approving, compared to nearly two thirds of Democrats who back the it.

10 Responses to Americans Think Debt Deal Will Make Economy Worse

  1. And perversely, that his advisers shoved him into the briefing room every other day during the negotiations may in the long run end up causing the public to associate him with a deal they don’t like.

    He did try to shoulder into it everyday with some repetitious, ineffectual rabblerousing against high-flying “rich” people–I wonder if that impression was left. Were the rabble roused or not? (I am rabble and it did nothing for me.)

    • Now that I’m in the ‘winter’ of life, I realize that I will never be rich.
      There was always a chance, an undiscovered opportunity or a winning lottery ticket that would make my easy-life dreams come true.
      I don’t begrudge those who made it big and neither does the public.

      So goes most of America; someone could be the next BillGates, the next superstar and they don’t despise the rich, they want to be rich.
      The class warfare is a loser politically, the WTF theme is weirdly sci-fi, and the “I haven’t had enough time” won’t fly with the public.

  2. Worse! The stock market is currently diving, the dollar is sinking and gold is soaring. Another 400,000 families will not be getting that paycheck this week, but will be checking the mail for their unemployment check. GM sold 175 government subsidized ChevyVolts, housing prices continue their slide, but all is not lost; we can borrow another umpty-trillion dollars and no government employee will suffer the indignity of not having a job.

    When any news organ discussed the debt discussions they featured the ‘star’ , the President, and not the ‘supporting actors’ who were actually doing the heavy lifting. Ok, they didn’t lift too much heavy stuff, because they all, yes all, like to spend our money.
    When CongCantor said the Prez was in “over his head” he was only repeating what most of us had figured out last year.
    If the WH campaign team had any sense, they would suggest a cancellation of the upcoming festivities celebrating MrO’s birthday.

  3. Interesting poll.

    I hold out for Rasmussen. I personally don’t put much stock in USA Today or Gallup. With these numbers coming from these two, things must be bad.

  4. Personally don’t trust any polling data coming out of the political machine. They don’t even bother to list the demographics or polling questions asked any longer. I imagine if an honest poll of Americans was taken outside of the NY/DC bubble, those numbers would be far more devastating.

    Obama should have taken the advice of one of his heroes, FDR. Government was never meant to be seen as the enemy of the people. After the debt ceiling battle, many in this neck of the woods see DC as the overlord threatening the existence of our troops, their families at home, and our elderly family members if they don’t get the funding they desire. Doesn’t help when we have Obama’s czars working diligently to kill off our economy by shutting down oil wells and coal mines, while allowing illegal aliens all the benefits of citizenship out here in flyover country.