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President: Michelle Chows at Greasy Spoon “All the Time.”

President Obama today said First Lady Michelle Obama frequents at fancy Capitol Hill greasy spoon Good Stuff Eatery “all the time.”

Michelle, who is leading the “Let’s Move” campaign to force children to make healthier eating choices, has become known for making some bad food selections of her own – as I note here and here – and serving up artery clogging feasts to White House guests.

Obama made the comments while on a pilgrimage of his own to Good Stuff for lunch today. Obama eats unhealthy food all the time and chews Nicorette gum to keep himself from stuffing a cigarette in his mouth. But at least the president is not lecturing us about what we eat.

The menu at Good Stuff lists pretty much only burgers, along with some lard laden extra orders of french fries “topped with” salt and a few salads thrown in for cover.

If you don’t believe Obama, take it from Michelle herself, who in an interview with a local DC news outlet said Good Stuff Eatery was once of her favorites.

Here’s the pool report from Obama’s trip to the place:

After a 5-minute drive across the mall, POTUS arrived at Good Stuff eatery, a crowded Capitol Hill burger joint frequented by Hill staffers.

He lined up at a counter to order lunch, in tie and shirtsleeves. Chatted and took pictures with patrons, as well as staff members (menu below). POTUS told the cashier he would pay for his staff, as well as lunch for a woman standing next to him in line.

“It smells good,” POTUS said to customers who welcomed him after he walked up the second floor. “Michelle eats here all the time, but I don’t get out.”

The group then sat around a long table by the window at the front of the restaurant, waiting for their food. POTUS patted legislative affairs director Rob Nabors on the back, there was lots of laughing. Pool held too far away to hear the table talk.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, customers kept eating, though some jumped up for a chance to shake his hand. “He asked us if he had finished our burgers,” Nora Bessey, an intern at the copyright office.

The president chatted with a family seated at the next table, offering a boy, Andrew Parker, 11, a choice of several milk shakes sitting on his table. “Choose any milkshake,” the president said, according to the boy. “I guarantee this table isn’t going to drink them all.”

Maddy Parker, 13, said she was thrilled because two of her friends had once sat next to POTUS at a basketball game. “Now it’s even Steven,” she said.

After the food arrived, pool was escorted next to the table for 20 seconds. “All right, guys,” the president said, as his guests smiled and stopped talking. The president had a burger, fries, and a salad in front of him. There was an extra large plate of fries on the table. Good Stuff is known for his fries, according to Hill staffers who frequent the place.

Good Stuff is owned by Spike Mendelsohn, a resturateur who appeared on the TV cooking show, “Top Chef” (source: Washingtonian magazine). A bronze plaque next to the door declares: “This, ladies and gentlemen, is more than a hamburger joint. It is a rallying cry. It is a whoop. A holler.”

Crowds waited next door around outdoor tables under red umbrella at We, the Pizza, a sister restaurant, as a Rep. G.K. Butterfield, a North Carolina Democrat who was on his way to pick up lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant, stopped in for a three-minute chat with the president.

“We talked about the difficult vote the other night,” he told reporters outside. “I explained to him that I didn’t vote with him, but I’m glad that it passed. He said he understood.”

Waiting outside to depart.

33 thoughts on “President: Michelle Chows at Greasy Spoon “All the Time.””

    1. What I was thinking, also. Poor Little Man Child, kind of got his message to the masses a bit crossed. He was trying to telegraph that Moochelle is just “one of you folks”. Oh, a side note, his use of “folks” is grating. Really…”folks”? Gag me with a spoon. I am particularly gagged when he uses the “black” speak. The fellow is a pandering creep. Where DID he pick up the “black” speak? Hawaii? Indonesia? Harvard? Did he use the term “folks” in all the brilliant law review articles? Oh….none of those, so that’s a big NO.

      So, he slips in that the Fit, International Style Icon and First Beard eats there all the time, ’cause, ya know “folks” she’s just so down to earth! But then, golly, it’s a fat laden burger place….which, by the way, would explain that horrendously large arse….butt, well golly! What is it? Is she a hypocrite or just one of us “folks” that eat burgers and fries?

      As the economy and gas prices go haywire prepare to see many more of these pathetic photo ops. I did love the one where, what a coincidence, a photog just happened to be at Target and got an amazingly candid shot of Moo with….what was it in the shopping cart?….a bag of dog treats and a jug of Lysol….Ah…just regular folk! Has to clean the WH toilets, don’t ya know…and Bo the dog must get worked into the “just a happy fambly” thing.

      Note to Moo….you’d probably look more like one of the “folks” if you lost the tranny eyebrows, ever present camel toe, greased up legs and shaved the 5 o’clock shadow from your forehead.

  1. Every time there is an event like this one, questions hang in the air:
    are the highly paid chefs at the WhiteHouse unable to master the hamburger&fries&shake menu?
    where does the Prez get the cash to purchase these meals; a local ATM, a willing staffer, MrsO’s pocketbook or is there a petty cash drawer in the OvalOffice?
    how can someone enjoy their lunch if dozens of people are staring at them or just standing around waiting for them to finish eating?
    do the security guys keep an eye on the preparations of the Prez’s meal?

    As for MrsO’s campaign to eliminate all the good stuff we eat; we got her number long ago. No one believes that she follows her own dictates.

  2. Just another “Do as I say, not do as I do Kodak moment for the the fool in chief and his rotund wife Mooshelle as they move on over to the feed trough

    1. And dont you know the menu at tonight’s little par-tay will be anything but healthy…..something along the line of lard fried lobster in heavy cream….just to keep Blotus ( love the new name : ) happy.

  3. After reading this again I noticed something I’ve always noticed. Obama isn’t very bright. He is never witty. This was an opportunity to crack a few jokes but he isn’t capable. All he can do is lame small talk. Very telling.

    1. Yup, Gran Jan… Bingo. He’s not witty. Most smart people have wit. He’s seeming desperate lately with the singing. Maybe he’ll bring Beyonce into the debates. Might play to some of the dopes that voted for him.

      I’m just waiting for somebody in the MSM to make the jump and start the vetting of this fraud that should have happened 5 years ago. And, I do believe it is a comming. Just who it will be, trying to save their sorry hide…I’m not sure. I’m making a wild guess and going with that idiot Chris Matthews, he of the leg thrill. I recall, about 10 years ago, he was a pretty decent talking head. He must be scared now…looking in the mirror every day, knowing that he has kept the lid on the dirt on Obama, yet keeps it in a lock box with his b*lls. Perhaps he’ll go to a 12 step program and take it seriously…and start being honest.

      Well, if not that dope, somebody will. Maybe that little idjit K-k-k-Katie. She sees she is a cypher now. Somebody is going to do it.

      The down low club at Rev Wright’s church? The murdered O lovers? The love affairs with Bill Frist, Reggie Love, Kal Penn, etc., etc. Oh! But what a FAB FAMILY MAN AND HUSBAND HE PORTRAYTS HIMSELF!

      How he got into Columbia with rotten grades at Oxy? How he got to HLR with NOTHING to offer via writing efforts? HLR Pres and STILL nothing in writing other than 2 poems and a pathetic letter to the ed to the Columbia student mag? Ayers writing DREAMS…Favreau writing the crappy Audacity book?

      Why did Mooch give up her law license? Why did her salary go up to $300,000+ just as O got the US senate seat? Why can’t we hear ALL THE BLAGO TAPES? Solyndra, Fast and Furious and clearly subjugating the 2nd Amendment?

      It will all come out and it’s going to be ugly. My only question is WHO in the MSM is going to be the one to turn.

    1. Question: Before he eats, does POTUS spit out his nicorette gum into a napkin or is it stuck to the top of his hand until after his meal ?
      The guy is more boring than sitting in a closet on a dark day.
      Who really knows this man?

  4. However does she keep her arms toned eating so much fatty food? It’s a
    miracle and a whole bunch of lemming idiots that wouldn’t know a toned arm from a ham hock! Wonder what made me think of that?

  5. Obama snuck in a meeting with labor union leaders in between the fries.He won’t say what the meetings were about but I’m sure Trumka and the other bosses want more favorablbe rulings from the various Obama administration’s agencies.Handing over the NLRB apparently isn’t enough.

    1. Speaking of Trumpka….I read a blurb about him being one of the people visiting the big O at the WH.

      Anybody know if “the most transparent administration” has a REAL list of visitors?

  6. Sounds like things are really booming at the D.C. eateries. Our local hamburger place has been pretty barren lately. Most can’t afford to go out to eat any longer so the burger place suffers. Ironic that Michelle has a burger named after her. Does that come with mandatory apple slices like she forced McDonald’s to provide? The hypocrisy of these people is mind numbing…

  7. Someone on Free Republic said he was making a passive-agressive and not so subtle dig at Michelle on her eating habits and her ability to go out anytime while poor BO can’t.

    I wouldn’t have thought of that, but I’m sure they were correct. They probably have an interesting “relationship”.

    1. Most that follow this stuff realize she’s a beard.

      Bitter woman. How many men would pick a manly, scowling woman to marry? Oh…I’ll answer…not many.

      This was a marriage put together by that stellar Rev. Wright…he of the DLC (down low club) at that fab church of his.

      Those that don’t think this realistic….do a bit of research. Barry and Mooch…a marriage of convenience. I also bet she “thinks” it’s a great marriage and ties her small little mind in knots on why he is boffing Pah-kee-stahneees, black guys, old white guys…in that order.

  8. Now we know why Obama was having some fast food Michelle was in Spain
    chowing down on whatever was the most expensive on the menu!

  9. yeh…we can tell she eats real healthy…just look at her giant ass! she’s not fooling anyone. practice what you preach Moo-chelle

    1. Giant ass! Clearly you are racist!

      Giant ass is now a ‘fashion forward” thing. Go read the Style section at Huffpo….they are all a twitter about how fab it is and what a great idea to highlight that thing with a boob belt.

  10. And this woman has the nerve to lecture the public and threaten the restaurant industry about what can and cannot be eaten, and how much of the approved foods you may eat? She’s a vile hypocrite to say the least. She eats like Homer Simpson and pretends to be Jack LaLane. Pass the fries, Michelle.

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