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Obama’s 50th Birthday a Massive Campaign Event

With the debt ceiling debate now behind him, President Obama is turning his 50th birthday into a massive, nation-wide campaign event and fundraiser, complete with a lavish bash in Chicago tonight and related fundraisers around the country.

Obama will travel to Chicago this afternoon and kick off the festivities with remarks to the hundreds of parties being held across the nation by members of Obama for America 2012.

The campaign is calling these gatherings “meetings across the country to continue laying the groundwork for the 2012 campaign” that just happen to coincide with the real Chicago-based bacchanals, but we know better. This is a national celebration.

Then the real fun begins at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, where guests will pay from $50 to the maximum donation limit of $35,800 to attend an initial party and fundraiser featuring about 1,000 guests. Performers will include Jennifer Hudson, Herbie Hancock, and the band OK Go.

Afterward, Obama will host a smaller gathering of several dozen people who shelled out the biggest bucks.

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times reveals that  Obama surrogates will be hosting special birthday themed fundraisers around the country today: Robert Gibbs will be in Boston, David Plouffe in Tampa; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York City; David Axelrod in Los Angeles; and Donna Brazille will be in Oakland.

A separate party in the Rose Garden Thursday, the day of his actual birthday, cannot by law be money-related – at least not directly.

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  1. It was not to long ago That Obama was giving the men with corporate jets fits about flying all over. If I remember right, a 747 is some what bigger than any of the jets that the business men fly, and they pay for there own flight crew, jet fuel, and jet.

    1. You are right David, however its much different for the Leftist strong man because the plane (And the $$$ required to fly ) belong to someone else.
      Ya got to give it to barry, the dude knows how to live ! Just outside those doors of the party, “folks” are suffering. By no means does this
      effect king obozo or the ruling politboro.. they will party like its 1999 !

      Deep in his indulgences, Ceasar blames others as Rome is crumbling around him…
      Happy B-day BHO , may the food be rich & the hangover be mild..
      For it is fleeting.

  2. You would have to blindfold me, drug me, threaten my dog and kid, and make me watch Dr Oz to get me to attend a party thrown by Plouffe.

    1. Like any of us “folks” have the money to shell out to wine and dine 50 people ? I am assuming that is part of the whole throw a party thing, right before you politely ask the guests for their wallets and checkbooks.

      And arent all these big wigs he is playing with the very people who dont “give their fair share” ? If I hear that phrase, coupled with ” corporate jets” one more time I may shoot the television.

      Please pass the blindfold and drugs.

      1. Oh but you’re tax dollars are paying for it and all that’s related. You can be he isn’t shilling out a dime of his money…

    1. (play some “people’s parade” film footage from N.Korea and it could be used for Obama’s ‘birthday’ video…)

    2. @William… have got to be kidding me.
      if his approximately 1,000 guests donate an average of $25,000.00 each, Obama will rake in $25,000,000.00 (that is 25 million dollars). Do you think that he would consider this to be “income” and pay his portion in taxes? why of course not.
      that will buy a lot of spinners!

  3. Usually we don’t celebrate Presidents’ birthdays until after they have died. And then, only the few great ones.

    I guess it is a good idea to celebrate Obama’s birthday now, since no one will do so after he dies, except for a few diehards, and those people who visit Lenin’s tomb.

    Thus guy is all about partying. And spending.

    1. I think they are going to write an EO to celebrate his BD as a federal holiday every year, next he’ll be on the shrinking dollar. Imagine it, BHO in the middle of the bill with his nose in the air, ears sticking out like Dumbo’s and a halo of light surrounding his NAPPING head, but it’s all written in Chinese.

      1. The Marilyn Monroe one is copyrighted and of poor quality. I don’t know who did this onebutI love her sultry voice.

        About the iPods. I stand by the accuracy of my videos 98% of the time.

  4. Tell Country we are out of money *Check*
    Pressure EVERYONE with Lies & Fairy Tails *Check*
    Budget deal passed. *Check*
    Throw Massive Party on Taxpayer Dollars to celebrate my birthday & prostitue for more Campaign funds *Woo Hoo!!!*

    Com’ on 2012 – Get here Already!!

      1. and the disabled. One have a older(82)woman on the seven floor of my building who was crying because she’s on oxygen and thought she was going to die. Great President, great representatives.

  5. This is a long established communist tradition. They used to celebrate Mao’s birthdays like this. Let’s hope Our Dear Leader doesn’t jump in the river for a swim like Mao did!

    1. He’s going to be in Chicago, he knows better than to jump into the Chicago River or the CalSag. That’s where all the bodies are from the Daley regime are. Don’t want to accidentally knock something(one) loose and have it(them) float to the surface.

  6. I can’t wait until I don’t see Obama or Barack or Michelle in any headline I read. I can’t believe that so many people fell for this grand illusion we have to call our President.
    He is the most disengaged man I’ve ever seen and I really believe that he is only in this job to transform our nation into Socialist America and to take us for all we’re worth. He’s living in our house, treating it like it was his, and all the amenities that go with it. Using us and our tax dollars to fly to Chicago for a fund raiser and then flying back as well? Isn’t he using Airforce 1 like it was his personal CORPORATE JET? The arrogance, the narcisism. I’m sick every day I see this smuck and his family. I pray we don’t get fooled again…

    1. Sorry Marcia,

      Although I agree with you, it is only White Americans that have in majority numbers become disenchanted with Obama and his misses.

      In 2012, he may well lose, but this is not your father’s America anymore. The demographics have shifted and they are more in his favor for 2012 than in 2008. If you want your country back, you’d better start making a stop to immigration your biggest priority. It may already be too late.

  7. I can’t wait till torrow to see all the photos of “Our Dear Leader” having a party……and Mooochelle porking out. I wish I had known about your party I would have gotten a gift for you. I can’t beleive people are really shelling out money to be at this thing………are you kidding…..I couldn’t be in that crowd …wishing the empty suit happy birthday, having to listen to him tell everyone how really great he is, watching Moochelle stuff herself with greasy food and giving money to his campaign to try for another fours years of the the lack of leadership. You guys that are going, you have mental problems.

  8. We will be looking at Obama’s campaign contributions for the individuals giving him big money. We will tie the individuals to companies. Thereafter we will find out where they live and protest at their companies and homes. If it is good policy for ACORN and UNIONS in the past, it is good for patriots in the future. We will especially note if any big contracts are given to these companies in the future.

  9. I believe Halperin clearly stated the case in one word! What’s in it for the billionaires or GE? More sweet deals and no taxes in China and Israel for Immelt? What’s he going to promise them? The bag is empty.
    Or are we really headed for QE3 with this empty suit? And I wish he would please stop calling us “folks”. What a joke. Obama is on Pluto. When is Carney going to get out of his diapers and into big-boy pants?

  10. For a moment, just a moment I thought I been transported to North Korea.
    He is a modern Nero! Wake up people the Republic is collapsing before
    your eyes.

  11. I want my country back

    On this day, I see him to continue to spend tax payers money on himself, ie. international family trips, private jets, and nothing to benefit the American people. Here’s to you BO [censored].

  12. “As democracy is perfected,the office of the President represents, more & more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great & glorious day the “plain folks”(nimrods) of the land will reach hearts desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a down right Moron.”
    H.L. Mencken (1880-1956)

  13. The only job Obama cares about is his own….it is obsene that he and his cronies are raising ONE BILLION dollars to save his job…that is a lot of propaganda and “walking around” money….

    Obama is obviously out of his element with regards to JOBS – he has a lifetime of spending other people’s money – and has no clue about America’s private sector engine. We have plenty of video tape since January 2009 of Obama talking about his “laser focus” on jobs……that is almost THREE YEARS of being focused on job creation….seems government and union jobs got the attention but not the rest of us sucker tax payers!

    Fire Obama….he does not deserve to keep his job.


  14. Please tell me one thing this man has done FOR the country that has made it better than when he took office?……….He is a royal embarassment!! And how is getting to all these events? Well, by taxpayer paid jet, of course! Keep smiling mr prez, you’ll be looking for a job in 2013.

  15. Hope and change has turned into hopelessness and despair… while the ruling class drinks and partys. Imagine if this were Bush..

  16. barry KNOWS HE IS GONE IN 15 months so he is gathering up all the money he can to bring back to Chicago………..Americans he is destroying AMERICA and robbing us at the same time………….I WANT TO SEE EVERY PERSON THAT IS PAYING THIS GUY MONEY TO DESTROY US, EVERY SINGLE RECORD…………bush put all his donators on the internet, I WANT MR. TRANSPARENCY TO DO THE SAME………….



    while firing the auto guys for using theirs to come to a meeting.

    barry you join the unemployed YOU HAVE IGNORED in 15 months

    Carter only won 6 states…………… won’t get more than 3

  18. as I watch my investments go down – the special people will continue to have fun – and – I will still work at my job, pay my bills, and expect nothing from anyone and get less…..

  19. I wonder if he will give all his donors facsimiles of his phony birth certificate? I hear that Kenya is now saying that he was born in the US. They don’t even want part of him.

  20. This no big thing. I bet that most Americans have a birthday party just like Obama’s. Well… almost like his. Well, maybe more subdued. Well, I bet that some still have a birthday party. You know what… if we vote correctly this time in November 2012, on January 20, 2013 we can all celebrate as their plane takes off for Chicago!

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