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Obama’s Egypt Policy Leading to an Islamist Takeover

Ahh, it’s Arab spring, and the smell of Islamic fundamentalism is in the air.

Gosh I hate to be right. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

I wrote in February that Obama was being hasty shoving Mubarak aside, that it would preclude the type of transition we want.

Israel and our Arab allies in the region, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, think we are making a mistake by pushing Mubarak out right away. They know their region . . .

Once Mubarak gets on a plane and heads for the Ritz Carlton Doha, an immense power vacuum is created, the giant sucking sound of which will be animated by every fundamentalist America-hater who can be found in Egypt.

The people of Egypt will never love America. They won’t – it’s shocking for the White House – even love Obama. And once the Muslim Brotherhood is running Egypt, they will suffer, and so will we. And Egyptians will get plenty of violence.

Well, Islamist rule has been ordered, and it’s on the way, as this piece in today’s Wall Street Journal makes clear. Average Egyptians cheered the other day as liberal reformers were cleared once and for all from Tahrir Square.

Elections have been pushed to November, but the liberals and the secularists appear not to have taken advantage of the delay. Instead of organizing themselves into a coherent bloc, they have set up minuscule rival parties and feuded among themselves, say analysts and diplomats.

“There is a power game going on—and the liberals and the entire secular movement are the weaker element, while the Islamists and the army are strong,” said Laila Soueif, a liberal activist and human-rights campaigner who teaches at Cairo University.

The army will do well under the Mullahs, and be given much work to do.

To cap off the Jimmy Carterization of his presidency – bad economy, rising federal spending, growing disrespect abroad, etc. – President Obama is on the way to turning our foremost ally in the Middle East into a fiefdom ruled by America hating, medieval mullahs intent on acquiring 21st century weaponry with which to destroy us. Just like Jimmy did with Iran.

I doubt Obama is giving it a thought. Too busy bullying Israel into dealing with Hamas.

12 thoughts on “Obama’s Egypt Policy Leading to an Islamist Takeover”

  1. Excuse me, but didn’t barry hussein give his “historical” speech there during his apologetic/bow to the saudi majesty tour?..which we see has accomplished
    zero other than show a laughing world how weak he & our country has become.. I’m finding very little to nothing our little campaign creature has said or done which has been a positive effect on our country.
    This all seems so surreal..

  2. It’s what MrO wanted for the MiddleEast; true democracy, where the majority rules. When Kadaffi’s regime falls or he dies, Libya will also be a true democracy in the Muslim definition.
    The majority of the citizens want to be governed by Mullahs who will interpret the Koran to make laws that all must abide. Those who don’t want to live this way, will find ways to immigrate to other countries that allow personal freedoms.
    Like the USA and eastern European states. We are, after all, not a true democracy, but a representative democracy ruled by constitutionaly interpreted laws.

    1. Aren’t we more like a tyrannically ruled social democracy ruled by an elitist group which snubs the peoples will?..don’t forget an activist liberal court system which rules from the bench virtually enacting law as it goes?

  3. Gee shucks, I only went to a state university, didn’t have the sponsorship to go to one o them ‘elite’ schools. And to top it off I’s just an old art major not one of them fancy schmancy lawyer type students, tho I did know a few.


    *bangs head against wall.*

    1. Me too Mrs. Compton! State school, English Lit major/History minor and I too saw this coming! As soon as Obama and Clinton threw Mubarak under the bus, the result was inevitable. I’ve been to Egypt several times and the only thing keeping the ‘brotherhood’ out was Mubarak’s will and power. The US and Israel are now in much deeper trouble thanks to this administration.

  4. Bingo!
    Exactly, and precisely correct. Instability, merely for the “satisfaction” in watching the overthrow the status quo brings forward huge risk, especially when it is in the Middle East. This was all predictable just as you said.

    The real issue is whether there will be ANY accountability for the actions of this White House and State Department on what is becoming a true disaster for US foreign policy. Is our Secretary of State Hillary (who was pictured grimacing in the execution sequence of Osama bin Laden), listening?

  5. Am I the only one to see the hand of Turkey “assisting” the flowering of the Arab Spring? After all, did Turkey not send aid and support to the Egyption and Libyan rebels? Didn’t we all see how slick and ready She was to insinuate her way into what She sees as a political and religious vacuum. Turkey is throwing Her weight around like the fat and greedy Pashas of Ottoman times. The Med. is not your personal bathtub Turkey; you can play with your boats and planes in your part of the tub, but keep your greedy hands off the rest.

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