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Obama to Make a Statement at the White House

He’ll appear in the Rose Garden at 12:15 pm ET. Carney goes at 1:00 pm. I’ll live stream both.

9 thoughts on “Obama to Make a Statement at the White House”

  1. Wow, can’t wait.

    Let me take a wild stab at this. The Great One will tell us the humble masses that he is signing it only because he has too. This is try to make his base happy. He then will tell us that it is Bush’s fault and that if the testy teabaggers (Hobbits, terrorists or jihadists) hadn’t held the country hostage he would have gotten a better deal. He will tell again how the rich must forfeit their wealth and those jet owners must pay more.

    Then again he may surrender.

    Only wishing.

  2. I’m preparing a snack tray for myself in advance of the two events so that I don’t miss one second of the comments of the two men.
    The phone will be put on “vibrate”, a “do not disturb” hanger I, um, rescued from a Vegas hotel will be placed on my front door and short of a “fatal event”, I will be ready to listen to my betters.

  3. Rats! so sorry my schedule demands items of more urgency : laundry, dish washing, and my dog’s anal glands need cleaned out.. other than that, I’d happily catch a viewing of the nutty professor/ lecturer/campaigner in chief.

  4. Golly he had time for us in his busy schedule? I mean it’s almost party day!
    Surely must get haircut and mani-pedi for the bash. And watch Michelle
    model her 15 sleeveless dresses for the day. Not to mention new jewelry
    a very busy day at 1600 indeed!

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