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The Night the SEALs Got Bin Laden

Wanted to make sure you saw this, mostly because it’s kind of cool. The video reconstruction is based on a New Yorker article about the raid.

4 Responses to The Night the SEALs Got Bin Laden

  1. I read the article, and it went to great pains to paint Obama as a strong, assured leader surrounded by a bunch of indecisive nincompoops. Judging from how he’s handled pretty much every other situation/issue/problem we know about I find it hard to believe he was portrayed realistically in The New Yorker. And that makes me question the accuracy of the entire article. But it’s a great story!

  2. You know, those guys, the SEALs, they’re the ones man. They and the rest of the US military do that job while I sit here in my climate controlled office and worry about such petty crap. Congrats to them all and hats off to Obama for getting this one right. As you’ve said Keith, credit where credit is due….

  3. Just like Obama’s life, it’s all a story. Well actually this is a video game but it’s the same thing, all pretend and made up. Typical of this President, all pretend and made up.