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Terrorists to Hold Jobs Fair Outside Obama Birthday Party

Oh no. This is going to ruin everything.

President Obama tomorrow night is set to host a lavish birthday bash in Chicago where some revelers will be paying up to $35,800 in donations to his campaign in order to listen to stars perform and to hobnob with the prez and eat really good unhealthy food.

But terrorists – aka Tea partyers – will rudely be staging some kind of jobs fair across the street, and apparently will move in on the party to see if any of the Limousine Liberals are hiring. From a report in the Washington Times:

Also waiting for Mr. Obama outside the ballroom will be tea-party activists holding a “jobs bash” to call attention to the weak economy and what they view as the president’s failed leadership. It’s being organized by William J. Kelly of Chicago, who writes a tea-party report that appears in The Washington Times and other publications.

“All of my friends are out of work,” Mr. Kelly said. “The president is out here trying to raise money to get reelected, and we want real Americans to have jobs.”

The owner of a television production company, Mr. Kelly said his event will be a jobs fair for unemployed Chicagoans.

“It just happens to be right across the street from the president’s birthday bash,” he said. “So we’ll head over to the president’s party to see if any of his rich donors are hiring.”

Of course, no one likes to hire terrorists, unless the company is specifically in the terrorism business, so my thought is this is really just an attempt to RUIN the president’s birthday party.

But it will never work. Since there will be terrorists on hand, the Transportation Security Administration will be out in force to take everyone’s clothes off, making it even more difficult for the terrorists – I’m sorry, Tea Partyers – to get hired.

More than 97 percent of people who get jobs, according to a recent Pew Survey, have their clothes on during the job interview.

“This is a big fucking deal,” said Joe Biden, who recently coined the term “terrorists” for Tea Party members. “If they try to enter during the piñata breaking event, in which I plan to participate, I’ll stop whacking the piñata, start whacking the terrorists, and then go back to whacking the piñata.”

Several Tea Party activists contacted said they were really scared.

23 thoughts on “Terrorists to Hold Jobs Fair Outside Obama Birthday Party”

  1. Obscene. While these folks party people go hungry in America. Watching
    the local news and they said the food pantries were running low. One
    Salvation Army store had only peanut butter and Mac and cheese. So I
    really hope you enjoy all that expensive food and drink Mr & Mrs Obama.
    This is truly an outrage you could feed a small town on Michelle’s outfit.
    We must hold his feet to the fire on this one and I bet while I swelter in 109
    heat he will be cool and well fed. Obscene.

    1. Personally, I’m hoping that Obama walks in front of Joe the inept and gets a whack across his bony skull. Maybe that will knock some sense into his head.

      1. Is that even possible? I was under the impression, that like all other politicians, their heads are completely solid. Republican or Democrat, they are all the same. Once one gets elected to power, they get corrupt. Sure a politician starts off with a good heart and the right idea,but after the lobbyist gets a hold of ’em they get corrupt and lose all values.

    1. That is a great ad Granny Jan. Too bad they couldn’t loop it on a jumbotron outside of the job fair. That way all the shindig attendees could see the effect their hero has had on his home town.

  2. I’m just trying to imagine having an extra $35K laying around that I’d like to give to someone who won’t even remember my name later, won’t respect me in the morning, either.
    Dreaming of having so much yearly income that I want to support a guy who wants to take it from me would be a nice place to be, too.

    Out here in fly-over country, we still call the people who want to kill us all “terrorists”, so I guess we’re just still a bunch of yokels.

  3. I sure hope somebody has a video camera rolling when they run up against the SEIU thugs that will probably be catering this event.

  4. Funny he couldn’t even say the word terrorist until he donned his seal gear and took out Osama. The real terrorists have to be called ‘enemy combatants’. Now normal everyday American citizens who don’t believe in his hoax and chains are called terrorists. Things are getting curiouser and curiouser down here in the rabbit hole.

    1. That had a lot of great memories for me. I loved the American Spectator in its heyday. I think I learned the art of ridicule from them. No one ever did it better than they did.

      They had a closing page where people sent in all the lunacies around the country. Living in moonbat country my submissions got several mentions.

  5. This whole thing just makes me ill. Can you even imagine if Bush did this – country on verge of default and he jets off to Texas for a birthday bash with millionaire donors?

    I take comfort in the fact that even the newcasters here in my uber liberal Chicago are like, “WTF? Should he be doing this?” It’s not much, but nice to hear media actually questioning this.

  6. Mr Biden…Do NOT insult calling me a Terrorist..Im a hard working, tax paying citizen that is struggling to keep above water..I may have different views on the economy.. and jobs..but its my freedom to have different views!!!
    How dare you talk Down to us Citizens….of the USA..

    Oh by the way…can Mr Obama spare some cake for those who are hungry???and cant make his party…he want us the share the burden and give up things in our lives….well he can share too??? right????

  7. Biden should resign now. American citizens with fiscal responsibility are not Terrorists. If they were terrorists Obama would want to pall around with them.

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