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Obama Schedule || August 3, 2011

2:00 pm || Holds a Cabinet Meeting
3:15 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Clinton
3:45 pm || Meets with Attorney General Holder
5:00 pm || Departs White House
6:00 pm CDT || Arrives in Chicago

Obama’s 50th Birthday celebration begins:
7:00 pm CDT || Participates in a DNC Video Conference; Aragon Entertainment Center
7:15 pm CDT|| Delivers remarks at fundraiser; Aragon
8:25 pm CDT|| Delivers remarks at fundraiser; Aragon

10:05 pm CDT|| Departs Chicago
1:00 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern unless otherwise noted
Live stream of Carney briefing at Noon

15 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || August 3, 2011”

    1. He has had a few cabinet meetings. The last one was held on May 3, 2011 according to the calendar Keith publishes. Two days after he got Osama.

  1. Happy B-day Bam.

    You’re no longer the youngster you profess to be. Your mid-life crisis has become a crisis for our country and I admit, you certainly didn’t waste a moment of it. You have dragged the entire country into the death spiral of your mental illness. You now will have to begin to face the truth; you are now 50 and you are aging. You will never be young again. That is gone forever. Even if you spent every dollar we earn, you can’t have your youth back.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Obama: The Dear & Great Socialist Leader’s “birthday”…
    (*insert stock footage of screaming peasant masses from Mao in Tianamenn Square*)

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