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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3:15 pm || Meets with the crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the U.S. Commander of the ISS Expedition 26
4:30 pm || Meets with Defense Secretary Panetta

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

4 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 2, 2011”

  1. We were informed by ChuckTodd, NBC, that MrO met with MrTrumka and the executive committee of the AFL-CIO this morning. Either it wasn’t on the official schedule or it was a last minute appointment.

    The Prez meets with the crew of the space shuttle whom he has effectively fired from their jobs.
    When the Prez told the director of NASA, that his mission was to reach out to Muslim’s, I believe that he confused the space program with the NSA.

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