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Live Stream || Obama Statement – Aug. 2, 2011

The statement has concluded.

11 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Statement – Aug. 2, 2011”

  1. Only caught the end–but did he say LOAN money to companies to build infrastructure–loan not hand over? Then what? Do they charge a toll on the road or something? I do think things can be done with use taxes…I may have this all wrong…don’t mind me.

  2. Has anyone complied a list of how many times he has “spoken to the American people” in the past 3-4 months vs. how many times he has been on TV since he took office?

    Seems that he is using presidential addresses more and more to put his face out there for the run up to next year. I know he likes to start campaigning early, but to use the office of POTUS as a way of getting free TV time is getting ridiculous.

  3. Looky what I found… Pell grants (scholarships for low income students) get a $17 BILLION increase in this fantastic debt increase deal. Isn’t it wonderful how we are dumping so much money into educating our young people?

    Section 401(b)(7)(A)(iv) of the Higher Education Act
    of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1070a(b)(7)(A)(iv)) is amended—
    (1) in subclause (II), by striking
    ‘‘$3,183,000,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$13,183,000,000’’;
    (2) in subclause (III), by striking ‘‘$0’’ and inserting ‘‘$7,000,000,000’’.


    From MichelleIndependent post yesterday –Yet, there’s always money for this nonsense:
    (courtesy Moonbattery and Hillbuzz)

  4. The President just wants to spend more money. We need to lower spending. Not lower the amount of the increase in spending. No Politcalspeak, we need to simply spend less. We could balance the budget by going back to 2008 spending levels very easily. My household is spending less and paying off our debt. No one really wants to tell the truth here. I plan on going to Obama events when he runs for re-election and asking him just that. And I won’t let him lie his way out of it. Harry Reid needs to be gone, he is the biggest problem in the whole bunch.

    1. LOL… good luck getting into an Obama event and being allowed to ask a REAL QUESTION.
      Isnt every “citizen” who is allowed to ask Obama a ‘question’ pre-screened and pre-staged? I would LUV to see Obama confronted by a REAL citizen and forced to answer a REAL question (i.e.NO teleprompters, NO talking-point script, NO sycophant media protecting Obama: The Dear & Great Socialist Leader…)

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